Basic Parts of Open Office Writer User Interface

As part of the beginner and before we can use and start our word processing using the Open Office Writer we should know first the Basic Parts of the User Interface. The parts of this Open Office Writer 3.3 version have the same parts or the different toolbars of the Microsoft Office version 97, 2003, and Office 2000 premium. The application have the same descriptions but the location of both command have change but if we explore we can relate because we know how to use the Microsoft Office 2003 or 97 word processing.

So, I will introduce to you the basic parts of the Open Office. org 3.3. See the post picture above

  1. TITLE BAR- located at the top of the User Interface task to display the filename of the document
  2. MENU TOOLBAR- located under the title bar, task to handle the different menus for the application of the word processing. Such us the create the pagesetup of the document
  3. STANDARD TOOLBAR- located under the menu toolbar, the buttons under in this bar commonly use in our document application. Such as New, save, print and undo/ redo etc.
  4. FORMATTING TOOLBAR- located below of the standard toolbar and above of the horizontal ruler. This is commonly use to change the appearance of the font or what we called font style and font size, fill color, font color, alignment etc.
  5. DRAWING TOOLBAR- Situated below of the document template, commonly use to apply graphical form, such as callouts, text box, auto shapes etc.
  6. DOCUMENT TEMPLATE- The wide part of the Open Office Screen, use to adapt the writing or word processing under the application. It have an outline transparent line in every corner represent as the default margin of the application.
  7. INDENT BAR AND THE HORIZONTAL RULER- Task to perform such measurement of the document template and serve as the left indent margin or paragraph indention bar of the word processing paragraph composition with in the first line and hanging.
  8. RIGHT INDENT BAR- Task to control the measurement of the right margin and right indention of the paragraph composition.
  9. ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT SLIDING BAR- Use by the user to zoom in zoom out the screen instead of using the percentage number of the wide of the screen. Located in the standard toolbar of the Microsoft Word 2003. 
That's all again just stay tune for the next update of this application using Open Office writer.
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OPEN OFFICE.ORG 3.3 USER INTERFACE As part of the beginner and before we can use and start our word processing using the Open Office W...
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