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Use Movie Maker for Simple Movie Presentation

USE MOVIE MAKER FOR SIMPLE MOVIE PRESENTATION SAVE MOVIE PRESENTATION I posted before about the parts and function of the windows movie maker including the shortcut keys for this application of the Windows. Now as a part of it I will impart and teach you how to create a simple movie using this application. In this application of how to create a simple movie presentation. I included How to create a title before the movie clip, apply video transition, video effects using the story board, and title before its clips. And apply credits at the end the movie presentation and save it as windows movie video.

This application of how to create a movie video presentation is one of the best ideas how to generate an income using your computer. Commonly persons that have a skills and hobbies of using any graphical and media application generate more income and make as their daily lives to sustain their needs every day.

So start your movie presentation and explore and study using this steps. Be sure only that you have movie clip either in YouTube or your own movie capture such as wedding celebration.
  1. Open up your computer
  2. Click start button
  3. Point to Accessories or click all programs in Windows 7
  4. Then click windows movie maker
  5. Once open, click file
  6. Then click import into collections
  7. Now in the popup windows just select the drive and the folder where you stored your movie or video clip
  8. Now select it one by one by by holding ctrl and click of your mouse
  9. Then click import button just below of the popup window
  10. Now once the videos stored in the collections folder of the movie maker your ready to stored it in the storyboard
  11. Just drag and drop the video by holding left mouse button then release it in the storyboard outline
  12. Repeat only the procedure to the preceding movie and video clips
  13. Now if you want to add a movie title and credits, just click tools menu
  14. Then click titles and credits
  15. Just click title at the beginning of the movie if you want to add a title before the movie clips and videos
  16. Now at the text bar provided type the title
  17. Now click done add title to movie
  18. If you want to change the animation click change the animation
  19. Now the on the list of provide animation inside the text area a bar
  20. Double your mouse to receive the animation formats
  21. Now if you want to change the formats of the text both font style, color and size just click change text font and color
  22. Now apply video effects and transition
  23. Just click the drop/down bar under the toolbar
  24. Now click video effects
  25. Select and drag it in the video effects outline it just form of a star along the outline of the video of the storyline
  26. Now apply a video transition effect just click the drop/down bar of the toolbar and click video transition
  27. Select and drag it in the story line just right side of the video of the storyline
  28. Just repeat the procedure of the rest of the videos and movies
  29. Now if finish just add credits at the end of the movie
  30. Now click the last outline box of the storyline board
  31. Click tools
  32. And click titles and credits
  33. Now click credits at the end of the movie
  34. Now type first the title of the credits in the top row of the table provide
  35. Now type your different credits and type the description each of it you type in the table
  36. Then if finish click done add title of movie
  37. Now your done of your application last thing is to save your movie using the movie maker
  38. Just click file menu
  39. Then click save movie file
  40. Now select one of the target application where to save the movie file format, ex: My Computer
  41. Click next button below
  42. Now enter the filename of your movie in the bar provided
  43. Now choose the target location where to save the movie, just click browse button beside it
  44. And select the drive and folder ex: drive d:
  45. Now click Ok button
  46. Click next button of the window name Save Movie Wizard
  47. Now on the option best quality movie playback of my computer click next button
  48. Now wait until 100 percent progressive indicator
  49. When finish click finish button
  50. Now automatically it will play on your movie player
  51. And your done 


If you want to insert your movie maker video in the PowerPoint presentation just insert it in your PowerPoint presentation slides. And that’s all, we love your any comments and just type it in the comment bar below. “End”

How to Secure Workbook and Worksheets Elements of MS-Excel

ProtectWorksheets ProtectWorksheets 2 Our personal computer or our computer assign in our office need to protect as long our computer have a confidential data stored in our Microsoft Excel application. Yes, our computer has an administrator password before they can open the desktop. But if our computer authorized to use by other personnel’s that’s another reason more possibly if you have a secretary doing your other works in your MS-Excel.

