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Use and Functions of Google Docs Word Processing

Google Docs Word Processing Application:
Through the enhancement of the internet applications, Google the leading online sites of Internet unveils the innovations of online application of office automation through word processing directly online using the Google Drive. e Same as the User Interface of the MS-Word that as common to us installed in our local computer.

This document application enterprising with the command drop/down menu. Just like as the MS-Word offline application in our local computer. From File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Table and Help. Including to create suggestions of grammar and spelling check. And the most unique of all is the Research Command under the Tools menu that you can research the meaning of the word you use in your document.

In order to familiarize the environment of this Google Document or Word Processing lets learn first the basic parts before any application.

Use Google Drive to Backup your Files and Data

Google Drive User Interface
Saving our important document is one of the most important tasks we need in any application of the computer. But today we have options to upload it using the internet. But this time, because of the past trend of technology is just very vivid and clear that we can use now the Internet to backup our Data. And this we can assure that our documents and files are closely secured. And the most unique and very convenient to all is, we can access now our document we need whenever where we are on this planet.

Google is very generous, they created this storage using the Internet and this is one of the hundreds of their products offered as free charges of 5GB of their storage server, you can see here: Google Drive. And can be automatically access or use it whenever we are using our email. By simply clicking the button lower down in the compose message. So, instead of using the attach file as you are going to upload your files from your local computer, use the Google Drive to sent it automatically to your business contacts and friends of your email.

How to Manage your Google Chrome Browser

HOW TO MANAGE YOUR GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER Internet browsers are one of the most important utility installed and use in our computer. There are lots of browsers available to download and free to use. But one of the most and best use and common to the user is the Google Chrome. We know that browsers are practically defined as the one to cater the internet sites to our computer once it is connected to the internet. It is the source of the functionality of the plug-ins itself so that the application of the internet such as the internet files, settings and multimedia will work together to our computer, example; the videos of the YouTube.com.

Using this Google Chrome browsers there are different settings that we need to adjust or we need to consider. Such as the Homepage of the browsers that could be our favorite sites that whenever we open our browser for internet site connection the first page would be display automatically. Another is the settings of the History, this setting is use as one of our privacy settings that we need to erase our internet sites URL leave in the browser’s address bar or the cookies registration stored in our drive. 

In order to learn this in actual, perform and follow this simple instruction. Be sure that Google Chrome is installed in your computer. If not just click this and installed in your computer, Google Chrome or use this link to download, Download Your Utility 

Why your Notebook Computer Cause No Display

This gadgets may cause trouble called "no display" if once over use
My friend's notebook/laptop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of the very serious errors of a notebook computer is the no display, you will notice that your note computer has lights of the power indicator and movement of the hardware internally. But nothing happens on the screen, no start files and even lights came from the caps lock key. There are different possible of hardware cause by the damage, ether the RAM, LCD/LED screen, or the VGA(Video Graphic Adapter) chip of the notebook computer. With this error, the damage itself is hard to repair, excluded the RAM if the only cause is the dust buildup of the contact pin. We can remove it by cleaning using the eraser and the notebook computer will back in normal mode. But when the notebook computer cannot recover from your preliminary troubleshooting its understood that 80 percent your notebook computer has a serious damage on the part of the main board or in the LCD/LED monitor screen.

With this problem of the damage, our technician has skills to perform this, but it will become trial and error to try to recover the display problem. But I’m surely that your notebook computer will not display again. When it will display again it will create error again and again because of its weak performance of the IC. And this you will decide to replace the said parts, example the main board or the LCD, but this hardware has a high cost its 80 percent of the price of your notebook when you bought it in the store. And that’s the problem, it’s better to replace a new one rather than to repair. And in the long run the trouble will back again and repair again.

How to Setup Dialup Networking using Network Modem

Dial-up Networking Of Computer
One of the most common connections that were used of the computer before in order to connect of the internet is using the computer Modem. Modem is derived from the word Modulator and Demodulator. It’s simply to demodulate and modulate the analog signal to digital signal came from the telephone line in order to decode the information (signal) by the computer system. It has only a 56 kb/s speed once you connect to the internet using the telephone line through your computer and using the Dial-up Card of the ISP(Internet Service Provider). This connection is obsolete now in this generation and was change by the new topology using the LAN, MAN, WAN. And the very new topology without using a wire that have a maximum speed of 100 mb/s or what we called WIFI (Wireless Fidelity).

