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Microsoft Word 2007 Cover Page for Template Background

Microsoft Word 2007 Cover Page
Introducing Microsoft word 2007 cover page features. This is one of the additional toolbar buttons of the MS-word 2007.All are ready to applied and most exciting design and fitted to our document compilation cover page.

Inside this cover page you can type the information you desired for the entire thought of the document compilation or thesis. Such as the title itself, the abstract or the short summary describing the entire thought of your compilation or thesis. The address of the company or our address, and the telephone number.

The background as what you see in the picture in this post is already applied. Is one of the drop/down lists through the button of the Insert Menu. All we have to do is to select a good and fitted of our desired design. And you can select/click below the drop down list if you want to login and download your cover page through the website of the Microsoft. But be sure that your Microsoft Office is a genuine and you purchased it in any authorized dealer of the Microsoft. Or else your computer will suffer the software counterfeit error of the desktop.

So, how to apply this? It’s very easy. Because Microsoft word 2007 is made up of a very friendly user environment. 

Follow this:
  1. Open up your MS-word
  2. Once you open, click Insert Menu
  3. Then in left side you will see the first button of this bar the “ A cover page button in a blue color”
  4. Once you click the button you can select your desired cover page through the drop down list
  5. After you click, it will form a page two page,one is the cover and the second is the first page of your document compilation or thesis
  6. Now you can type the document title inside the instructional bar, say “type the document title”.Just click it and it will highlight automatically.
  7. In another one bar that has an instruction HOME you can type the name of the author of the compilation.If you’re the author just type your name.
  8. Then below in it type the abstract of your document.The abstract is a short summary of the entire document pages.Just click the instruction say “Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document”.
  9. Another is the bar for your home address, your contact number, and the date or else just click it to pick a date using the system time of the computer
  10. Now, if you wanted to add another application such as a page border, just follow this:
  • Just click home menu
  • Then click borders and shading button, just hover your mouse if you are not familiarize with the button to find it
  • Then click the drop arrow bar beside in it
  • Then point your mouse in borders and shading then click it
  • Then dialogue box will appear in your screen
  • Click page border
  • Once you click you will see the four bars “style,color,width,art”
  • Click art drop/down down bar
  • Now select/click your desired design
  • It will form automatically in your document template, “If you want to adjust the size of your page border just click the drop/down bar of the width
  • Then click options button below of the apply to whole document bar
  • Once you click, you will see the margin bar
  • Adjust and set the margin up to 5 point each
  • Then uncheck the always apply in front
  • Then click ok button
  • Now it will apply automatically in your document template


  •  If you wanted to add another application, such as drop capital letter for the first paragraph of your document.Just follow this blog”

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