Microsoft Office Picture Manager Parts and Functions


Another program introduce of the Microsoft office 2007 Enterprise is the office picture manager. Some of the newly versions of the MS- office 2010. This is under the start menus of the MS-OFFICE 2007 Enterprise which is called “Microsoft Office Tools”. This program is highly used for managing the all pictures reside of our computer drives in different formats. Especially the application of what we called editing the pictures, such as crop, brightness and contrast adjustment, color adjustment, rotate and flip, and the red eye removal. These are the main course of the menu because there is much other application catered by this program one of that to resize and compress the picture whenever you wanted to send or attach it in email and websites picture gallery.


In advance application of the graphics, such as the use of the Adobe Photoshop as the picture editor and Corel draw as the drawing tool application. Same as the Paint application and the office picture manager of the Microsoft Office in different versions. Now I will introduce to you the user interface of the program shown in the image picture above of this post. So that you will learn and familiarize the routine of the program. This is very useful particularly if you are a picture lovers, have a business of a picture editing, and or a photographer.

  1. Click start button
  2. Point to programs
  3. Point to Microsoft Office 2007
  4. Microsoft Office Tools
  5. Then click Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  1. Click start button
  2. Click all programs
  3. Locate the folder of the Microsoft office 2007
  4. Click it
  5. And click the Microsoft Office 2007
  1. MENU TOOLSBARS- These are the tools under of the menu that could be use for our picture managing and editing task of the application, such as the PICTURE MENU.
  2. STANDARD TOOLBARS- These part located under the menu toolbars that could be use for common task such as saving, printing, mail recipient, cut, copy, and paste buttons.
  3. TASK PANE-  These part located at the right portion of the program that could be use to easily click the command application button, such as finding the pictures reside in the destination drive, ex: DRIVE D:
  4. PICTURES DESTINATION FOLDERS- all the storage folders will buffer or display in this part of the program after finding or search results using the locate folder pictures button in the task pane. Same of the picture shown above of this post.
  5. ZOOM/ZOOM OUT SLIDING BAR- This is use to increase and decrease the visual size of the picture, when you slide to the left it will decrease and if you slide to the right it will increase using the drag of the mouse. It is equivalent of the buttons of the standard tool bar above of the program that have a default size of 100%.
  6. LOCATE PICTURE FOLDER COMMAND BUTTON- This is particularly located at the task pane, this is use to find or search the pictures resides of the folder of the drive where the pictures or images is being stored.
  7. HOME BUTTON- This is particularly located at the task pane, this is use to back from the previous task you performed.
  8. PICTURE DISPLAY MANAGER BUTTONS or VIEW BUTTONS- This is located below of the standard toolbar and top right side of the pictures destination folders. These are the thumbnail views, film trip views, and the single picture view.

These are all about the Microsoft Office Picture Manager, just follow this post for the next update of this application that could very useful for your daily use of this program.
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Another program introduce of the Microsoft office 2007 Enterprise is the office picture manager. Some of the newly versions...
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