If your computer is windows 7 system and has no administrator password you can click the start button then click control panel. And under the control panel window click User Accounts and Family Safety then click User Accounts then click Create a password for your account. Just follow the onscreen instruction provided in your screen. In windows Experience system you can use the star button then settings click Control Panel. Then click User Accounts under of the control panel window then click create password. Just follow the onscreen instructions after provided by your computer.

Now in our Microsoft Excel worksheets we need to protect also to avoid changes formats and the formulation of the data you use and more to your confidential data itself. The principles to avoid getting headaches because of looted data; we should consider all data in the worksheets is all confidential to avoid getting loot.

Just follow these steps to protect the elements of your worksheet. But because you cannot hide the formula inside your worksheet and if you don’t applied the protect worksheet. So just apply this first before hiding the formula used in your worksheets.
  • How to apply Protect worksheets

  1. Click review menu then click protect button under the changes bar
  2. Then checkbox all the value if necessary provided by the pop-up window
  3. Type your password in the bar provided
  4. Press Enter key
  5. Then type the password again to confirm that its correct
  6. Click ok button

  • How to apply Protect workbook

  1. Open the workbook you want to protect
  2. Click Review Menu
  3. Click Protect Workbook button
  4. Select/click the protect structure and windows
  5. Then checkbox windows
  6. Then type your password
  7. And reinter your password again to confirm
  8. Then click ok button

  • Protect worksheets elements by hiding the formula used

  1. Unprotect first your worksheet before you proceed
  2. Click the unprotect button
  3. Type your password
  4. Click ok button or enter key
  5. Now click Home menu
  6. Click format button under the cells bar
  7. Then uncheck the box called Locked
  8. Then check box the box called hidden
  9. Now protect your worksheet again by clicking Review Menu
  10. Then click Protect button
  11. Then type the password in the bar of pop-up window
  12. Then press enter key
  13. Re- enter your password again
  14. Then press enter key
  15. Now check the cell of data and look the formula bar. If there are no more formula displayed you’re successful
  16. Don’t forget to save your worksheets
  17. And your done


You can use the Restricted Access if you have installed the Information Rights Management(IRM). If you’re Microsoft Office is pirated you cannot update it in Microsoft Online. You need to purchase the original copy of Microsoft Office new versions.Just follow this blog for next update. “ End”

Using Single If and Multiple If of Microsoft Office Excel 2007

IF function is a logical formula use to calculate or create conditions according to its given value in a worksheets

This worksheet I called Monthly commission of the salesman. All you have to do is to create this worksheets.Just like what I created or same as of the post picture I shown in this post. Just generate the salesman ID number by using the drag of your mouse to autofill the rest of the ID number on the preceding cells. It’s just a practice to perform our last post of the MS-Excel. Now input the name of the salesman and the monthly sales of its product. And add it up using the formula I presented in the post picture.

Now this is the problem of the worksheets: “The Company Example Corporation will give monthly commission of its salesman by 15 percent if they can sales up to 100000 or else 5 percent if they have lower sales of 100000 monthly.”

Using the single if function of the Microsoft Excel 2007 you will task to calculate the commission by percentage base of the total monthly sales of its of the salesman. And calculate the total commission of the salesman by multiplying its cells of Monthly Total Sales and commission by percentage. And using multiple if, you can calculate the performance level of its salesman base of its Total Monthly sales.

So, how to do this, just follow this simple steps:

