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Use CCleaner to Maintain Operating System and Programs

One of the tasks of the computer user is to maintain the software of its computer run in any Operating system. This operating system (OS) manages the operating of its programs installed in your computer even the drivers of your computer system unit. Every now and then once you use your computer in any application such as games, code building, basic applications, internet applications, and so on are prone to damage its operating files including the operating system registry.

What is registry? A part of computer operating system called database repository of computer’s information configuration. The registry contains information in every program installed in OS. And Windows continually references once the programs runs of its operation through the operating system platform, example property settings for folders and program icons.

To deal with this problem of the computer we need to maintain our software and programs. I recommend installing and using the ccleaner. The ccleaner is use to clean the registry entry, cookies, and temporary files in my documents and remove and damage files found in our computer. And also use to remove or uninstall any programs that we don’t need in our computer.
  • How to install this program
  1. Download this program in filehippo.com
  2. After you download it, open your my documents folder, open the download folder and double click the ccleaner icon
  3. And installation window will appear in your screen, click the next button and follow the onscreen instruction until it will finish
  • How to use this ccleaner
  1. Double click the ccleaner icon found in your desktop
  2. Once it open, click run cleaner button, see the picture above
  3. Wait until it will finish cleaning the computer software or 100 percent progressive indicator 
  • How to uninstall or remove the program using ccleaner
  1. Double click the ccleaner icon found in your desktop
  2. Click tools icon found in the left
  3. Then select the program you want to remove in your computer
  4. Then click run uninstaller button found in the right side of your screen
  5. Wait until it will finish uninstalling
  • How to use drive wiper- Use this utility to erase data in your computer, decide wither you need to erase your data
  1. Click the drive wiper button found in the left
  2. Use drop down bar and select either free space only or entire drive
  3. On the second drop down bar, simple overwrite, advance, complex, and very complex
  4. Then checkbox the drive you want to wipeout the data
  5. Click wipe button

If you want to remove your old system restore point of your computer to recover from the serious failure, just click the system restore and click remove button found in the bottom in your screen. And if you want to analyze before to perform cleaning of the computer software click only the cleaner icon found in the left then click analyze button.

Just message me using the comment bar if you have questions regarding with this application. “ End”

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