What Is Windows Xp Registry Editor

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Registry editor is a very important tool of the technician in troubleshooting the software.Is an advance tool use to enable and disable settings of the program. These are contents all the information of your computer. If you want to change this, this program let you to change. All the settings stored in the registry and may break you windows system and might be you will encounter application error in the future use. But don’t precede it, but use this program to eliminate the unused or deleted programs that have been remove or uninstalled that stored in a tree like folder format or the plus box folders. But there are other programs that can be used as registry cleaner or called as CCCLEANER. It can be free downloaded in the internet site; it can automatically clean the temporary files such as the cookies in one click of the run cleaner button. And in such away tool remover of the program you want to remove in your windows. But probably, if you will encounter trouble, example in installing a new versions of the virus scanner that I was encounter before.

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“I supposed to install the new version of the AVG free editions but my old virus scanner is KASPERSKY. Now in order to install the new virus scanner the AVG I have to uninstall first my old virus scanner. Then I uninstalled it and I installed the new antivirus scanner AVG, but unfortunately, in the middle of installation the windows say, cannot install this program and automatically hang-up. So I suspected the old virus scanner registry entry that causes the error. So I open the Registry Editor by typing the command in the run bar of the start menu. And found their folder is alive even I uninstalled the old virus scanner. I delete it and I try again the installation of the new virus scanner and of course it’s installed successfully”.
How to use and open this simple application.
  1. Power- up your computer+
  2. If you are in desktop, click start button
  3. Click the run bar
  4. Then type inside this: regedit
  5. A window will appear on your screen, just simply find the folder of program you want to delete and just click the plus box to list all the folders down. Same of the image shown above
  6. If you find it just right click on it
  7. And click delete

Do not change the settings of the folders stored in a tree like format. Just find the folders of the program you uninstalled and delete it. Avoid deleting other folders of the windows and program it will cause damage to the operating system. Thanks for following my blog…
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Registry editor is a very important tool of the technician in troubleshooting the software.Is an advance tool use to enable a...
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