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14 Basic Safety Precautions in using your Gadgets and Cellphones

Technology is a part of our lives in this day, our environment is totally changed and especially in the minds of children. And one of our dreams and needs to have a cellphone and Gadgets.. Its existence we must know how to use it and avoid the wrong use that may cause incident . Our gadgets will help us to improved our communication and information and not to cause harm to ourselves. Of this existence we must know how to use it and avoid the wrong use that may cause incident . Our gadgets will help us to improved our communication and information not to become harmful to us. It is use for our applications that help us to easily finish our work and obligations and ease of time using our gadgets and as sort of relaxation.

We carried all the time our gadgets without knowing the safety of it. We don't know that maybe the others could be affected, especially our children, family, and our friends. And we don't know that during the time when we use our gadgets we're the victims of it. And we should avoid this and learn our mistakes. This is the purpose of this post, I wanted to share with you the experiences that I know through my profession, the safety tips that I know. I learn the fact that I read from the other article that there are victims because of using the gadgets. The below list of information is suitable to avoid this problem.

  1. Turn off your cellphones while you're charging the battery: Do this to avoid the battery will not drain easily. Charging the battery while turn on may cause broken to the battery composition and may cause burn or fire because of the ion or lithium use. Lithium component is easily burn or create fire once overheated.
  2. Do not use your cellphones while you perform charging and make call: If you do this, it has 80% you're cellphone will explode because of the high radio signal came from the signal tower, this called as Radio Active Interference (RAI). If you do this, it's possibly you're battery will explode because of the ion and lithium composition.
  3. Turn off your cellphone while you're in the gasoline station: The Radio Active Interference may ignite fire when the gas meet it and explode it momentarily.
  4. Do not burn the battery: keep the battery in a close cabinet or close it in a static box. And buried it in a safety place. If you burn it or burn accidentally by your children it will harm closely to your family health and may cause skin burn once it exploded near you.
  5. Do not use any battery from other cellphone or gadgets: this is one of our habits once we need battery because our cellphone battery drain or low battery. If you do this it has possibly your gadgets will explode because of a wrong specs or amperage. Voltages is very different with the amperage because of the current load. It will cause overload to your cellphone or gadgets, remember the battery compose of ion and lithium that very sensitive of fire.
  6. Select a best repair shop: If your cellphone and gadgets got trouble select a good repairman or repair shop that have a license to operate. Remember that gadgets and cellphones have a high price. If the repair shop or a repairman have no license they possibly made bad intentions to you're unit and lie intentions to you.
  7. Do not use other charger or use pirated charger to your branded unit: Our branded gadgets and cellphones have a personal branding and specifications that passed on the certifications of the authority. If you use a pirated brand charger it will harm to you and your unit that possibly explode once you inserted in the wall outlet electricity.
  8. Turn off your laptop or notebook while you perform charging: Same description above, if you want to avoid your gadgets will explode and avoid damage to the hardware keep always correct use during charging current.
  9. Do not use your notebook computer while perform charging: this will cause over temperature to your notebook computer and cause drain to the battery and LCD screen. 
  10. Avoid to much time to your notebook or laptop: This may cause harm to your gadgets, not only to the hardware but also in your software actually. And may cause harm to your health, one of that of your both hands that just like a fish above the fire. It may cause damage to the layer of your skin and possibly cause cancer. If you want and unavoidable because of work needed just use a cooling pad and external usb keyboard to avoid this situation.
  11. Avoid pirated Operating System: Do not install pirated Operating System of your notebook, it may cause damage to the hardware that create a to much temperature because of the overload of the programs and "bomb of bugs" from the source. Such as the Windows that violates the Copy Righted Law.
  12. Do not format the notebook Hard Disk Drive: If your notebook got trouble in operating system do not allow to format your HDD. Use the recovery disk given by your supplier where you bought your notebook computer.
  13. Remove the battery of your Notebook while you don't use it or if you're on travel: Do this to avoid harm or damage to your notebook or laptop. Even your gadgets off it has a standby power of 5% that possible cause faulty power and cause the battery burn fire and may exploded. Especially if your gadgets is pirated or imitations.
  14. Avoid combing your hair while near and your notebook is open: This is also our common habit particularly to the women. This will cause malfunction to the keyboard because the falling hair will round to the rubber dome and it will cause damage to the cellophane circuit.             
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