  1. Create the worksheet table same as the post picture I’ve shown in this post. You need to study first my last post in how to create a worksheets if you have no idea in creating a worksheet table.
  2. Now generate the ID number same as the post picture I’ve shown
  3. Now input the name of the salesman and monthly sales
  4. Calculate the total monthly commission using the =sum function
  5. Then find the commission by percentage using the formula I’ve shown in the post picture or use this: =IF(G5>100000,15%,5%)
  6. And calculate the total commission using the formula I’ve shown in the post picture or use this: =G5*H5
  7. Then calculate the performance level of the salesman base of the monthly sales using the multiple if. But before you put a formula you need to know first the range of the total sales or just follow this:
    200,000.00 170,000.00    A+
    169,000.00 130,000.00 B+
    149,000.00 119,000.00 C+
    118,000.00 108,000.00 D+
    107,000.00 105,000.00 E+
    104,000.00 70,000.00 F+
    69,000.00 80,000.00 G+
  9. Then calculate the performance level using the formaula I’ve shown in the post picture or use this: =IF(G5>=170000,"A+",IF(G5>=130000,"B+",IF(G5>=119000,"C+",IF(G5>=108000,"D+",IF(G5>=105000,"E+",IF(G5>=70000,"F+",IF(G5>=80000,"F+")))))))
  10. Then use the drag of your mouse using autofill tab to calculate the preceding cells.
  11. Now your done

If you have questions we love to hear your comments just type your questions in comment bar below or follow always this post for next update. “End”  

Create Photo Album Presentation using PowerPoint 2007


Photo album presentation is one of the unique presentation can be made using the Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Presentation. That you can display your personal photo, company or business photos. You can format it using the effects tools menu that can grab so much attention to your viewer using the transition slides. Create a stunning backgrounds, themes and particular layout of your presentation. And after adding your different pictures you can simply add your own caption through your photo album. And you can adjust the presentation layout and you can add frames in every pictures that you have in your slides.


Lets start to create this Photo Album Presentation. Be sure that you have a numbers of pictures in the drive of your computer or stored in your USB Flash Drive.


  1. Open up your MS-Power Point 2007
  2. Now click insert menu bar
  3. Click Photo Album button under of illustrations menu bar
  4. Then click new photo album
  5. A dialogue box name photo Album will appear in your screen
  6. Click file disk button under it
  7. Then a destination window will appear, select the drive where you save your pictures
  8. Then click/ select the pictures by holding ctrl key then click of the mouse every pictures of your album you want to present.
  9. Then click insert button below that window
  10. Once your all pictures gather in the right bar of the dialogue box, click new text box button
  11. Then click create button below of that window
  12. Now you can apply background styles by clicking the design menu
  13. Then click the background styles under background menu bar
  14. Then select/click your background. See the pictures of this post
  15. Now you can apply your animations
  16. Click animations menu
  17. Then click custom animations, be sure to click your picture inside your slide
  18. Then click add effects button
  19. Then click motion paths then more motion paths
  20. Click/select your effects now
  21. Now you can add frame or format to your pictures
  22. Click format menu, but sure to click your pictures
  23. Then select your styles under the Pictures Styles format menu bar
  24. Then repeat the procedure to the rest of the slides
  25. Now apply transitions to all slides
  26. Click animation menu
  27. Click transition sound
  28. Then click transition speed
  29. The select medium under it
  30. Then click apply to all button
  31. Now check box automatically after
  32. Then use up arrow bar beside it, just put time using minutes
  33. Then click play button or slide show menu button
  34. Now your done
Just follow this post for another updates. “ End”

Create Data Sheets and Data Form using Microsoft Office Data Access 2007

Data Access
posted the other day about how to start using Microsoft Data Access 2007. Now we will start to create the Data Sheets so that we can create the data sheets form using the User Interface of the Microsoft Data Access 2007. It is needs only a skills how to design a form neatly or professional look using the different component of the program. Such as the use of the backgrounds that embedded and ready to use and the command expressions we will use.

Data AccessThis data sheets or the table serves as the writing sheets or a worksheets of excel and all the data will store here and calculated using the sections of the columns and the rows within the values of specified. The data form serves as the entry form for the input and output calculation we perform as we stored and calculate the data within the data sheets form.
So, let’s start to build first the data sheets. Just follow the steps. But be sure to follow first my last post of Start Your Data Access 2007
Data Access 2007, or just click this,

  1. In the data sheets table after in your screen, it have a value, field, or column called ID and add new field. Just right click on the add new field to add another field for you data sheets table.
  2. Then click rename inside of it
  3. Then type the field name
  4. Press enter key
  5. Repeat only the procedure above to add another field name



