Start Microsoft Data Access 2007 with Basic Parts and Functions


What is Data Access? Is one of the Microsoft Office Automation Program that enables users to design and input data manageable in a pre- design environment base on the data sheets table or called a database management application.

Through this application you need knowledge in how to use MS- Excel and Visual Basic application. Because you will create an expression same as the use of logical formula commonly use in the application of the MS- Excel. And a code building which is syntax providing with the programming code of visual basic or VB.

So, let us learn first the user interface parts and how to create a new database using the Data Access 2007. Be sure that in your computer under of your Microsoft Office 2007 the MS- Access is included during the installation. Check it first by clicking start button, click all programs or  in Windows Xp point to programs, point or click Microsoft Office 2007 folder and click Data Access 2007.

  1. Open your Data Access 2007
  2. Once it open, click blank database, see the picture above shown of the callouts
  3. Now type your filename in the right portion of the window. It must be the name of the database you need in your calculation
  4. And now click create button under on it, see the picture above shown of the callouts
  5. The Data Access 2007 will appear in your screen
»» let us learn first the basic parts of this application before we will create the form of our data sheets table.
  1. Application Menu - found at the top under of the title bar, once click there are different buttons assign it, and have a function each in the form design
  2. Menu Toolbars- the basic tools use to apply in design form including the expression or logical and code building or syntax
  3. Worksheet Area- the area of the screen which you can input your data sheets value before the form design, you must create your data sheets table and create your data sheets form.
  4. Worksheet Value- position at the top of the data sheets, this is called also the data sheets label. You can create the data sheets label by using right click on the add new filed description within the column.
  5. Task Panel- position on the left portion of the screen, all the application or task you perform will stored or arrange here logically as part of your database application interface.

You need to familiarized first the user interface or the windows of the Data Access before to go on. And you need to study the logical formula of the Excel and the code building of the Visual Basic including the Macro application of the Data. This major application with the very complex code and expression in embedded in the program. All we need is to study the routine of the environment of the program interface and a knowledge of the basic design and to arrange the button, bars, and apply the templates creatively base in your database program design.

So, next post lets create the data sheets and the form design using the toolbars provided of this application and input the data itself using the new form. Just follow this post regularly. “ End”  

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What is Data Access ? Is one of the Microsoft Office Automation Program that enables users to design and input data manageable in a pre-...
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