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Create Hard Disk Partition using Fix Disk of MS-DOS

Fix Disk Command In MS-DOS

Fix Disk partition of Hard Disk Drive using Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) is an old procedure in installing Windows 95-98. But this is very useful until now to the technician of the computer, most especially if you wanted to take the exam of NC-II. Actually this could not be part of the actual application but could be part of the oral interview of the “How to dual boot Winxp and Win98 as you prepare with two partitions of the HDD. And I just posted before “How Install Windows 98”. But consider also the specification of your computer before to proceed. This is compatible with the computer with have a Pentium III processor or Pentium 4 1.5 to 2.0 ghz that have a minimum of 256 mb of RAM and a minimum of 10GB of Hard Disk Drive.
Just follow this procedure to begin your practice:

Fix Disk User Interface

  1. Power up your computer
  2. Press “Del” of “F2” or other key specified to run BIOS Setup
  3. Setup boot priority, CD/DVD ROM
  4. Then save settings, or press F10 to save BIOS settings
  5. When return in POST just press spacebar to boot strap startup files
  6. Then select “Boot from CD-ROM”
  7. And select “Start Computer with CD-ROM support
  8. When prompted in MS-DOS command line, type in Drive A: FDISK (Same of the post picture above)
  9. Then press enter key
  10. Then FIX DISK Options environment
  1. Press 4 of your keyboard or select 4for display information
  2. Press Enter key, partition information will display in your screen
  3. Press ESC key to return in FDISK options
  1. Select and press option 3 to delete partition or logical DOS drive. Note: if there are extended partition exist of HDD)
  2. Then select option 3 to delete logical DOS drives in the extended DOS partition
  3. Then press D as logical partition in Extended DOS partition to be deleted.(If there are volume label exist type it if Ask)
  4. Press “Y” as yes, then enter key to continue to delete the partition
  5. Then press ESC key, then ESC key again to return in FDISK options.
  6. Then select again option 3
  7. Then select option 2 as to delete Extended DOS Partition, then Enter key
  8. Press “Y” as yes then enter key. (Extended DOS partition will be deleted)
  9. Press ESC key to return in FDISK options
  10. Select again option 3
  11. Then select option 1 as to delete Primary DOS partition, then Enter key
  12. Press Enter key again to continue to delete Primary DOS partition
  13. Then type the volume label if exist
  14. Then press enter key
  15. Then press “Y”, then press enter key to continue to delete primary DOS partition
  16. Press ESC key to return in FDISK options
  1. Select option 1 as to create DOS partition or logical DOS drive
  2. Then press Enter Key
  3. Select option 1 as to create Primary DOS partition
  4. Then press Enter key (wait for 100 percent drive integrity)
  5. Then press “N” as no then enter key (wait for 100 percent drive integrity),(If you want only 1 partition, press “Y” as yes to use the total maximum available space of hard drive as only 1 partition)
  6. Then type the percentage of capacity of the partition, ex: 30% of primary partition
  7. Then press Enter Key
  8. Press ESC key to return in FDISK options
  9. Press again option 1
  10. Then press enter key
  11. Then select option 2 as to create Extended DOS Partition
  12. Press Enter key (Wait for 100% drive integrity)
  13. Then press Enter Key to accept the remaining capacity of partition
  14. Press ESC key as to create logical DOS Drives in the extended DOS partition
  15. Then press Enter Key
  16. Press ESC key to return in FDISK option
  1. Select option 2 as set active partition
  2. Then select option 1 as partition 1 to be active
  3. Then press Enter key
  4. Press ESC key Press ESC again
  5. Then Press CTRL + ALT+ DEL to reboot the computer to take effect the settings
  6. And your done
Then the computer will reboot to POST and follow the step no. 6 above “ Select boot from CD-ROM” until to the DOS command line of Drive A: and you can now proceed in checking the drive c: and the logical drive d: and you can now start formatting the drive c: to ready the drive to receive the windows file. Just follow the procedure in Installing the windows 98 and DOS Command Of Technician. “End”

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