  1. Click create menu
  2. Click split form button under the forms bar.Note: you can select any of the form formats if you want too
  3. It will create a separate page after you click the split form button, same as the image shown above


  1. Click format menu at the top of the screen
  2. Click the more button or the drop down bar of auto format bar of the format menu
  3. Then click the auto format wizard, so that you can select a more format design of the template with name describe in the left portion of the screen.
  4. Then select your background as your template design. For my design of this example corp., I like to select the windows vista template
  5. It will automatically applied to your data sheets form


  1. Just click the title on the top
  2. Then click the home menu
  3. Then under of the font bar, click the drop down bar of the current font size, example 20 change it to your desired size of your data sheets form title
  4. Then change the font style of your data sheets form title if you want.Click the drop down bar beside the default font style, example calibre
  5. Then select your font style under the list, example bauhaus 93
  6. Just apply bold, Italics, and underline if your want to apply it


  1. Click the logo icon on the top of your screen beside the title
  2. Then click format menu
  3. Then click logo button under the controls bar
  4. A pop up window will appear, if your logo stored in drive d: just click the drop down of look in then click the drive
  5. Then select the logo their
  6. Then click ok button
  7. Just click the new logo and drag your mouse using the outline if you want to adjust the size of your logo


  1. Click the data sheets title
  2. Then click home menu
  3. Then click the fill/back color button drop down bar of the font bar under of the home menu
  4. Then select and click your desired color
  5. If the font is hidden by the background color just change the font color of your title, example from white to black

  1. Click home menu
  2. Then click the down arrow bar of the views button of the home menu
  3. Then click design view
  4. Then click the first text box
  5. Click the plus box situated top left of your text boxes
  6. Then right click on the center
  7. Click property sheets
  8. A property sheets task pane will display right side of your screen
  9. Under of the all tab menu, click the border width
  10. Click the down arrow bar under the hairline
  11. Then select a size or a point (pt), example 5
  12. Then click the special effects under of it
  13. Click the down arrow bar under the flat
  14. Then select and click raised
  15. Then close the task pane
  16. Click the views button under of the home menu
  17. Then click form view
  18. Now observe what happen to the text boxes
  19. Now if you want to put color of the text boxes label names, just click home menu again
  20. Click views button
  21. Click layout view
  22. Then click the text box label name
  23. Click the fill/back color down arrow bar
  24. Then select and click the color you want
  25. Then apply a new color of the font if the color hidden by the color of your back color
  26. Apply bold of the text if very needed
  27. Repeat the procedure to rest of the text boxes

Now, your data sheets form template is look professional in design. If you can just explore the menu found at the top and apply the buttons found in it. I will post another update next time, such as how to insert the different controls of the data sheets form. And how to apply calculations and expressions using the property sheets of the form.  “End”

Start Microsoft Data Access 2007 with Basic Parts and Functions


What is Data Access? Is one of the Microsoft Office Automation Program that enables users to design and input data manageable in a pre- design environment base on the data sheets table or called a database management application.

Through this application you need knowledge in how to use MS- Excel and Visual Basic application. Because you will create an expression same as the use of logical formula commonly use in the application of the MS- Excel. And a code building which is syntax providing with the programming code of visual basic or VB.

So, let us learn first the user interface parts and how to create a new database using the Data Access 2007. Be sure that in your computer under of your Microsoft Office 2007 the MS- Access is included during the installation. Check it first by clicking start button, click all programs or  in Windows Xp point to programs, point or click Microsoft Office 2007 folder and click Data Access 2007.

