Spelling and Grammar with Thesaurus Application using Microsoft Word 2007

Spelling & Grammar Check Talking about word processing in Microsoft Word application in different versions is not just simple. Other say is very simple but for me it is not. It will become simple if you only copy and paste the document, article, or the constructions of the word in a paragraph. But constructing our own article as our document is very hardly so, its need a constant practice and patient to construct all base in our title or themes.

As a newbie's blogger or a new blogger in the world of blogging industry is my primary springboard to review my composition of words. By constructing any article base in our post title and it’s my primary problem is the correct spelling, grammar, correct use of words, and correct use of any punctuations. Sending ourselves in English grammar tutorial school is also a problem because of the high cost of payment. But we do believe that “constant practice will make us perfect” in our writing. So, thanks with the Microsoft for the use of the MS-Word 2007 Enterprise. These versions have a unique application in checking grammar and spelling. And the most new and unique is the thesaurus application for researching the word of application processing.See the post picture above.

But first let’s review and understand what the words we are told about:
  1. THESAURUS= a group of words or a book in which the words are group together with other words that have similar meaning. Same as glossary, vocabulary, word list, and phrase book.
  2. Grammar= it’s a rule in composing a sentence in correct order that which easily understand in our language. And or a word change in its forms and combine in into the sentences. Same as syntax, sentence structure, and language rules
  3. Spelling= the correct writing or use of the word in sentences according to its rule in grammar in its own language
  4. Dictionary= its a book or group of words that give meaning to its word or a common term define its meaning according to its rule or meaning. Same as glossary of words.
 Now, lets know how to use this in our word processing in Microsoft word 2007 application
  1. Open up you MS-Word 2007
  2. Type your own composition or article, write as much as four paragraph that equal to 500 words. And create your own title and thought of composition. Precautions do not copy any article from other author.It will killed your ability and confidence in writing composition
  3. After you type all your composition, you will notice a red and green wire line under the words of the sentences in a paragraph. Its understood that you have wrong spelling and wrong grammar.
  4. Highlight the entire document, hold ctrl then press A
  5. click the review menu
  6. Then click the spelling and grammar button of the proofing bar or ribbon under of the review menu
  7. Now you will see the spelling and grammar suggestion box
  8. Now check the correct spelling as suggestions below of the suggestion box. See the post picture
  9. Click the change button in the right

Other way in  applying suggestions in Spelling and grammar
  1. In red wire line or green wire line point your mouse cursor
  2. The right click your mouse
  3. An auto command suggestions will appear
  4. Check the suggestions both spelling and grammar (Note: consider the spelling of the name of person, place, animal, and things, example: Comval Province)
  5. Then click the suggestion
  6. Repeat the procedure to the next wrong words and grammar
How to use the Thesaurus
  1. Highlight the word you need to identify or other meaning
  2. Click review menu
  3. Click Thesaurus buttons under the proofing ribbon or bar
  4. The research task pane will appear in right side of the User Interface
  5. Check the other meaning or the other words of your word
  6. If you want to insert the word, point your mouse in suggested words or meaning in research task pane
  7. Then click the drop/ down bar
  8. Then click insert or  if you want to copy click copy then paste it where you want to put the suggested words or meaning

Just try to compose your own composition and you will experience what is the true word processing. As what describes of the Microsoft of the office automation using the Microsoft Office enterprise or 2010.Until to the rest of the versions of the Microsoft Office.
“ End”
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Talking about word processing in Microsoft Word application in different versions is not just simple. Other say is very simple but for me...
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