Use Movie Maker for Simple Movie Presentation

USE MOVIE MAKER FOR SIMPLE MOVIE PRESENTATION SAVE MOVIE PRESENTATION I posted before about the parts and function of the windows movie maker including the shortcut keys for this application of the Windows. Now as a part of it I will impart and teach you how to create a simple movie using this application. In this application of how to create a simple movie presentation. I included How to create a title before the movie clip, apply video transition, video effects using the story board, and title before its clips. And apply credits at the end the movie presentation and save it as windows movie video.

This application of how to create a movie video presentation is one of the best ideas how to generate an income using your computer. Commonly persons that have a skills and hobbies of using any graphical and media application generate more income and make as their daily lives to sustain their needs every day.

So start your movie presentation and explore and study using this steps. Be sure only that you have movie clip either in YouTube or your own movie capture such as wedding celebration.
  1. Open up your computer
  2. Click start button
  3. Point to Accessories or click all programs in Windows 7
  4. Then click windows movie maker
  5. Once open, click file
  6. Then click import into collections
  7. Now in the popup windows just select the drive and the folder where you stored your movie or video clip
  8. Now select it one by one by by holding ctrl and click of your mouse
  9. Then click import button just below of the popup window
  10. Now once the videos stored in the collections folder of the movie maker your ready to stored it in the storyboard
  11. Just drag and drop the video by holding left mouse button then release it in the storyboard outline
  12. Repeat only the procedure to the preceding movie and video clips
  13. Now if you want to add a movie title and credits, just click tools menu
  14. Then click titles and credits
  15. Just click title at the beginning of the movie if you want to add a title before the movie clips and videos
  16. Now at the text bar provided type the title
  17. Now click done add title to movie
  18. If you want to change the animation click change the animation
  19. Now the on the list of provide animation inside the text area a bar
  20. Double your mouse to receive the animation formats
  21. Now if you want to change the formats of the text both font style, color and size just click change text font and color
  22. Now apply video effects and transition
  23. Just click the drop/down bar under the toolbar
  24. Now click video effects
  25. Select and drag it in the video effects outline it just form of a star along the outline of the video of the storyline
  26. Now apply a video transition effect just click the drop/down bar of the toolbar and click video transition
  27. Select and drag it in the story line just right side of the video of the storyline
  28. Just repeat the procedure of the rest of the videos and movies
  29. Now if finish just add credits at the end of the movie
  30. Now click the last outline box of the storyline board
  31. Click tools
  32. And click titles and credits
  33. Now click credits at the end of the movie
  34. Now type first the title of the credits in the top row of the table provide
  35. Now type your different credits and type the description each of it you type in the table
  36. Then if finish click done add title of movie
  37. Now your done of your application last thing is to save your movie using the movie maker
  38. Just click file menu
  39. Then click save movie file
  40. Now select one of the target application where to save the movie file format, ex: My Computer
  41. Click next button below
  42. Now enter the filename of your movie in the bar provided
  43. Now choose the target location where to save the movie, just click browse button beside it
  44. And select the drive and folder ex: drive d:
  45. Now click Ok button
  46. Click next button of the window name Save Movie Wizard
  47. Now on the option best quality movie playback of my computer click next button
  48. Now wait until 100 percent progressive indicator
  49. When finish click finish button
  50. Now automatically it will play on your movie player
  51. And your done 


If you want to insert your movie maker video in the PowerPoint presentation just insert it in your PowerPoint presentation slides. And that’s all, we love your any comments and just type it in the comment bar below. “End”

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I posted before about the parts and function of the windows movie maker including the shortcut keys for this application of the Windows....
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