But if you want to install a Dial- up Networking I just written here the steps but be sure that your computer have a modem, internal or external modem installed of your computer and of course a telephone line and Dial-up network card of your ISP. If ok just follow these steps:
  1. Log-in as computer Administrator
  2. Then click start button, point to settings, then click control panel
  3. Click printers and other hardware
  4. Then click phone and Modem options
  5. Specify the dialing information of your location and then click ok button
  6. On the modem tab, click Add
  7. The follow the instructions in the new modem wizard
  1. Click start button
  2. Point to settings
  3. Click control Panel]
  4. And click networking and internet connections
  5. And then click network connections
  6. Click the dial-up connection you want to configure, and then under network task, click change settings to this connections.
  7. On the general tab, under connect using, click the modem you want to configure, and click configure.
  8. Under hardware features, select the checkbox options you want to enable
  9. If you want to enable the modem speaker, select the enable modem speaker check box.
  1. Click start button
  2. Point to settings
  3. Click control Panel
  4. Click network and internet connections, then click network
  5. Under network task, create a new connection and then click next button.
  6. Click connect to the network at my work place and then click next button.
  7. Click dial-up connection, click next button, and then follow instructions of the new connection wizard.
  8. Now your Done
This connection you need rg 11 cable, internal modem card or external modem card installed or connected in your computer’s CPU. And a telephone line. All you have to do is to connect the rg 11 cable from the telephone will be connected to the modem line port of the Modem card of your CPU and the telephone will be connected to the telephone line of the Modem Card of the CPU. If this perfect you can perform now the instruction given above. “End”

Create Hard Disk Partition using Fix Disk of MS-DOS

Fix Disk Command In MS-DOS

Fix Disk partition of Hard Disk Drive using Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) is an old procedure in installing Windows 95-98. But this is very useful until now to the technician of the computer, most especially if you wanted to take the exam of NC-II. Actually this could not be part of the actual application but could be part of the oral interview of the “How to dual boot Winxp and Win98 as you prepare with two partitions of the HDD. And I just posted before “How Install Windows 98”. But consider also the specification of your computer before to proceed. This is compatible with the computer with have a Pentium III processor or Pentium 4 1.5 to 2.0 ghz that have a minimum of 256 mb of RAM and a minimum of 10GB of Hard Disk Drive.
Just follow this procedure to begin your practice:

Fix Disk User Interface

  1. Power up your computer
  2. Press “Del” of “F2” or other key specified to run BIOS Setup
  3. Setup boot priority, CD/DVD ROM

How to Network Computer using Peer to Peer Connections

One of the most common uses of the computer through our daily work is to create a network. Network is a group of computers connected to each other to form a Local Area Network (LAN). For the purpose for sharing resources such as printer, scanner, DVD ROM, or files within your room or office. This network connection is one of the most common network model called PEER to PEER. Or called as computer to computer network connection. This network connection uses only two computers, two RG 45, and category 5E UTP cable just create this as crossover LAN wiring. And you can now connect your computer printer and share your files within this two computer. But you need to setup an IP address and workgroup in your computer Operating System before it will connected. 

Just follow these instructions to begin this task. You can use this actual application of network connection when you take Philippine TESDA exam of NC II.
  1. Just create first the crossover LAN Wiring using the UTP cable cat 5E and RG 45
  2. Then connect the crossover cable in the both LAN port of the two computers
  3. Then proceed for IP address setup

Euro Convert Using Microsoft Excel 2007 Worksheet

Euro Convert Using Microsoft Excel 2007 Worksheet One of the new logical features included of the MS-Excel worksheets 2007 and 2010 called as euroconvert. Microsoft Office explain that, “Euroconvert is a logical formula that Converts a number to euros, converts a number from euros to a euro member currency, or converts a number from one euro member currency to another by using the euro as an intermediary (triangulation). The currencies available for conversion are those of European Union (EU) members that have adopted the euro. The function uses fixed conversion rates that are established by the EU”.

