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Create a Summary Report with a Chart Using MS- Excel 2007

Create a Summary Report with a Chart Using MS- Excel 2007

Using the outline of worksheets data it is also recommended to insert worksheets chart to monitor the level of the sales using the 3d objects of the chart. It is recommended only to get the data in summary report of the outline of the worksheets data previously I shown. But you can create your own worksheets data base of my creation.Click this Outline Worksheets Using MS-Excel 2007

Now how to create this, its just very simple.
  1. Open up your MS-Excel
  2. And open your worksheet Data or Create your data accordingly
  3. Navigate in your outline worksheet or click the sign + button to open only the subtotal or the grand Total
  4. Now click the insert menu tab button
  5. Then Click column
  6. Then click the 3-d cone under on it
  7. Now the chart displayed below of your worksheet outline data
  8. Drag it and enlarge the size to accommodate size through your worksheets on the top
  9. And you’re done
  10. Arrange it accordingly and see the beautiful look of your worksheets
  11. Apply color as you can

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