Create Photo Album Presentation using PowerPoint 2007


Photo album presentation is one of the unique presentation can be made using the Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Presentation. That you can display your personal photo, company or business photos. You can format it using the effects tools menu that can grab so much attention to your viewer using the transition slides. Create a stunning backgrounds, themes and particular layout of your presentation. And after adding your different pictures you can simply add your own caption through your photo album. And you can adjust the presentation layout and you can add frames in every pictures that you have in your slides.


Lets start to create this Photo Album Presentation. Be sure that you have a numbers of pictures in the drive of your computer or stored in your USB Flash Drive.


  1. Open up your MS-Power Point 2007
  2. Now click insert menu bar
  3. Click Photo Album button under of illustrations menu bar
  4. Then click new photo album
  5. A dialogue box name photo Album will appear in your screen
  6. Click file disk button under it
  7. Then a destination window will appear, select the drive where you save your pictures
  8. Then click/ select the pictures by holding ctrl key then click of the mouse every pictures of your album you want to present.
  9. Then click insert button below that window
  10. Once your all pictures gather in the right bar of the dialogue box, click new text box button
  11. Then click create button below of that window
  12. Now you can apply background styles by clicking the design menu
  13. Then click the background styles under background menu bar
  14. Then select/click your background. See the pictures of this post
  15. Now you can apply your animations
  16. Click animations menu
  17. Then click custom animations, be sure to click your picture inside your slide
  18. Then click add effects button
  19. Then click motion paths then more motion paths
  20. Click/select your effects now
  21. Now you can add frame or format to your pictures
  22. Click format menu, but sure to click your pictures
  23. Then select your styles under the Pictures Styles format menu bar
  24. Then repeat the procedure to the rest of the slides
  25. Now apply transitions to all slides
  26. Click animation menu
  27. Click transition sound
  28. Then click transition speed
  29. The select medium under it
  30. Then click apply to all button
  31. Now check box automatically after
  32. Then use up arrow bar beside it, just put time using minutes
  33. Then click play button or slide show menu button
  34. Now your done
Just follow this post for another updates. “ End”
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Photo album presentation is one of the unique presentation can be made using the Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Presentation. That you c...
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