How to crop picture with effects using MS-Office Word 2007

How to crop picture with effects using MS-Office Word 2007
Another best feature application of the MS-Word 2007 and its enhancing picture effects show its best. Once you click your mouse in the picture inserted in your document template. Compare to the latest version that I was used is not so amazingly acted. But you can do crop to the picture but the effects is not so interesting. But that’s reality of the technology of this generation, computer change the image of our environment and thinking more creative and generative. That’s why applications more aggressive and persuasive from text document to graphical document. From basic to advance application of the program. Such as Microsoft Office to its new versions, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw.

Now, I will share to you how to use the format picture of the MS-Word 2007 Enterprise. This is very useful once you create a biodata or resume for your application of a certain job. Remember that this day of computer age, resume and biodata must be inserted through the application of MS-Word document. Particularly, if you passed it via email using attach file or uploaded through your compose email message.In Another idea this is also useful for document magazine and creating your most enhance album using the MS-Word application.Let’s do this and very simple as I said in my last post.Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise is made up of very friendly user interface compare to the latest versions.

Please follow this procedures:
  • Document template preparation
  1. Open up your MS-Word 2007
  2. Layout your document template as needed
  3. Click page layout menu
  4. And click Margin
  5. And point your mouse down and click custom margin
  6. Dialogue Box will appear
  7. Adjust your top,bottom,left,and right margin using the up/down arrow bar in its bar
  8. If your document is for resume adjust the margin according to its normal size.And if an album or magazine adjust its size according to your desired margin size to fit the paragraph text and pictures.
  9. And select your paper orientation according to the requirements of your document
  10. Click paper tab menu button for paper size
  11. And determine the paper size select it according to the requirements of your document.Preferably letter size or A4 size
  12. Then click Ok button
  •  Inserting the picture to the document template
  1. Now insert the document in your template.If ever your document is resume type first all the information you need.And insert the picture above the document and above your name with contact number.
  2. Click insert menu
  3. And click picture button under the illustrations bar
  4. And now a destination window will appear in your screen
  5. Click the look in destination down arrow bar to select your picture,Ex: in your USB flash drive
  6. Click it and select/click your picture
  7. And click insert button
  8. Now the picture will appear inside you document page
  9. And click it for sure
  10. Now you will see the format menu above your interface.Like the post picture I inserted in this post
  11. Now you are ready for formatting the picture.The circle and square you will see in the outline of the picture once you click could be use to resize your picture.Once you point your mouse and drag it inside or outside in your picture.
  • How to crop the picture
  1. Be sure to click your picture.And remember you will not see the format menu once you not click the picture you want to format
  2. Click format menu above
  3. Click crop button under the size bar.Right side end under your menu tool bar
  4. Once you click you will see the crop node bar in every corner of the picture with color black
  5. Just point your mouse cursor in that crop node bar
  6. And your mouse cursor will imitate the node bar
  7. And drag your mouse until you meet your desired picture size.If your common with the inches measurement,that’s it, either 4x4 ,2x2 or else.See the post picture above
  • How to apply picture effects
  1. Click the picture
  2. Then click format menu above
  3. Then under the picture styles tool bar, select your styles of the picture, example:reflected bevel black
  4. And click it
  5. You will see the beautiful changes of your picture
  6. Now apply effects
  7. Click picture effects button under the picture styles menu toolbar
  8. Then select and click, example: point to reflection and click full reflection 8 pt offset
  9. Now you will see the beautiful effects applied in your picture
“That’s it and stay tune for the next post.God Bless”
How to crop picture with effects using MS-Office Word 2007 combinebasic 5 of 5
Another best feature application of the MS-Word 2007 and its enhancing picture effects show its best. Once you click your mouse in the ...
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