  1. Open your Data Access 2007
  2. Once it open, click blank database, see the picture above shown of the callouts
  3. Now type your filename in the right portion of the window. It must be the name of the database you need in your calculation
  4. And now click create button under on it, see the picture above shown of the callouts
  5. The Data Access 2007 will appear in your screen
»» let us learn first the basic parts of this application before we will create the form of our data sheets table.
  1. Application Menu - found at the top under of the title bar, once click there are different buttons assign it, and have a function each in the form design
  2. Menu Toolbars- the basic tools use to apply in design form including the expression or logical and code building or syntax
  3. Worksheet Area- the area of the screen which you can input your data sheets value before the form design, you must create your data sheets table and create your data sheets form.
  4. Worksheet Value- position at the top of the data sheets, this is called also the data sheets label. You can create the data sheets label by using right click on the add new filed description within the column.
  5. Task Panel- position on the left portion of the screen, all the application or task you perform will stored or arrange here logically as part of your database application interface.

You need to familiarized first the user interface or the windows of the Data Access before to go on. And you need to study the logical formula of the Excel and the code building of the Visual Basic including the Macro application of the Data. This major application with the very complex code and expression in embedded in the program. All we need is to study the routine of the environment of the program interface and a knowledge of the basic design and to arrange the button, bars, and apply the templates creatively base in your database program design.

So, next post lets create the data sheets and the form design using the toolbars provided of this application and input the data itself using the new form. Just follow this post regularly. “ End”  

Use CCleaner to Maintain Operating System and Programs

One of the tasks of the computer user is to maintain the software of its computer run in any Operating system. This operating system (OS) manages the operating of its programs installed in your computer even the drivers of your computer system unit. Every now and then once you use your computer in any application such as games, code building, basic applications, internet applications, and so on are prone to damage its operating files including the operating system registry.

What is registry? A part of computer operating system called database repository of computer’s information configuration. The registry contains information in every program installed in OS. And Windows continually references once the programs runs of its operation through the operating system platform, example property settings for folders and program icons.

To deal with this problem of the computer we need to maintain our software and programs. I recommend installing and using the ccleaner. The ccleaner is use to clean the registry entry, cookies, and temporary files in my documents and remove and damage files found in our computer. And also use to remove or uninstall any programs that we don’t need in our computer.
  • How to install this program
  1. Download this program in filehippo.com
  2. After you download it, open your my documents folder, open the download folder and double click the ccleaner icon
  3. And installation window will appear in your screen, click the next button and follow the onscreen instruction until it will finish
  • How to use this ccleaner
  1. Double click the ccleaner icon found in your desktop
  2. Once it open, click run cleaner button, see the picture above
  3. Wait until it will finish cleaning the computer software or 100 percent progressive indicator 
  • How to uninstall or remove the program using ccleaner
  1. Double click the ccleaner icon found in your desktop
  2. Click tools icon found in the left
  3. Then select the program you want to remove in your computer
  4. Then click run uninstaller button found in the right side of your screen
  5. Wait until it will finish uninstalling
  • How to use drive wiper- Use this utility to erase data in your computer, decide wither you need to erase your data
  1. Click the drive wiper button found in the left
  2. Use drop down bar and select either free space only or entire drive
  3. On the second drop down bar, simple overwrite, advance, complex, and very complex
  4. Then checkbox the drive you want to wipeout the data
  5. Click wipe button

If you want to remove your old system restore point of your computer to recover from the serious failure, just click the system restore and click remove button found in the bottom in your screen. And if you want to analyze before to perform cleaning of the computer software click only the cleaner icon found in the left then click analyze button.

Just message me using the comment bar if you have questions regarding with this application. “ End”

Create a Summary Report with a Chart Using MS- Excel 2007

Create a Summary Report with a Chart Using MS- Excel 2007

Using the outline of worksheets data it is also recommended to insert worksheets chart to monitor the level of the sales using the 3d objects of the chart. It is recommended only to get the data in summary report of the outline of the worksheets data previously I shown. But you can create your own worksheets data base of my creation.Click this Outline Worksheets Using MS-Excel 2007

Now how to create this, its just very simple.
  1. Open up your MS-Excel
  2. And open your worksheet Data or Create your data accordingly
  3. Navigate in your outline worksheet or click the sign + button to open only the subtotal or the grand Total
  4. Now click the insert menu tab button
  5. Then Click column
  6. Then click the 3-d cone under on it
  7. Now the chart displayed below of your worksheet outline data
  8. Drag it and enlarge the size to accommodate size through your worksheets on the top
  9. And you’re done
  10. Arrange it accordingly and see the beautiful look of your worksheets
  11. Apply color as you can

