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How to Compose Messages and Attaching Files in your Outlook Email Account

Compose and attach files1

One of the most applications in new outlook email account of the Microsoft is to compose messages. This new email account is build with complete tools to write our messages in simple manner. With complete formatting tools, such as bold, italic, underline, indentions, quote, and even smiles or emoticons position at the top of the writing pad. And position in the left side is the bar for email address of the receiver and you can add your Carbon Copy or Cc and or your Blind Carbon Copy or BCc. And one of the most important and needs of our email is attaching files right in our typing pad. And in the top portion is the add subject button if you want to add message title or subject. And other tools menu position at the most top of the outlook is the sent button, save draft button, and mail options button for your email settings such as privacy.

Compose and attach files 2

  • So ready your message and follow this instruction
  1. Just login in your outlook account
  2. Once you login click the new button at the top of your outlook account. see the image shown above of this post
  3. A compose message will appear in your screen, just follow the image shown above
  4. Type your message in the typing pad same as shown of the image above
  5. Apply format if possible using the formatting tools
  6. Then add a subject
  7. Then type the email address of the receiver left side of the writing pad
  8. If you add CC and BCC just click it and type the email address of both
  9. If finish you can click now the sent button above most of your outlook account
  10. If you want to attach files just follow the image shown above or follow the instruction below

Compose and attach files 3

  • How to attach files
  1. Click the attach files button just under your writing pad
  2. Now a source window will appear in your screen
  3. Just click the look in bar above of that windows and select the source drive where the document stored
  4. Once you click the drive select your document same of the image shown above
  5. Then click open button
  6. Just wait until attaching of the files will finish, its taking a minutes to finish and its depend of the speed of your internet connection
  7. And if finish you can click now the sent button or draft button above
  8. Now your done


If you want to upload a bulk of files and stored it internet using the skydrive. Just click the drop down menu and click the skydrive box and just follow the screen instruction after it.

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