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How to Compose Messages and Attaching Files in your Outlook Email Account

Compose and attach files1

One of the most applications in new outlook email account of the Microsoft is to compose messages. This new email account is build with complete tools to write our messages in simple manner. With complete formatting tools, such as bold, italic, underline, indentions, quote, and even smiles or emoticons position at the top of the writing pad. And position in the left side is the bar for email address of the receiver and you can add your Carbon Copy or Cc and or your Blind Carbon Copy or BCc. And one of the most important and needs of our email is attaching files right in our typing pad. And in the top portion is the add subject button if you want to add message title or subject. And other tools menu position at the most top of the outlook is the sent button, save draft button, and mail options button for your email settings such as privacy.

Compose and attach files 2

  • So ready your message and follow this instruction
  1. Just login in your outlook account
  2. Once you login click the new button at the top of your outlook account. see the image shown above of this post
  3. A compose message will appear in your screen, just follow the image shown above
  4. Type your message in the typing pad same as shown of the image above
  5. Apply format if possible using the formatting tools
  6. Then add a subject
  7. Then type the email address of the receiver left side of the writing pad
  8. If you add CC and BCC just click it and type the email address of both
  9. If finish you can click now the sent button above most of your outlook account
  10. If you want to attach files just follow the image shown above or follow the instruction below

Compose and attach files 3

  • How to attach files
  1. Click the attach files button just under your writing pad
  2. Now a source window will appear in your screen
  3. Just click the look in bar above of that windows and select the source drive where the document stored
  4. Once you click the drive select your document same of the image shown above
  5. Then click open button
  6. Just wait until attaching of the files will finish, its taking a minutes to finish and its depend of the speed of your internet connection
  7. And if finish you can click now the sent button or draft button above
  8. Now your done


If you want to upload a bulk of files and stored it internet using the skydrive. Just click the drop down menu and click the skydrive box and just follow the screen instruction after it.

Create Electronic Signature using Outlook Email Account

Outlook Electronic Signature 2Outlook Electronic Signature Below Message Text Box
Hotmail is dead right now we will forgot it and adapt the new modernization. As part of it we should adapt including the part and function or how to use this email account professionally. Because almost of us use this new account as part of our business communication for our business partners, friends, business suppliers, and more.

Now, Electronic Signature is very important to our email account. And it’s a piece of small information just only your true full name, your company position, Fax and telephone number or your direct contact even your business cellphone number, name of your company and address, and even your tag lines, example “connecting ways”. And applying this implies professionalism to professional. Meaning when they read your messages right in your inbox and your electronic signature written below left in your email message. They will easily identify you and sent back a reply in you professionally. Because our email accounts both gmail, yahoomail, and outlook have application with this. So that our account work manageable and comfortable both the clients and the receiver.

Setting this is very simple, just login to your account and follow this simple steps.
  1. At the top right side of your account click the option button
  2. Then click more mail settings
  3. Then a more mail settings will appear in your screen, just find the writing email. see the image shown above this post
  4. Then a two message bar will appear type your information same as the above image of this post
  5. Format it using the formatting buttons just above of the message bar
  6. If your finish writing your signature click save button just below of your message bar
  7. Your done   

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MSN Modernized its Email Account, Hotmail was changed to Outlook Email

Outlook.com Replaced Hotmail.com
Standpoint is exceptionally normal to me since I introduced viewpoint locally of the PC associated with the space server. It is a piece of the Microsoft office of all renditions even of the new forms of the MS-Office 2010 and 2013. Be that as it may, now outlook.com lives on the web utilizing the windows live. What's more, Microsoft said as a rule, "Outlook.com is a free, electronic email benefit from the Microsoft that helps keep out spam and has instruments to keep your email sorted out and streamlined".

It’s understood that Microsoft modernized the email services that serving us and improve the features of it, such as click less and get more done, connect to the most used social network like Facebook and Twitter without leaving to see updates and tweets to our friends right from your inbox, and set up automatic filters and cleanups. And one of the mode of this new outlook is does not scan the contents of your email to sell ads compare to the old hotmail. You can see the updates and frequently ask questions (FAQ) here using the windows portal; windows.microsoft.com.

But problem arises with this automatic updates of the outlook. Many has a questions where is my hotmail inbox messages and contacts. Even me when I tried to update my old hotmail is cannot be open. And I tried to use my new outlook email account using the skydrive of my outlook account is cannot be updated. We hope that Microsoft will find a way to give to us our rights of our hotmail messages. That we can accessed it and open it right away in our outlook inbox messages.

So changes happen now all we can do is to abide the rule and use this new modernization. All we need is to familiarize the interface of this outlook so that we know how to use this. See the image above shown in this post.

