Complete Windows 98 Operating System Installation

Windows 98 Installer CD
Windows 98 (Photo credit: reuvenim)
win98 installation As a courtesy of the Windows 98 Operating System, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) predecessor of Windows 95 that could run in Intel processor 166 MHz Multimedia Extension (MMX). This Operating System has three versions, they are Windows 98 1st edition, windows 98 2nd edition, and third is the windows 98 third edition or the millennium edition ME. So, if we count the versions of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) the windowing environment of the operating system of the Microsoft it has 8 operating system as of the latest version. They are win95, win98, win ME, win 2k, win XP, win vista, win 7, and win 8. These versions of the operating system of the computer change the life and our environment as human being. And technicians, IT, and other professionals of the technology had born in this profession.

Other said that this operating system has no function and cannot be used. Because its absolute but, the true is this operating system until now use by the other purposes, example use as operating system of the hematology machine of the medical laboratories. And until now other laboratories they not upgrade or change their computer controller of their old machines because it is not compatible with the new computer as of now. We as the technicians or service engineers we will encounter such servicing of the windows 98 installation and troubleshooting this type of computer operating system. So we need to know how to install this OS and also this is one of the questions during the NC2 exam.

Let’s learn this:

  1. Power up your computer
  2. Enter the BIOS Setup
  3. Check the main BIOS and the boot sequence
  4. Put your Windows 98 CD installer in the CD drive
  5. Save your BIOS configuration
  6. Press spacebar during POST
  7. Select “Start computer with CD-ROM support”
  8. Press Enter key
  9. Once you are in the command line of the MS-DOS, type “DIR”
  10. Change drive to cd installer, type in the command line e: then enter key
  11. Now change the directory to the system of the installer by calling in the command line, Type cd win98
  12. Now format the drive, type format c: /s/u, then enter key
  13. Press “Y” as yes for condition, then wait until the format is finished
  14. Then type C: to change drive to drive c:
  15. Now after formatting your drive c: is ready to receive the windows file. Now this is the look of the command line
  16. In the command line, type c:\> dir
  17. c:\>md win 98
  18. c:\> dir
  19. c:\> cd win98
  20. c:\win98>d:
  21. d:\>dir
  22. d:\>e: (note: drive E: is the cd- rom)
  23. e:\>dir
  24. e:\>d:
  25. d:\>c:
  26. c:\>cd win98 then enter key
  27. c:\win98>copy e:\win98\*.* then enter key
  28. Wait until the copying of windows files is finish
  29. c:\win98>setup then enter key
  30. Then press enter key
  31. Then exit
  32. Press “continue”
  33. Press “next” then “custom” then “next”
  34. next (select all)
  35. Then follow onscreen instruction, if ask a workgroup type your and computer name
  36. Then wait until setup of windows file is finished and follow onscreen instruction. If ask to type the product key type it in the 5 bars given during the installation.
  37. Once you are in the desktop your done


If your HDD have no 2nd partition or you need to partition your hardware for win98 installation you need to run the fix disk or FDISK command in the MS-DOS. And follow the instruction of the screen provided of the FIX DISK environment. Just also follow this post for how to run the fix disk in MS-DOS command line.
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Windows 98 (Photo credit: reuvenim ) As a courtesy of the Windows 98 Operating System, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) predecesso...
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