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What is Group Policy Editor of Microsoft Windows XP Operating System

GP Edit

GP EDIT is what we called Group Policy  Editor of the Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows Xp Operating System. This is use to define the policy settings that are applied to computers and the users of the computer. Group Policy defines the different settings and configuration of the various components of the user’s desktop. Or the Graphical User Interface environment that a system administrator basically managing the programs that are available to the users environment. Example, the programs that display on the users desktop and such away the options for start menu of the start button located left part of the taskbar.

gp edit 2

Basically this features or Microsoft called snap-in is commonly use by the computer technicians to limit the access of the users to the client of the Network of the computers or What we called NODE or Work Stations. The settings that you can apply contained in a Group Policy that associated with selected Active Directory objects, sites, and domain. This is not only use to the users and client computers but also the servers and domain within the areas of management. This is includes the policy settings, computer configuration, and user configuration which affect to the both computer configuration and such away to the user of the computer.

In order to learn these settings I will let you to manipulate this Group Policy of the Windows XP. Follow these steps:
  1. Power up your computer
  2. Once you are in desktop, click the start button
  3. Click the run
  4. Once you are in run bar, type inside this: gpedit.msc or if you are in the MS-DOS command line type that command and hit enter key.
  5. A window or it is called snap- in will appear on screen, same of the image shown above
  6. Just click the plus box to list all the configuration folders, example the administrative templates
  7. Once all the sub folders list down click one of the folders, example the desktop
  8. All the components settings of desktop will display in right panel or the configuration items
  9. Just click the item or menus you want to remove or disable, example “remove the favorites menu from start menu”
  10. Just right click on it
  11. And click properties
  12. A window will appear on screen
  13. You have 3 options under the settings, the not Configure, Enable, and Disable
  14. If you want to explain by the computer what are this settings simply click the “explain tab menu button” in order you to learn first the settings
  15. Then proceed just click the settings, example disable
  16. Click apply button
  17. Then click ok button
  18. Just repeat this procedure if you want to disable the other settings of your windows desktop
And that’s it, if you want to enable again the settings and configuration just go back in Group Policy Editor and enable the settings you disabled using the property windows of the group policy program.


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