What is Microsoft Paint and how to use it


Talking about basic application of the windows environment. One of the programs installed or package of the windows installation is the “Microsoft Paint”. You can open Microsoft Paint under the programs then accessories. This program is seldom use by the computer users, but this is very useful if ever you have file to make it jpeg. Jpeg means is the term use as junior photographer expert group, is an extension file for any image file of the computer.


Microsoft Paint is also a basic application of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. These two programs are very popular of any computer graphics artist. The difference between paint and Adobe and Corel Draw is the enhance or the effects application of the font and images, example the 3d and 2d application. The color enhance editor, the color color gradient and color pattern.


The supported files of the Microsoft Paint are Monochrome Bitmap, 16 colors Bitmap, 256 color bitmap, 24-bit Bitmap, Jpeg, Gif, Tiff, and Png. These are the entire image or picture format that we could use when we draw using the clipboard and then saving our work. These image formats is also compatible with both the Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. And talking also the internet site serving this kind of application such as the www.pixlr.com is also very compatible with this application.

In order to familiarized the user interface see the image of this post. Once you open the MS-Paint using start button, go to programs, accessories, and then click Paint. These are all the parts found in the MS- Paint: Menu bar, tools, color box, and one of the menus is the color editor. Then once you hover the tools that commonly found in the left of the User Interface are free form select, select, eraser or color eraser, fill with color, pick color, magnifier, pencil, brush, airbrush, text, line, curve, rectangle, polygon, ellipse, and rounded rectangle.
So, this is one of the very simple application of the MS-Paint.
  • Page Setup and Margin the drawing template or clipboard
  1. Open up you MS-Paint,follow what I said above
  2. Once it is open, you can adjust the clipboard by clicking the file menu
  3. Then click Page setup
  4. Under the dialogue box, you can click the drop/down bar to select the paper size such as the letter size.We know that letter size is 8.5” x 11” or short bond paper
  5. Then adjust the margin both top, bottom, left and right
  6. Then click ok button
  • Adjust the size or the zoom area of the clipboard or drawing template
  1. Click view menu
  2. Then point to zoom
  3. Then click customize
  4. Under the box, select 100% or select your desired size
  5. Then click ok
  • Then how to edit the royal green color
  1. Click colors menu
  2. Then click the edit colors
  3. Now under the box click the define custom colors
  4. Now in the top left portion of that color editor box you can select the color green
  5. Now see on the right portion of that color editor box, you can use the picker handle then drag it to get the desired exact color
  6. Then click add to custom colors button
  7. Now it will add to the custom colors box
  8. Then click ok button
  9. Now see the color box in the bottom of your MS-Paint User Interface the color added as current color.Now you are ready for your drawing for chessboard
  • How to draw the chessboard
  1. Click the Fill with color button in the tools bar situated left of the program interface
  2. Then click it inside the clipboard or drawing template
  3. Now the template will become color green
  4. Now in order to form white and green color boxes click the select button of the tools bar
  5. Now move your mouse top left end of the template.Notice the mode of your mouse cursor it will change to crosshair
  6. Once your mouse cursor position on the top left end,Drag your mouse going right and going down until it will form a box.Notice the broken line as it will form to a box .And estimate an equal sizes of its connected boxes.
  7. Now release your mouse button.
  8. Now press delete key of your keyboard
  9. Now you will see the white box
  10. In order to form another white color box to form as chessboard.Repeat only the procedure but alternate the white box as what you see in the post picture above.


  • If you want to jpeg a files just print screen it and paste it inside the MS-paint template and save it as jpeg.
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Talking about basic application of the windows environment. One of the programs installed or package of the windo...
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