How to Create Outline of Worksheets Data of Microsoft Excel

HOW TO CREATE OUTLINE OF THE WORKSHEETS DATA OUTLINE WORKSHEETS This is one of the most applicable using the MS Excel 2007. You can perform sorting and you can create a list of data, a series of rows and columns containing related data or a series of rows designate to function as a group. You can group it and summarize according to its level and creates outline of each group. You can show or hide detailed data in a worksheets by pressing + plus or – minus symbol and the number of its indicating the outline level of its group. Which display data in selected level such as overall total sales and total sales by month.

How to create this. So do this by following this instruction.
  1. Create your worksheets or use your old data of the excel
  2. Be sure to create label of its columns be sure that have no blanks of the columns and rows
  3. Put a different color same as you seen in my post picture
  4. Create a total of its group same of the post picture above
  5. Highlight your worksheet data excluded the label or value
  6. Now click Home tab menu then go to Editing tab then click sort and filter button
  7. Now click sort A to Z
  8. You will see that the data arrange alphabetically together with the alphanumeric inside your worksheets
  9. Now highlight the worksheets
  10. Click Data Tab Menu
  11. Then click group button
  12. Then click group
  13. Now outline your worksheets
  14. Click Data Menu Tab
  15. Then point your mouse cursor to outline box launcher
  16. And you will see a dialogue box name settings
  17. Check box all options
  18. Then click create button
  19.  And you will done
  20. Just click the plus minus button to see your work done and numbers to see the group level of your worksheets. Same as the post picture posted above of this post.
Always follow this post for next update. “ END”

Complete Windows 98 Operating System Installation

Windows 98 Installer CD
Windows 98 (Photo credit: reuvenim)
win98 installation As a courtesy of the Windows 98 Operating System, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) predecessor of Windows 95 that could run in Intel processor 166 MHz Multimedia Extension (MMX). This Operating System has three versions, they are Windows 98 1st edition, windows 98 2nd edition, and third is the windows 98 third edition or the millennium edition ME. So, if we count the versions of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) the windowing environment of the operating system of the Microsoft it has 8 operating system as of the latest version. They are win95, win98, win ME, win 2k, win XP, win vista, win 7, and win 8. These versions of the operating system of the computer change the life and our environment as human being. And technicians, IT, and other professionals of the technology had born in this profession.

Other said that this operating system has no function and cannot be used. Because its absolute but, the true is this operating system until now use by the other purposes, example use as operating system of the hematology machine of the medical laboratories. And until now other laboratories they not upgrade or change their computer controller of their old machines because it is not compatible with the new computer as of now. We as the technicians or service engineers we will encounter such servicing of the windows 98 installation and troubleshooting this type of computer operating system. So we need to know how to install this OS and also this is one of the questions during the NC2 exam.

Let’s learn this:

  1. Power up your computer
  2. Enter the BIOS Setup
  3. Check the main BIOS and the boot sequence
  4. Put your Windows 98 CD installer in the CD drive
  5. Save your BIOS configuration
  6. Press spacebar during POST
  7. Select “Start computer with CD-ROM support”
  8. Press Enter key
  9. Once you are in the command line of the MS-DOS, type “DIR”
  10. Change drive to cd installer, type in the command line e: then enter key
  11. Now change the directory to the system of the installer by calling in the command line, Type cd win98
  12. Now format the drive, type format c: /s/u, then enter key
  13. Press “Y” as yes for condition, then wait until the format is finished
  14. Then type C: to change drive to drive c:
  15. Now after formatting your drive c: is ready to receive the windows file. Now this is the look of the command line
  16. In the command line, type c:\> dir
  17. c:\>md win 98
  18. c:\> dir
  19. c:\> cd win98
  20. c:\win98>d:
  21. d:\>dir
  22. d:\>e: (note: drive E: is the cd- rom)
  23. e:\>dir
  24. e:\>d:
  25. d:\>c:
  26. c:\>cd win98 then enter key
  27. c:\win98>copy e:\win98\*.* then enter key
  28. Wait until the copying of windows files is finish
  29. c:\win98>setup then enter key
  30. Then press enter key
  31. Then exit
  32. Press “continue”
  33. Press “next” then “custom” then “next”
  34. next (select all)
  35. Then follow onscreen instruction, if ask a workgroup type your and computer name
  36. Then wait until setup of windows file is finished and follow onscreen instruction. If ask to type the product key type it in the 5 bars given during the installation.
  37. Once you are in the desktop your done


