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Pie Application using Microsoft Office Word 2007

pie application Pie application is commonly uses in our word processing to express interrelated data in both expressions. But because MS-word is only word processing template cannot create a calculation, analysis, and expression through the data. But can perform formats or processes the data as document. But using the Microsoft Office Word 2007 is enhancing in this application. Once you click the pie button under the insert menu it will provide a two user interface of both word and excel to perform a specific set of calculations and analysis. Using the pie and applied as word processing data formats.

Microsoft Word 2007 Enterprise is built in of 3d formats, shadow, border styles, border color, fill color, and series options in enhancing the graphics application format. This could be use to motivate and understand better the document presented as well as the reader of the document.

MS- word 2007 is very friendly user environment you need only basic application of word and excel to perform this.This is very useful if your a secretary, student of information technology,computer encoder, a teacher, or a marketing officer to present the sales improvement of a year or by month.
Create this and follow this steps:
  1. Open up your MS- word 2007
  2. Setup your margin and paper size
  3. Click insert menu
  4. Click chart under the illustrations bar
  5. A dialogue box will appear then click PIE
  6. Select and click the exploded pie in 3d
  7. Click ok button
  8. Then a two user interface will appear in screen, the word and excel
  9. Now change the data of the worksheet on the right of your screen.This is default or example how to create a pie using word and excel application.
  10. Change the worksheet title Sales of the worksheet title of your own. You will notice that it will change the name of the pie displayed in MS- word on the left of your screen.
  11. Then change the data 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, and 4th quarter of the data you want to create. You will notice that it will change the data called legend of the pie displayed in MS- word on the left of your screen.
  12. Then if finish format the pie image in 3d application
How to format the pie image in 3d effects
  1. Click one part of the 3d image
  2. Then right click on it
  3. Then click the format data point
  4. Then format data point window will appear
  5. Click the 3d format on the left then click the drop down bar called top
  6. Then select and click your bevel application of the chart. Then repeat the procedure of the bottom and materials and the rest of the application, shadow, border styles, border color, fill color, and series options.

Now your done and check the beauty of your works in MS-Word chart application using the pie. And don't forget to rename the worksheet tab of the excel on the bottom. And save your Microsoft word application.

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