1. LEFT PANEL: this panel list a different menus that usually used in our messages such as:

  • Inbox- once you click it will display the whole messages on the center of your account
  • Achieve- your uploaded files from your computer using the skydrive that commonly have a storage capacity of 7gb
  • Junk- this is the storage of the spam messages or what we called junk files
  • Drafts- its our messages that we create but we don’t sent and stays only as draft or practically the save files or save messages
  • Sent- its our return messages that we send to the receiver or practically called outbox
  • Deleted- is a storage of our deleted file or practically called in our local computer recycle bin
  • Folder- is a storage for our selected file came from inbox or outbox that we need to separate and easily identified in our email account.
2. MAIL SEARCH BAR- use this to find your messages in inbox and sent menu item

3. DROP DOWN MENU- use this to open your mail item, pictures, skydrive and other application benefited with us by Microsoft
4. COMPOSE MESSAGE BUTTON- click this if you want to compose message or write message including attaching files from our local computer
5. INBOX MESSAGES- location where your messages from inbox and other application will display
6. COMMUNICATION OR CHAT BUTTON- click this if you want to chat your friends using your contacts in your account
7. MAIL OPTIONS DROP/DROP DOWN MENU BUTTON- click this if you have a settings such as, managing your account,writing email, reading email, preventing junk email, and customizing outlook
8. PROFILE PICTURE- your account picture and other application such as sign-out or log- out your email account.

That’s all what I know in the new email account of the Microsoft called outlook. Recently, problem arising with this auto updates of the hotmail that commonly our hotmail messages vanish during the update. But hopefully the outlook team of the Microsoft find a way of it’s to return our hotmail messages. That other complaining about it because the messages of their hotmail account are very important and they very needed it. If you have questions regarding with this just click this link of the windows portal; windows.microsoft.com.

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Basic Software you Need after Formatting your Computer

Basic Software Needs After Formatting
Formatting the computer storage media is the very dangerous task or procedure we did in our computer. This command will erase the entire files and data stored in a drive. So that’s why we need to backup the important files and data or particularly the programs that constantly we use or used by our clients. Most particularly if we have no backup installer of that program. So do the best to analyze and think before the decision to format the computer. Because this will restructure the entire system of the computer once the partitions of the drive has been deleted and installed a new Operating System. And never be restored or retrieve using any programs for recovery.

Now assuming that you formatted the entire partition of your drive of computer and all the files and data including all the programs are deleted. And now you have a fresh and installed operating system. Even this new Operating System is installed successfully you cannot use this computer because you have no programs to perform your operations. And one of the programs you need is the driver software. This diver’s software will manage or coordinates to the operating system to perform certain task. Example, loading a program that controls by a large work of performing moving graphics, example the games.

So in order not confuse what are the programs you need just study this and locate where you will get this and how. Performing by formatting the computer you need a skills in repairing the computer both software and hardware repair or troubleshooting experience.
  1. Once you are in the desktop of computer, check the device manager or the system using the control panel. What are the drivers you need by checking the yellow question mark. It is understood that you need to install the driver of that device. Commonly the drivers you need are; Display or video, LAN, co- processor, and audio. If so load you driver installer and autorun it and follow the screen instruction of the computer. After you installed these drivers check again the computer device manager if the yellow question mark is exist. If you see a yellow exclamatory point exist it is understood that you installed the wrong version of the driver of the device. You need to download and installed the correct version of that driver.  
  2. Now if all the drivers were installed successfully, you need to install these different software needed in our computer or the computer we repair.
  3. You need to install the Microsoft Office, consider the versions of the MS-Office with the support of your computer main hardware.
  4. Utility software, this software manage the application task both local and internet application. Example our customer they are commonly like the YouTube. The videos found or downloaded in this site have a codec or video format of .flv or flash video. This plug-in of browser is can be free downloaded in different site, example in filehippo.com.
  5. Internet browser, common browsers of our computer are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, opera. You need to download and install this in your computer.
  6. Virus scanners: this program is very needed in our computer to block the viruses and malware of the computer. And Updated the virus definitions that rarely attacking our computer both LAN and internet application. I recommend the Avira because it has a simple and easy to find or download and have a longer free edition. Just use our download link page to download this virus scanner. Other virus scanner free edition are Avast, Windows Essential, and Bit defender. Just use our download link to check and download this program.
  7. Adobe Reader: this program is one we need to read the adobe pdf file that constantly use of the modules and product description. Or brochures that commonly found in the internet. You need to install the most updated version in order to read the pdf file.
  8. Win RAR and Winzip: decompressor and compressor program that usually use to read the compressed data came from the email. This is commonly use to upload or attaching a big files using the email compose.
  9. Movie Codec: this type of a program is use to read or play the different movie file format of your computer, .avi, .3gp, .mpeg, .mov, .dvd, and other movie files. I used and I recommend the klieghts or k- lite. Check our download link of this type of software.
  10. CCcleaner: use this to remove the temporary files of your computer. And it will manage to remove the browser history and cookies. And can be used to remove unnecessary programs on your computer.
These are all the programs I always installed in my computer and in my clients or customer. If they need to install the Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and AutoCad. You need an installer with this program. Just consider the hardware of your computer, it needs a maximum or high speed computer in order to run this program.



