Use MS- PowerPoint 2007 for Movie and Video Presentation

Video Presentation Full Screen Mode I was posted before the Simple Power Point presentation using Microsoft-PowerPoint 2007. Now another great application of the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation using 2007 version is the video presentation. We know that the video format or video presentation is a great motivator of the audience. With the enhance features of the add effects feature of the custom animation. And you can apply customize template background and background effects.
Video Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 can be used also as your movie player as long as you perform your video presentation of your audience. Its design as a friendly user environment that enhances in movie and video presentation with great effects you can apply. This version can support any video and movie format of the codec, such as .AVI, .mpeg, .flv, .3gp, and .dvd both preview mode once you apply custom animation. And full screen modes during slide show presentation. If you want to try this as a sort of study and explore like the one I shown above. You need only a formatted movie and video and installed MS-Office 2007 or 2010. If you have now just follow this steps: 
  1. Download your movie you like or your video coverage of your product or wedding event video coverage
  2. Format your video according to its codec
  3. Know the drive location where it saved  
  • Layout the slide template
  1. Click design menu
  2. Then page setup button
  3. On the page setup box, select slide size
  4. adjust your with and height
  5. And if you are sure with your number of slide for video present, type it inside the box of Number slides from
  6. Then select your orientation of your slides
  7. Then click ok button
  • Slide layout
  1. Select your slide layout, normally if movie and video it must be blank layout
  2. Click home menu
  3. Click layout button under the slides
  4. Click and select blank
  • Apply slide background and themes
  1. Click design button
  2. Then select and click flow under themes bar
  3. Then click background styles button
  4. Then click and select styles 12
  5. Then click color button
  6. Then select flow
  • Insert your movie or video
  1. Click insert menu
  2. Then click movie button, situated right of the menu bars under the media clips
  3. Then click movie from file
  4. A destination windows will appear, click the drop down bar of the look in
  5. Then select the drive where you save your movie file or video
  6. Then select and click your movie
  7. Then click ok button
  8. Now an Information box will appear telling that “How do you want the movie to start in the slide show?”
  9. You have to command button, a “automatically” and “when clicked”
  10. If you choose automatically, click it
  11. Now adjust the size of the video using the node boxes, a small boxes position in the outline of the video or movie. Just point your mouse in it and hold your left mouse button and drag it outside. Hold and drag it until it will fixed an exact size.
  • Apply picture styles
  1. Click format menu
  2. Then click reflected rounded rectangle under the picture styles
  3. Then click picture effects button
  4. Point your mouse in the bevel
  5. Then select and click soft round
  • Apply custom animation 
  1. Click animation
  2. Click custom animation
  3. Now the right side bar or “CUSTOM ANIMATION TASK PANE”
  4. Click Add effect button
  5. Point to motion paths
  6. Then click more motion paths
  7. Then select and click spiral left
  8. Click ok button
  9. Now under the custom animation task pane on the right click the movie title
  10. Then click drop down bar
  11. Then click effect options
  12. Then click movie settings
  13. Then chick box the two display options
  14. Click ok button
  • Test the movie or video presentation
  1. Click play button under the custom animation task pane
  2. If you satisfied the effects and the mode of your video or movie go on for presentation
  3. Now click the slide show button


If you finish with formatting your video or movie then save your movie or video slides.Just follow this blog for next post of power point presentation.
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I was posted before the Simple Power Point presentation using Microsoft-PowerPoint 2007. Now another great application of the Microsoft ...
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