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How to convert and download YouTube Videos and Music Videos

How to convert and download YouTube Videos and Music Videos

YouTube videos are very popular and demand among us as a user of the internet. Aside of the invade videos in our site we can download our favorite videos or our subscribed videos in YouTube. From trailer to full videos, music videos, tutorial videos, and so on. And convert it to .3gp and .flv codec so that it will play in our video player locally in our computer. The very advantages you don't need to install a converter video program in your computer.

YouTube video site

All you have to do is to open your browser or click add page of your browser and type the site address of the video converter of the YouTube. And easily paste it in the bar provided and in short period of time it will converted to .3gp and .flv but it will cost 1 hour to download it in our computer drives. But the important is we can download freely the full video of the YouTube.

YouTube Video To Converter Site

Now how you can subscribe and download full video? Just create your account in YouTube and subscribes any of the videos you like using the search button found on the top of the site. Site builders and bloggers easily own a channel page of the YouTube to invade videos in their sites or create their own Application Program Interface (API).
Just follow this steps

  1. In you Desktop open your chrome browser
  2. In address bar on the top type YouTube.com
  3. Once the site open, login to your account and username and password. If you have no account just use the search bar to search videos. Type full movie same in the image shown above.
  4. Double click the video thumbnails to play it in the YouTube video player
  5. Click and highlight the URL of the video using the browser address bar
  6. And right click or ctrl + c
  7. Then click the add page button of the browser
  8. Then type the site address or type keepvid.com in the address bar same in the image shown above of this post
  9. Once the site open, click and paste or ctrl + v in the keepvid download bar
  10. Once the url of the YouTube video position in the bar, click the download button on the left
  11. Once the conversion finished click the download link
  12. A destination Window will appear on your screen
  13. Select a drive where you save your YouTube movie
  14. Click open button
  15. Click save button  
  1. Open you chrome browser
  2. Open YouTube site using the browser address bar
  3. Once the site open, just search your favorites music videos or artist using the search bar found on the top, ex: birds youman songs. Same of the image shown above of this post.
  4. Just double click the music video thumbnails
  5. Once it played in the YouTube video player, just copy the url found at the top of the address bar of the browser
  6. Now click the add page button of the browser
  7. Then type in the address bar youtube-mp3.org then enter key
  8. Once it open click and paste in the convert video bar the url of the YouTube music video
  9. Then click the convert video button
  10. Once the conversion finished, click the download link, same of the image shown above of this post
  11. A destination window will appear on the screen
  12. Select your drive where you save your converted music video to mp3
  13. Click open open
  14. Then click save button
  15. Your finish
  16. Enjoy your mp3 songs and movie    
Just follow this post for next update… “ END”

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