How to Backup or Burn Files using Computer CD/DVD ROM Drive

backup DVD HOW TO BACKUP OR BURN FILES IN CD/DVD ROM The word backup is very common to us especially of the technicians and user of the computer. The system of the computer design to retrieve or copy files. And another is the backup system as one of the program accessories as tools found in the start menu of the windows desktop. This is use to copy a bulk of files and programs that you need to copy in the backup drive. That can be restored once the computer operating system was formatted.

Now, I want to impart other ways in how to backup our files in CD or DVD ROM. We know that ROM is read only memory that cannot be copied or stored any files as the target drive. But thanks of the enhancement of the programs of the computer. We have now the word BURNER in our computer, but actually this is now R/W or Recordable and Writeable disk for the CD/DVD ROM. Now the word temporary backup specifies only to store the files or data in Hard Disk Drive. The files in this drive such as the Drive D: or the external USB using HDD is not secured. Anytime the HDD can be damaged in different cause. The backup or burning files to the CD/DVD is the best recommendation for storing permanent important files and data.

But you need to setup first a burner program to perform this task of the computer. These programs have a free edition and can be downloadable in the internet. Or you bought CD/DVD Burner Drive before it has a package program. So you need to install or setup the NERO, shampoo, or ALCOHOL. If you done installing the program or have now a program in your computer. Be sure that your CD/DVD ROM is burner or Recordable/Writeable same of the post picture above. Just follow these steps:

Two things to know before backup or burning the files.
  • Source data means data came from the HDD, ex. drive d:
  • Data came from the CD/DVD ROM, remember if the data stored in CD ROM. You need also a blank CD ROM as your target during burning of files. And if the data stored in DVD ROM you need also a blank DVD ROM as the target during burning of files.
STEPS A: Data to CD/DVD disk burning
  1. Double the Icon of the burner to open up the program or just click start button, all programs or program then click Nero.
  2. Once its open hover your mouse and click your menu, example, Data then click Data Disk
  3. Once the disk content is open, click the ADD button on the right side of the program
  4. Now a source window will open, select the location drive, just click the dropdown bar
  5. Then click the drive, ex. drive d:
  6. Then select your files
  7. Then click add button
  8. Repeat the procedure if there are many files to burn.Just look also the size indicator below to monitor the capacity of your DVD ROM
  9. If finish adding the files, click now finish button
  10. Then click the next button right side below button
  11. Then type the disk name of the bar
  12. Put your disk in CD/DVD RW drive
  13. Then select your writing speed, click the drop/down bar
  14. Select/Click the writing speed, the best is 18.1 x
  15. Then click burn button right side below of the program
  16. Then once the burning started wait until it’s finished
STEPS B: CD/DVD to CD/DVD disk burning
  1. Open up your Nero burner
  2. Once it open click copy entire disk under the menu
  3. Put the Source CD/DVD drive(the disk that have a data to copy in the blank target CD/DVD disk)
  4. Click drop/down bar under the destination drive
  5. Then click the F: ATAPI DVD (CD-R/RW)
  6. Then click the drop down bar under the writing speed
  7. Then click 16 x
  8. If you want to copy the disk with 3 copies from the source disk, just type inside the bar under the number of copies
  9. Then click burn button below the right portion of the program
  10. Then just wait until the buffering of the files finish
  11. Then when the buffering of files finish the computer will ask a blank cd, “Pls. insert an empty medium to write to…”
  12. Then put a blank CD or DVD in the drive
  13. Then close the CD/DVD drive
  14. Then the burning or copying of files will starts
  15. Just wait until it will finish
  16. Then follow the screen instruction of the program.


When burning of files will encountered error, the empty medium of your disk will not use again for storing a data or files.You need to replace another disk to continue the burning of files.Be sure all of your files inside the source drive is clean.No malware, virus, or a corrupted files included during burning.To avoid this just run first the virus scanning and delete the damage files.
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The word backup is very common to us especially of the technicians and user of the computer. The system of the computer design to retri...
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