Basic Software you Need after Formatting your Computer

Basic Software Needs After Formatting
Formatting the computer storage media is the very dangerous task or procedure we did in our computer. This command will erase the entire files and data stored in a drive. So that’s why we need to backup the important files and data or particularly the programs that constantly we use or used by our clients. Most particularly if we have no backup installer of that program. So do the best to analyze and think before the decision to format the computer. Because this will restructure the entire system of the computer once the partitions of the drive has been deleted and installed a new Operating System. And never be restored or retrieve using any programs for recovery.

Now assuming that you formatted the entire partition of your drive of computer and all the files and data including all the programs are deleted. And now you have a fresh and installed operating system. Even this new Operating System is installed successfully you cannot use this computer because you have no programs to perform your operations. And one of the programs you need is the driver software. This diver’s software will manage or coordinates to the operating system to perform certain task. Example, loading a program that controls by a large work of performing moving graphics, example the games.

So in order not confuse what are the programs you need just study this and locate where you will get this and how. Performing by formatting the computer you need a skills in repairing the computer both software and hardware repair or troubleshooting experience.
  1. Once you are in the desktop of computer, check the device manager or the system using the control panel. What are the drivers you need by checking the yellow question mark. It is understood that you need to install the driver of that device. Commonly the drivers you need are; Display or video, LAN, co- processor, and audio. If so load you driver installer and autorun it and follow the screen instruction of the computer. After you installed these drivers check again the computer device manager if the yellow question mark is exist. If you see a yellow exclamatory point exist it is understood that you installed the wrong version of the driver of the device. You need to download and installed the correct version of that driver.  
  2. Now if all the drivers were installed successfully, you need to install these different software needed in our computer or the computer we repair.
  3. You need to install the Microsoft Office, consider the versions of the MS-Office with the support of your computer main hardware.
  4. Utility software, this software manage the application task both local and internet application. Example our customer they are commonly like the YouTube. The videos found or downloaded in this site have a codec or video format of .flv or flash video. This plug-in of browser is can be free downloaded in different site, example in
  5. Internet browser, common browsers of our computer are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, opera. You need to download and install this in your computer.
  6. Virus scanners: this program is very needed in our computer to block the viruses and malware of the computer. And Updated the virus definitions that rarely attacking our computer both LAN and internet application. I recommend the Avira because it has a simple and easy to find or download and have a longer free edition. Just use our download link page to download this virus scanner. Other virus scanner free edition are Avast, Windows Essential, and Bit defender. Just use our download link to check and download this program.
  7. Adobe Reader: this program is one we need to read the adobe pdf file that constantly use of the modules and product description. Or brochures that commonly found in the internet. You need to install the most updated version in order to read the pdf file.
  8. Win RAR and Winzip: decompressor and compressor program that usually use to read the compressed data came from the email. This is commonly use to upload or attaching a big files using the email compose.
  9. Movie Codec: this type of a program is use to read or play the different movie file format of your computer, .avi, .3gp, .mpeg, .mov, .dvd, and other movie files. I used and I recommend the klieghts or k- lite. Check our download link of this type of software.
  10. CCcleaner: use this to remove the temporary files of your computer. And it will manage to remove the browser history and cookies. And can be used to remove unnecessary programs on your computer.
These are all the programs I always installed in my computer and in my clients or customer. If they need to install the Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and AutoCad. You need an installer with this program. Just consider the hardware of your computer, it needs a maximum or high speed computer in order to run this program.



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Formatting the computer storage media is the very dangerous task or procedure we did in our computer. This command will erase the entire...
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