Just observe the post picture on the left. The first group of columns describes its currency of its members(European Union), the basic unit of currency, and the ISO Code. And the next group of columns describes its ISO code,calculation precession, and display precession. Where it is describes the currency specific rounding rules and how many decimal places Excel uses to calculate a currency's conversion and display the result. And the next group of columns are the amount, source, target, and include the equivalent for the value of the euro currency. Where the the syntax explain like this by the Microsoft office.

Number   is the currency value you want to convert, or a reference to a cell containing the value.
Source   is a three-letter string, or reference to a cell containing the string, corresponding to the ISO code for the source currency. The following currency codes are available in the EUROCONVERT function:
Target   is a three-letter string, or cell reference, corresponding to the ISO code of the currency to which you want to convert the number. See the previous Source table for the ISO codes.
Full_precision   is a logical value (TRUE or FALSE), or an expression that evaluates to a value of TRUE or FALSE, that specifies how to display the result.
FALSEDisplay the result with the currency-specific rounding rules, see the table that follows. Excel uses the calculation precision value to calculate the result and the display precision value to display the result. FALSE is the default if the full_precision argument is omitted.
TRUEDisplay the result with all significant digits resulting from the calculation.
Triangulation_precision   is an integer equal to or greater than 3 that specifies the number of significant digits to be used for the intermediate euro value when converting between two euro member currencies. If you omit this argument, Excel does not round the intermediate euro value. If you include this argument when converting from a euro member currency to the euro, Excel calculates the intermediate euro value that could then be converted to a euro member currency.

  • Excel truncates any trailing zeros in the return value.

  • If the source ISO code is the same as the target ISO code, Excel returns the original value of the number.

  • Invalid parameters return #VALUE.

  • This function does not apply a number format.

  • This function cannot be used in array formulas.

  • But before any conversion begun check and install first the Euro Convert tool by following this instruction:
    1. Open your MS-Excel worksheets 2007 or 2010
    2. Once the worksheet open, click the office button on the top left side location
    3. Then point your mouse cursor to save as
    4. Then click Excel Options on the bottom under it
    5. Under the Excel Options Window click the Add-Ins under the left bar
    6. Then click the manage drop down bar located on the bottom
    7. Then select and click Excel Add-Ins
    8. Then click Go button
    9. Under the Add-Ins list window, check box “Euro Currency Tool”
    10. Then click Ok button
    11. Click Ok button for the next windows with the instruction
    12. Click ok button again
    13. Now you’re ready for your logical conversions for the Euro


    • If you cannot install the excel Add-Ins just reinstall your Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010. If you have a license installer of this office version its better because you can download freely the Excel Add-Ins tools in Microsoft.com and create your Euro Convert worksheets and study it and learn it. Just follow this blog for next update. “End”

    Facebook Timeline and Tagging Settings

    Facebook Timeline and Tagging SettingsFacebook is common to us, a big social network of the Internet we know and even a child can talk about the Facebook  And many of the computer users who are beginners and really created account without reading and understanding the Facebook Terms and Policies and Facebook Privacy governing of this social network. And we the users as the social community used the tools and application including adding friends, commenting, and even performing ads and business using this social network of the Internet. It just like we went of the Public Park and perform our relaxation and otherwise we do our business and meet our friends, family, and relatives. But at the back of our activity along the way of our relaxation and business activity we not notice the assurance or the security that we' re secure all the time. And we don't know the don'ts and Dos.

    Now FB or Facebook is equipped with this security application rather than before. There are plenty of our added friends that we don't knew who they are and displayed comments, posting videos, and tagging pictures that we don't like. And the Facebook Administration arm the full security application to comply the needs of the user or the entire Facebook community.

    Here are the important Timeline and Tagging settings including the security settings. But let us know first what is tagging and timeline and security.