If your HDD have no 2nd partition or you need to partition your hardware for win98 installation you need to run the fix disk or FDISK command in the MS-DOS. And follow the instruction of the screen provided of the FIX DISK environment. Just also follow this post for how to run the fix disk in MS-DOS command line.

Backup Files and Documents using Skydrive

This application of the MSN is one of the menus found of the outlook email account that included with files and pictures presentation using the picture slider. Using this Skydrive you can upload your pictures and documents in separate folders allocated with 7GB free storage. And if this 7GB free storage is not enough for your files and documents you can pay it through the outlook billing account.

The important and advantages of this Skydrive is you can backup your important files through the internet. That you can assure your files and documents are being secured. And you can easily access it anywhere, if you are in vacation in other places and you can sent immediately your documents via outlook email account or through your email contacts. And also you can use MS Office application online using the skydrive word processing, excel, and PowerPoint.

Lets start this application by following this simple steps. Look the image shown above
  1. Login to your outlook account using your browser
  2. Once you’re inside your outlook account click the drop down menu.
  3. Click the skydrive menu box
  4. Once selected, click the upload button located at the top of your skydrive account
  5. A source window will appear of your screen, click the look in drop down bar
  6. Select your source drive, ex: drive D:
  7. Select your files and documents to be uploaded in your skydrive
  8. Once selected all click open button
  9. An upload notification will appear right side of your screen
  10. Wait until it will finish
  11. And your done
And that's it, follow this post for next update. “End”

How to convert and download YouTube Videos and Music Videos

How to convert and download YouTube Videos and Music Videos

YouTube videos are very popular and demand among us as a user of the internet. Aside of the invade videos in our site we can download our favorite videos or our subscribed videos in YouTube. From trailer to full videos, music videos, tutorial videos, and so on. And convert it to .3gp and .flv codec so that it will play in our video player locally in our computer. The very advantages you don't need to install a converter video program in your computer.

YouTube video site

All you have to do is to open your browser or click add page of your browser and type the site address of the video converter of the YouTube. And easily paste it in the bar provided and in short period of time it will converted to .3gp and .flv but it will cost 1 hour to download it in our computer drives. But the important is we can download freely the full video of the YouTube.

YouTube Video To Converter Site

Now how you can subscribe and download full video? Just create your account in YouTube and subscribes any of the videos you like using the search button found on the top of the site. Site builders and bloggers easily own a channel page of the YouTube to invade videos in their sites or create their own Application Program Interface (API).
Just follow this steps

