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Create Electronic Signature using Outlook Email Account

Outlook Electronic Signature 2Outlook Electronic Signature Below Message Text Box
Hotmail is dead right now we will forgot it and adapt the new modernization. As part of it we should adapt including the part and function or how to use this email account professionally. Because almost of us use this new account as part of our business communication for our business partners, friends, business suppliers, and more.

Now, Electronic Signature is very important to our email account. And it’s a piece of small information just only your true full name, your company position, Fax and telephone number or your direct contact even your business cellphone number, name of your company and address, and even your tag lines, example “connecting ways”. And applying this implies professionalism to professional. Meaning when they read your messages right in your inbox and your electronic signature written below left in your email message. They will easily identify you and sent back a reply in you professionally. Because our email accounts both gmail, yahoomail, and outlook have application with this. So that our account work manageable and comfortable both the clients and the receiver.

Setting this is very simple, just login to your account and follow this simple steps.
  1. At the top right side of your account click the option button
  2. Then click more mail settings
  3. Then a more mail settings will appear in your screen, just find the writing email. see the image shown above this post
  4. Then a two message bar will appear type your information same as the above image of this post
  5. Format it using the formatting buttons just above of the message bar
  6. If your finish writing your signature click save button just below of your message bar
  7. Your done   

Just follow this blog for next update… “End”

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