How to Secure Workbook and Worksheets Elements of MS-Excel

ProtectWorksheets ProtectWorksheets 2 Our personal computer or our computer assign in our office need to protect as long our computer have a confidential data stored in our Microsoft Excel application. Yes, our computer has an administrator password before they can open the desktop. But if our computer authorized to use by other personnel’s that’s another reason more possibly if you have a secretary doing your other works in your MS-Excel.

If your computer is windows 7 system and has no administrator password you can click the start button then click control panel. And under the control panel window click User Accounts and Family Safety then click User Accounts then click Create a password for your account. Just follow the onscreen instruction provided in your screen. In windows Experience system you can use the star button then settings click Control Panel. Then click User Accounts under of the control panel window then click create password. Just follow the onscreen instructions after provided by your computer.

Now in our Microsoft Excel worksheets we need to protect also to avoid changes formats and the formulation of the data you use and more to your confidential data itself. The principles to avoid getting headaches because of looted data; we should consider all data in the worksheets is all confidential to avoid getting loot.

Just follow these steps to protect the elements of your worksheet. But because you cannot hide the formula inside your worksheet and if you don’t applied the protect worksheet. So just apply this first before hiding the formula used in your worksheets.
  • How to apply Protect worksheets

  1. Click review menu then click protect button under the changes bar
  2. Then checkbox all the value if necessary provided by the pop-up window
  3. Type your password in the bar provided
  4. Press Enter key
  5. Then type the password again to confirm that its correct
  6. Click ok button

  • How to apply Protect workbook

  1. Open the workbook you want to protect
  2. Click Review Menu
  3. Click Protect Workbook button
  4. Select/click the protect structure and windows
  5. Then checkbox windows
  6. Then type your password
  7. And reinter your password again to confirm
  8. Then click ok button

  • Protect worksheets elements by hiding the formula used

  1. Unprotect first your worksheet before you proceed
  2. Click the unprotect button
  3. Type your password
  4. Click ok button or enter key
  5. Now click Home menu
  6. Click format button under the cells bar
  7. Then uncheck the box called Locked
  8. Then check box the box called hidden
  9. Now protect your worksheet again by clicking Review Menu
  10. Then click Protect button
  11. Then type the password in the bar of pop-up window
  12. Then press enter key
  13. Re- enter your password again
  14. Then press enter key
  15. Now check the cell of data and look the formula bar. If there are no more formula displayed you’re successful
  16. Don’t forget to save your worksheets
  17. And your done


You can use the Restricted Access if you have installed the Information Rights Management(IRM). If you’re Microsoft Office is pirated you cannot update it in Microsoft Online. You need to purchase the original copy of Microsoft Office new versions.Just follow this blog for next update. “ End”
How to Secure Workbook and Worksheets Elements of MS-Excel combinebasic 5 of 5
Our personal computer or our computer assign in our office need to protect as long our computer have a confidential data stored in our ...
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