  1. In you Desktop open your chrome browser
  2. In address bar on the top type YouTube.com
  3. Once the site open, login to your account and username and password. If you have no account just use the search bar to search videos. Type full movie same in the image shown above.
  4. Double click the video thumbnails to play it in the YouTube video player
  5. Click and highlight the URL of the video using the browser address bar
  6. And right click or ctrl + c
  7. Then click the add page button of the browser
  8. Then type the site address or type keepvid.com in the address bar same in the image shown above of this post
  9. Once the site open, click and paste or ctrl + v in the keepvid download bar
  10. Once the url of the YouTube video position in the bar, click the download button on the left
  11. Once the conversion finished click the download link
  12. A destination Window will appear on your screen
  13. Select a drive where you save your YouTube movie
  14. Click open button
  15. Click save button  
  1. Open you chrome browser
  2. Open YouTube site using the browser address bar
  3. Once the site open, just search your favorites music videos or artist using the search bar found on the top, ex: birds youman songs. Same of the image shown above of this post.
  4. Just double click the music video thumbnails
  5. Once it played in the YouTube video player, just copy the url found at the top of the address bar of the browser
  6. Now click the add page button of the browser
  7. Then type in the address bar youtube-mp3.org then enter key
  8. Once it open click and paste in the convert video bar the url of the YouTube music video
  9. Then click the convert video button
  10. Once the conversion finished, click the download link, same of the image shown above of this post
  11. A destination window will appear on the screen
  12. Select your drive where you save your converted music video to mp3
  13. Click open open
  14. Then click save button
  15. Your finish
  16. Enjoy your mp3 songs and movie    
Just follow this post for next update… “ END”

Complete Parts and Configuration to Setup Computer Networks

Computer Networking is common and very important in our computer task and installation. In order that we can connect the multiple of computers together with the different resources such as printer, CD/ DVD ROM, scanner, and even servers via communication media using the Local Area Network or what we called LAN. These connections enabled as to communicate in different ways using the major categories of LAN, MAN, WAN with the design or the common topologies that we have used such as star and Wireless Fidelity or WIFI. That enables our gadgets and computer to communicate without using a wire.

LAN 3Computer engineers and technician needs these skills in order to connect these networks. Mostly of our businesses, home, schools and even huge industries needs this type of connection in order to share the bulk of files in different resources and destinations. And even internet connections using email services, social networks, and storing bulk of files in internet such as MSN skydrive using the Internet Service Provide or ISP.

So let’s study first the common terms and knowledge before we start the application or the actual in how to connect this network.

Things we need in order to network the computer using LAN
  1. Adapter- LAN Card or the Network Interface Card connected internally of the computer system unit or CPU. Or LAN port built in the Motherboard Input/Output  port.
  2. Protocol- the rules of transmission of information between two points using the classes and formats of the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol or the TCP/IP.
  3. Client- the group of computers and shared data, files, and resources in a network.

    Two Basic Network Model:

  1. Peer to peer connections- a group of computers in a network that share resources such as printers, CD/DVD ROM, and scanner that works in a same level in a network of computers.
  2. Client/Server Networking- a group of computer in a network, one assign as a server and the rest of computers that are connected are clients.
     Networking Devices:
  1. BRIDGES- device of the networks that enables data to be transmitted between two LAN using the MAC Address or the Media Access Control
  2. ROUTERS- device of the networks that task to enable and route data between two networks using the format of Internet Protocol.
  3. SWITCHES- device of the network that joins multiple computers together with one LAN. This is high capacity compare to the network device using the HUB.
  4. HUB- device or component of the network that provides common connectivity among the computers within the network.
Three major groups of cabling:
  1. Coaxial cabling- was the most widely used networks cabling and use by old topologies that described as inexpensive, light, flexible, and easy to work.
  2. Twisted pair- its simple form using twisted pair cable consist of two insulated strands of copper wire twisted around each other.

2 types 

unshielded twisted pair- consist of four insulated copper wires
shielded twister pair- consist of two insulated copper wires
fiber optics- high speed , high data capability transmission that commonly use in longer distance network such as WAN.

- is a logical 32 bit address stored in every computer of the network both client and servers form a unique address that identifies certain computer to the other computer both LAN, MAN, WAN and internet.

- it is a method of dividing a network IP address into a groups of computer or use to mask a portion of the IP ADDRESS so that TCP/IP can distinguish the Network ID and Host. Short for Subnetwork Mask, the common example is

CLASS A- from to
- 1st 8 BITS(NETWORK), rest 3 OCTETS (HOST)
- from to
- from to



To assure that the network connections of the computers surely connected using the utp cable and rj 45, use the Pocket Internet Grouper(PING) using the MS-DOS. Just click the start button then click run, then type ping then ip address of the computer of the network, ex: ping –t then press enter key.