    1. Timeline- is word use to specify things on the internet that you would like to display in very artistic manner, events, pictures arrange orderly.
    2. Tagging- is a word use to specify things on the internet particularly the pictures you posted, that those allowed users can't change the appearance or put a tag name or a short identification in which that a user can express feelings. But sometimes against by the user feelings because of its expressions through or offended comment.
    3. Security- a word use to specify something done in our account that we need to secure and prohibit our friends or other friends of our friends to secure our privacy and limitations through the social network or in our Facebook Account and or in any Internet Sites.   
    So how to setup this:
    1. Open up your browser
    2. And open the Facebook or click this to login: Facebook.com
    3. Then enter your login name or your email account and password
    4. Then once you login successfully, click the security settings button right side of the home page button
    5. Then click see more settings under of the drop down list
    6. Then Privacy Settings and Tools will display on screen same of the post picture shown above of this post
    7. Then click security under the left side bar situated above below of general
    8. Once you click it there are several security settings that you should setup for your account, ex: login approvals
    9. Just click the edit link right side of the screen and follow the onscreen instructions
    10. Just repeat the procedure in setting up the Privacy, timeline and tagging, and even blocking your friend
    11. And your done, just click your account page to go back in your account

    Visit always this blog."End."

    How to start notebook using MS- One Note 2007

    Start your application using MS- One Note for your computer application works. I just posted the parts and function and the introduction of this application. Now let’s start how to use it and how to begin to work using this application of the Microsoft Office 2007. All you need is to install the Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 and be sure that the MS-One Note is included during the installation. If your a beginner you need a basic application of the word processing or the Microsoft Word. And have a knowledge or instructed by or knew the subject matter you want in your One Note. Such as if you are a Student you might be to use One Note as your research compilation note for your works and gather all data using this application.
    The first I will impart to you using this application is How to start your Notebook, either the pages and subpages including the page setup and renaming the pages name and section name of your notebook and the use of format menu. So lets start now and just see the post picture left side of this post. Take Note that we cannot perform the Page Setup if we cannot setup the either the pages, subpages or the section for the notebook.

    1. Just power up your PC or Your Notebook Computer
    2. Once you are in the Desktop open your Microsoft Office and Click One Note 2007 or 2010
    • How to setup your notebook
    1. Just click the file menu
    2. Point your mouse cursor to new
    3. Then click notebook under on it
    4. Then select a category example, student semester notebook
    5. Then type the name or the title of your One Note application using the name bar above of the current window you use
    6. click next button
    7. Now select options under it, click and select “I will use it in this computer”. Note: this is only use for single computer, if you’re using a group of research with many computer use the second option or the 3rd option.
    8. Then click next button to continue
    9. Then if you want to change the target drive where to store your application just click browse button. If not just click the create button below.
    10. Now your Notebook has been setup now, you are ready for the next, the page setup
    • How to Page Setup One Note Notebook
    1. Click file menu
    2. Then point and click Page Setup
    3. Just use the right side bar as your page setup task bar
    4. On the size bar that have auto just click the drop down bar
    5. And select the paper size of your Notebook, example letter, this is 8.5” x 11” is a short notebook
    6. Then select the Orientation by click the drop down bar, example landscape
    7. Then adjust the margins, top, bottom, left and right
    8. Then select rule line and page color
    •  How to rename the section name just beside the name of your notebook
    1. Point your mouse cursor in section tab of your notebook page
    2. And click rename
    3. And type the name of your section tab
    4. Then type the Page Name or the subpages name just below the section tab
    5. And now your notebook is ready for the application of your computer using the Microsoft One Note

    If you want to insert a bullets and numbering or insert a files from your computer HDD, just click the insert menu and format menu.

    Know the Parts of Microsoft Office One Note 2007

    Microsoft Office One Note 2007
    Microsoft One Note is one of the customize program under the Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. This application is use as a notebook or it just a simulation of a notebook that we use commonly to take note our important task or use by the student to take note lessons from their teacher. Same with the word processing you can use the formats of the font, such as font style and font size and apply color on it. And even apply bullets and numbering in the writing pad. The same with the background you can select a customize template to fit in your document type.

