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How to Create Outline of Worksheets Data of Microsoft Excel

HOW TO CREATE OUTLINE OF THE WORKSHEETS DATA OUTLINE WORKSHEETS This is one of the most applicable using the MS Excel 2007. You can perform sorting and you can create a list of data, a series of rows and columns containing related data or a series of rows designate to function as a group. You can group it and summarize according to its level and creates outline of each group. You can show or hide detailed data in a worksheets by pressing + plus or – minus symbol and the number of its indicating the outline level of its group. Which display data in selected level such as overall total sales and total sales by month.

How to create this. So do this by following this instruction.
  1. Create your worksheets or use your old data of the excel
  2. Be sure to create label of its columns be sure that have no blanks of the columns and rows
  3. Put a different color same as you seen in my post picture
  4. Create a total of its group same of the post picture above
  5. Highlight your worksheet data excluded the label or value
  6. Now click Home tab menu then go to Editing tab then click sort and filter button
  7. Now click sort A to Z
  8. You will see that the data arrange alphabetically together with the alphanumeric inside your worksheets
  9. Now highlight the worksheets
  10. Click Data Tab Menu
  11. Then click group button
  12. Then click group
  13. Now outline your worksheets
  14. Click Data Menu Tab
  15. Then point your mouse cursor to outline box launcher
  16. And you will see a dialogue box name settings
  17. Check box all options
  18. Then click create button
  19.  And you will done
  20. Just click the plus minus button to see your work done and numbers to see the group level of your worksheets. Same as the post picture posted above of this post.
Always follow this post for next update. “ END”

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