MSN Modernized its Email Account, Hotmail was changed to Outlook Email Replaced
Standpoint is exceptionally normal to me since I introduced viewpoint locally of the PC associated with the space server. It is a piece of the Microsoft office of all renditions even of the new forms of the MS-Office 2010 and 2013. Be that as it may, now lives on the web utilizing the windows live. What's more, Microsoft said as a rule, " is a free, electronic email benefit from the Microsoft that helps keep out spam and has instruments to keep your email sorted out and streamlined".

It’s understood that Microsoft modernized the email services that serving us and improve the features of it, such as click less and get more done, connect to the most used social network like Facebook and Twitter without leaving to see updates and tweets to our friends right from your inbox, and set up automatic filters and cleanups. And one of the mode of this new outlook is does not scan the contents of your email to sell ads compare to the old hotmail. You can see the updates and frequently ask questions (FAQ) here using the windows portal;

But problem arises with this automatic updates of the outlook. Many has a questions where is my hotmail inbox messages and contacts. Even me when I tried to update my old hotmail is cannot be open. And I tried to use my new outlook email account using the skydrive of my outlook account is cannot be updated. We hope that Microsoft will find a way to give to us our rights of our hotmail messages. That we can accessed it and open it right away in our outlook inbox messages.

So changes happen now all we can do is to abide the rule and use this new modernization. All we need is to familiarize the interface of this outlook so that we know how to use this. See the image above shown in this post.

1. LEFT PANEL: this panel list a different menus that usually used in our messages such as:

  • Inbox- once you click it will display the whole messages on the center of your account
  • Achieve- your uploaded files from your computer using the skydrive that commonly have a storage capacity of 7gb
  • Junk- this is the storage of the spam messages or what we called junk files
  • Drafts- its our messages that we create but we don’t sent and stays only as draft or practically the save files or save messages
  • Sent- its our return messages that we send to the receiver or practically called outbox
  • Deleted- is a storage of our deleted file or practically called in our local computer recycle bin
  • Folder- is a storage for our selected file came from inbox or outbox that we need to separate and easily identified in our email account.
2. MAIL SEARCH BAR- use this to find your messages in inbox and sent menu item

3. DROP DOWN MENU- use this to open your mail item, pictures, skydrive and other application benefited with us by Microsoft
4. COMPOSE MESSAGE BUTTON- click this if you want to compose message or write message including attaching files from our local computer
5. INBOX MESSAGES- location where your messages from inbox and other application will display
6. COMMUNICATION OR CHAT BUTTON- click this if you want to chat your friends using your contacts in your account
7. MAIL OPTIONS DROP/DROP DOWN MENU BUTTON- click this if you have a settings such as, managing your account,writing email, reading email, preventing junk email, and customizing outlook
8. PROFILE PICTURE- your account picture and other application such as sign-out or log- out your email account.

That’s all what I know in the new email account of the Microsoft called outlook. Recently, problem arising with this auto updates of the hotmail that commonly our hotmail messages vanish during the update. But hopefully the outlook team of the Microsoft find a way of it’s to return our hotmail messages. That other complaining about it because the messages of their hotmail account are very important and they very needed it. If you have questions regarding with this just click this link of the windows portal;

Just always follow this post for another updates...
MSN Modernized its Email Account, Hotmail was changed to Outlook Email combinebasic 5 of 5
Standpoint is exceptionally normal to me since I introduced viewpoint locally of the PC associated with the space server. It is a piece ...
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