    The difference between this application to the other application of the MS-Office 2007 is you can stored or insert your different files even in different formats such as Visual Basic, .ppt, .xls, .doc, and other form of files that possibly found in our computer storage media. You can try it using the insert menu found in the top of the One Note User Interface. And even you can access or shared your data from the Outlook email of your computer. With the most stunning and arrange design using the tab menu to shuffle your pages in every note. With the left sidebar and right sidebar to easy navigate your design template and the categories in every note pages and subpages. And make also as the task bar once you use other command application such as the page setup menu.

    To start using this application of the Microsoft Office One Note 2007 you need to check the program files of your desktop, just follow this:
    1. Click Start button
    2. Go to programs
    3. Then Microsoft Office 2007
    4. Then find under on it Microsoft One Note 2007 or 2010
    5. Then click it
    But if happen that you not found the One Note you need to reinstall your Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010. Either to you if you will use the pirated installer or a genuine. If you will use the not genuine installer your computer will suffer with the error and bug that will struck during or once you login in your Microsoft Online Account. You need a basic knowledge how to install a program and be sure to tick the Microsoft One Note during the installation.
    Then just explore and familiarize this basic parts. See the post picture above for your convenience.
    From the top
    1. Title bar- found at the top most common use to display the filename of the application
    2. Menu Tool Bar- loaded with different form of application menu to meet the need of the user of the application. That commonly located underneath of the title bar above the standard tool bar.
    3. Standard tool bar- located at the top of the application below of the Menu tool bar. Commonly use for most common command button such as the new page and subpage.
    4. Formatting tool bar- located below the standard tool bar and loaded with the command button use to change the appearance of the font such as Bold, Italics, underline, font size and style and even you can insert bullets and numbering using this bar.
    5. Tab name or pages and subpages- located at the top of the writing pad or notebook page, this is use to easily reshuffle the note pages by clicking it.
    6. Writing pad or writing page- this is where you can type and insert your document and application
    7. Right Side bar- commonly use or display here the template design that where you can easily navigate and select your template that fit to your application.
    8. Right side bar- use as the task bar or the different command application that suite to your application. And the title of the every page and subpages will see here in the first place of the application.
    9. Search Bar- commonly use to easily search the document of the entire application. But it has a level of application to serve the confidential or limit the files with in the application.
    That’s all again about this application of the One Note of Microsoft as my first post. Just visit always this blog for the another updates of this  application. “ End” 

    14 Basic Safety Precautions in using your Gadgets and Cellphones

    Technology is a part of our lives in this day, our environment is totally changed and especially in the minds of children. And one of our dreams and needs to have a cellphone and Gadgets.. Its existence we must know how to use it and avoid the wrong use that may cause incident . Our gadgets will help us to improved our communication and information and not to cause harm to ourselves. Of this existence we must know how to use it and avoid the wrong use that may cause incident . Our gadgets will help us to improved our communication and information not to become harmful to us. It is use for our applications that help us to easily finish our work and obligations and ease of time using our gadgets and as sort of relaxation.

    We carried all the time our gadgets without knowing the safety of it. We don't know that maybe the others could be affected, especially our children, family, and our friends. And we don't know that during the time when we use our gadgets we're the victims of it. And we should avoid this and learn our mistakes. This is the purpose of this post, I wanted to share with you the experiences that I know through my profession, the safety tips that I know. I learn the fact that I read from the other article that there are victims because of using the gadgets. The below list of information is suitable to avoid this problem.

