Create Inventory Worksheet with Text Degrees Alignment using Microsoft Excel 2007

Inventory Worksheets I posted already the parts and function of the Microsoft Excel User Interface 2007.Using this version I created an inventory worksheets with simple system that could very easy to all viewer. And I used the formatting of the worksheets to add a color, alignment of both columns and the row. With text alignment of the label with 0 and 45 degrees position of the text inside the 1 column label. And the other of the four columns label. And the borders on the right side that have a fill color of orange that have a text inside with 90 degrees text.

These inventory worksheets could be use for monthly inventory of your business. But if you question me, if there are other program of the Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 that most advance of the Excel. The answer is “Yes”, the best program for inventory is the Microsoft Data Access. This database program of the Microsoft precisely can design your own customized program using the different tools menu and features. With enhance 3d effects of the buttons and bar and most particularly the application of the logical system. With building application of the Macro, logical expression, and code building of the Visual Basic syntax.That’s also my plan to publish here the application of the Microsoft Data Access.Because two program of the Microsoft Office both Excel and Data Access is being combine to work precisely our data for calculation,analysis, and logical operations.

The very thing is only to study and understand the language and the syntax.Microsoft for the new versions of office automation are getting enough way in building a friendly environment program.
Now, lets start to create this inventory worksheets,just follow this.
  • Preparation for the worksheets
  1. Open up your MS- Office
  2. Prepare the worksheets by applying margins,paper size and paper orientation
  3. Now rename the worksheet tab as inventory or use your own name       
  • Apply Borders both in columns and the rows and insert the Data
  1. Now count the number of columns and the row of your worksheet Data.In my work there are 5 columns and 17 rows.
  2. Then position your worksheet cell in column A1.
  3. Now hold shift key and press right arrow key to highlight the worksheet for the actual size of your worksheet data.Look at the name bar to calculate exactly the number of columns and the rows.
  4. Once highlighted click home menu or just right click inside your highlighted data then click format cells.
  5. A dialogue box will appear,click border menu and click outline and inside box
  6. Then click ok button
  7. Then type the worksheet title and must be in column A1
  8. Type the worksheet label
  9. And insert the entire data of your inventory
  • Apply merging, fill with colors, and text alignment and text degrees position
The worksheet title
  1. Highlight the worksheet title from 1st columns until to the last column
  2. Click home menu and click merge and center button of alignment toolbar
  3. Apply the desired font size,font style, and fill with color.Use the buttons of the font toolbar
The worksheet labels
  1. Highlight the worksheets label
  2. Right click on it
  3. Click format cells
  4. Dialogue Box will display
  5. Click alignment menu bar
  6. Then apply text alignment both horizontal and vertical position
  7. Use the drop/down arrow key and select center
  8. Now apply the text control
  9. Check box the WRAP TEXT
  10. Now apply the text orientation by degrees
  11. Drag the pointer up or type inside the bar 45 degrees
  12. Then click fill menu button
  13. And select and click your desire color
  14. Now click ok button
  15. Now if your text is visible, change the color of your font
  16. Now apply again the procedures of the right colored border that have a text INVENTORY 2013 and apply the 90 degrees text alignment
  17. Now if you wanted to change the line style go back to the formatting cells and click borders now change the line style.Don’t forget to highlight first the Data.

  • Apply the formula as what I write inside the post picture of this post.You must study first the parts of the Microsoft Excel when dealing this application.
Create Inventory Worksheet with Text Degrees Alignment using Microsoft Excel 2007 combinebasic 5 of 5
I posted already the parts and function of the Microsoft Excel User Interface 2007 . Using this version I created an inventory worksheets...
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