How to Replace Timing Belt of CD/DVD ROM Drive


The CD/DVD ROM drive of our computer is very important and helpful to us whenever we used our computer. It is installed in system unit bays and one of the storage media of computer that task to read only the data stored in CD/DVD ROM disk. We need to read the compact disk DVD or CD type that either the files or movie files stored in it. Or use as to rewrite a source disk to target disk such as burning files or copy files from HDD to compact disk using the optical burning.

Remove Timing belt

But this disk is also easily damage or malfunction, such as the CD/DVD disk carrier will not open. That’s also a budget cost because one unit of CD/DVD ROM drive will cost of 1800 in Philippine peso. That’s a headache instead because you cannot play your favorite movies in DVD or read the files. You will force unfortunately to buy a new CD/DVD drive and call a technician to install it in your system.

But talking about calling a technician, before to do it I will give you a chance to try to repair if the problem possible as I shown in the image above of this post. But you need a basic troubleshooting or have an experience in removing the part of the computer system unit or CPU. If you are hesitate and no knowledge about basic troubleshooting just calls the technician instead. But if you wanted too, just follow these steps: (see the image shown above)

 Turn off the System Unit
  1. Be sure to unplug the power cord at the back panel of the CPU
  2. Once turn off lay down the CPU in a rubber mat to avoid scratch of the casing
  3. Open the side cover, unscrew the it
  4. Then unscrew the CD/DVD ROM drive in the bay of drives
  5. Then remove the CD/DVD ROM drive in the bay of the system unit
  6. Once it remove, remove the four screws of the cover
  7. Find a paper clip use it to emergency open the disk carrier of the DVD ROM
  8. Insert it in a tiny hole and push it until the disk carrier retract and open it
  9. Use a twister or a hard wire to remove the notch jack of the front cover that have a logo of DVD R/W shown of the image 4, 5, 6 above
  10. Once it open remove the cover, shown in the image 7
  11. Once the cover remove, now remove the main assembly. Just gradually push it.
  12. Once it remove the main assembly, just find the rubber bond
  13. Just remove it in the tractor motor or (pulley motor), shown in the image 9 and 10
  14. And bring it to the electronic sales and buy a new one. Be sure that it has a same size of circumference
  15. Then install it where you get the tractor built or the pulley rubber bond
  16. And assemble the CD/DVD ROM and install it again in your system unit
  17. And power your system unit and enter the bios settings to assure that your DVD ROM is detected after replacing that part.
  18. Then press the open/ close button at the front of the CD/DVD ROM drive
  19. Once it open the disk carrier your successful in repairing the drive
  20. And once your in the desktop try to run the movie
  21. And if good your repair is completely successful
  22. But when not read, just open again the drive and try to clean the optical eye with clean thin paper.


Replace the timing built of the CD/DVD ROM drive. Always just try to repair the parts and devices of the computer before to buy a new one to save a budget cost of the parts.

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The CD/DVD ROM drive of our computer is very important and helpful to us whenever we used our computer. It is installed in system unit ...
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