    1. Turn off your cellphones while you're charging the battery: Do this to avoid the battery will not drain easily. Charging the battery while turn on may cause broken to the battery composition and may cause burn or fire because of the ion or lithium use. Lithium component is easily burn or create fire once overheated.
    2. Do not use your cellphones while you perform charging and make call: If you do this, it has 80% you're cellphone will explode because of the high radio signal came from the signal tower, this called as Radio Active Interference (RAI). If you do this, it's possibly you're battery will explode because of the ion and lithium composition.
    3. Turn off your cellphone while you're in the gasoline station: The Radio Active Interference may ignite fire when the gas meet it and explode it momentarily.
    4. Do not burn the battery: keep the battery in a close cabinet or close it in a static box. And buried it in a safety place. If you burn it or burn accidentally by your children it will harm closely to your family health and may cause skin burn once it exploded near you.
    5. Do not use any battery from other cellphone or gadgets: this is one of our habits once we need battery because our cellphone battery drain or low battery. If you do this it has possibly your gadgets will explode because of a wrong specs or amperage. Voltages is very different with the amperage because of the current load. It will cause overload to your cellphone or gadgets, remember the battery compose of ion and lithium that very sensitive of fire.
    6. Select a best repair shop: If your cellphone and gadgets got trouble select a good repairman or repair shop that have a license to operate. Remember that gadgets and cellphones have a high price. If the repair shop or a repairman have no license they possibly made bad intentions to you're unit and lie intentions to you.
    7. Do not use other charger or use pirated charger to your branded unit: Our branded gadgets and cellphones have a personal branding and specifications that passed on the certifications of the authority. If you use a pirated brand charger it will harm to you and your unit that possibly explode once you inserted in the wall outlet electricity.
    8. Turn off your laptop or notebook while you perform charging: Same description above, if you want to avoid your gadgets will explode and avoid damage to the hardware keep always correct use during charging current.
    9. Do not use your notebook computer while perform charging: this will cause over temperature to your notebook computer and cause drain to the battery and LCD screen. 
    10. Avoid to much time to your notebook or laptop: This may cause harm to your gadgets, not only to the hardware but also in your software actually. And may cause harm to your health, one of that of your both hands that just like a fish above the fire. It may cause damage to the layer of your skin and possibly cause cancer. If you want and unavoidable because of work needed just use a cooling pad and external usb keyboard to avoid this situation.
    11. Avoid pirated Operating System: Do not install pirated Operating System of your notebook, it may cause damage to the hardware that create a to much temperature because of the overload of the programs and "bomb of bugs" from the source. Such as the Windows that violates the Copy Righted Law.
    12. Do not format the notebook Hard Disk Drive: If your notebook got trouble in operating system do not allow to format your HDD. Use the recovery disk given by your supplier where you bought your notebook computer.
    13. Remove the battery of your Notebook while you don't use it or if you're on travel: Do this to avoid harm or damage to your notebook or laptop. Even your gadgets off it has a standby power of 5% that possible cause faulty power and cause the battery burn fire and may exploded. Especially if your gadgets is pirated or imitations.
    14. Avoid combing your hair while near and your notebook is open: This is also our common habit particularly to the women. This will cause malfunction to the keyboard because the falling hair will round to the rubber dome and it will cause damage to the cellophane circuit.             
    If you have questions and comments we love to hear it and answer it. Just type your comments and suggestions using our contact form below or click this link;Contact Us!  

    Basic Parts of Open Office Writer User Interface

    As part of the beginner and before we can use and start our word processing using the Open Office Writer we should know first the Basic Parts of the User Interface. The parts of this Open Office Writer 3.3 version have the same parts or the different toolbars of the Microsoft Office version 97, 2003, and Office 2000 premium. The application have the same descriptions but the location of both command have change but if we explore we can relate because we know how to use the Microsoft Office 2003 or 97 word processing.

    So, I will introduce to you the basic parts of the Open Office. org 3.3. See the post picture above

    1. TITLE BAR- located at the top of the User Interface task to display the filename of the document
    2. MENU TOOLBAR- located under the title bar, task to handle the different menus for the application of the word processing. Such us the create the pagesetup of the document

    How to Page Setup or Create Margin using Open Office Writer

    We know that there are three Office Application program of our computer, namely Microsoft Office, Open Office, and the Star Office. The two office program are very common of our computer. The Microsoft office and the Open Office. This two office application have the same description of the application. Such as the word processing, electronic spreadsheets, and presentation package that we need so much in our office application.

    So, in this post I will teach you how to use this Open Office Writer as our first lesson of Word Processing. The very most basic is "How to create page setup", because in this page setup we know that we should create margin, orientation, and paper size before we can print our document.
     So just follow this simple steps: