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Backup Files and Documents using Skydrive

This application of the MSN is one of the menus found of the outlook email account that included with files and pictures presentation using the picture slider. Using this Skydrive you can upload your pictures and documents in separate folders allocated with 7GB free storage. And if this 7GB free storage is not enough for your files and documents you can pay it through the outlook billing account.

The important and advantages of this Skydrive is you can backup your important files through the internet. That you can assure your files and documents are being secured. And you can easily access it anywhere, if you are in vacation in other places and you can sent immediately your documents via outlook email account or through your email contacts. And also you can use MS Office application online using the skydrive word processing, excel, and PowerPoint.

Lets start this application by following this simple steps. Look the image shown above
  1. Login to your outlook account using your browser
  2. Once you’re inside your outlook account click the drop down menu.
  3. Click the skydrive menu box
  4. Once selected, click the upload button located at the top of your skydrive account
  5. A source window will appear of your screen, click the look in drop down bar
  6. Select your source drive, ex: drive D:
  7. Select your files and documents to be uploaded in your skydrive
  8. Once selected all click open button
  9. An upload notification will appear right side of your screen
  10. Wait until it will finish
  11. And your done
And that's it, follow this post for next update. “End”

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