“ End”

What is Group Policy Editor of Microsoft Windows XP Operating System

GP Edit

GP EDIT is what we called Group Policy  Editor of the Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows Xp Operating System. This is use to define the policy settings that are applied to computers and the users of the computer. Group Policy defines the different settings and configuration of the various components of the user’s desktop. Or the Graphical User Interface environment that a system administrator basically managing the programs that are available to the users environment. Example, the programs that display on the users desktop and such away the options for start menu of the start button located left part of the taskbar.

gp edit 2

Basically this features or Microsoft called snap-in is commonly use by the computer technicians to limit the access of the users to the client of the Network of the computers or What we called NODE or Work Stations. The settings that you can apply contained in a Group Policy that associated with selected Active Directory objects, sites, and domain. This is not only use to the users and client computers but also the servers and domain within the areas of management. This is includes the policy settings, computer configuration, and user configuration which affect to the both computer configuration and such away to the user of the computer.

In order to learn these settings I will let you to manipulate this Group Policy of the Windows XP. Follow these steps:
  1. Power up your computer
  2. Once you are in desktop, click the start button
  3. Click the run
  4. Once you are in run bar, type inside this: gpedit.msc or if you are in the MS-DOS command line type that command and hit enter key.
  5. A window or it is called snap- in will appear on screen, same of the image shown above
  6. Just click the plus box to list all the configuration folders, example the administrative templates
  7. Once all the sub folders list down click one of the folders, example the desktop
  8. All the components settings of desktop will display in right panel or the configuration items
  9. Just click the item or menus you want to remove or disable, example “remove the favorites menu from start menu”
  10. Just right click on it
  11. And click properties
  12. A window will appear on screen
  13. You have 3 options under the settings, the not Configure, Enable, and Disable
  14. If you want to explain by the computer what are this settings simply click the “explain tab menu button” in order you to learn first the settings
  15. Then proceed just click the settings, example disable
  16. Click apply button
  17. Then click ok button
  18. Just repeat this procedure if you want to disable the other settings of your windows desktop
And that’s it, if you want to enable again the settings and configuration just go back in Group Policy Editor and enable the settings you disabled using the property windows of the group policy program.


What Is Windows Xp Registry Editor

regedit 1

Registry editor is a very important tool of the technician in troubleshooting the software.Is an advance tool use to enable and disable settings of the program. These are contents all the information of your computer. If you want to change this, this program let you to change. All the settings stored in the registry and may break you windows system and might be you will encounter application error in the future use. But don’t precede it, but use this program to eliminate the unused or deleted programs that have been remove or uninstalled that stored in a tree like folder format or the plus box folders. But there are other programs that can be used as registry cleaner or called as CCCLEANER. It can be free downloaded in the internet site; it can automatically clean the temporary files such as the cookies in one click of the run cleaner button. And in such away tool remover of the program you want to remove in your windows. But probably, if you will encounter trouble, example in installing a new versions of the virus scanner that I was encounter before.

regedit 2

“I supposed to install the new version of the AVG free editions but my old virus scanner is KASPERSKY. Now in order to install the new virus scanner the AVG I have to uninstall first my old virus scanner. Then I uninstalled it and I installed the new antivirus scanner AVG, but unfortunately, in the middle of installation the windows say, cannot install this program and automatically hang-up. So I suspected the old virus scanner registry entry that causes the error. So I open the Registry Editor by typing the command in the run bar of the start menu. And found their folder is alive even I uninstalled the old virus scanner. I delete it and I try again the installation of the new virus scanner and of course it’s installed successfully”.
How to use and open this simple application.
  1. Power- up your computer+
  2. If you are in desktop, click start button
  3. Click the run bar
  4. Then type inside this: regedit
  5. A window will appear on your screen, just simply find the folder of program you want to delete and just click the plus box to list all the folders down. Same of the image shown above
  6. If you find it just right click on it
  7. And click delete

Do not change the settings of the folders stored in a tree like format. Just find the folders of the program you uninstalled and delete it. Avoid deleting other folders of the windows and program it will cause damage to the operating system. Thanks for following my blog…

How to Replace Timing Belt of CD/DVD ROM Drive


The CD/DVD ROM drive of our computer is very important and helpful to us whenever we used our computer. It is installed in system unit bays and one of the storage media of computer that task to read only the data stored in CD/DVD ROM disk. We need to read the compact disk DVD or CD type that either the files or movie files stored in it. Or use as to rewrite a source disk to target disk such as burning files or copy files from HDD to compact disk using the optical burning.

Remove Timing belt

But this disk is also easily damage or malfunction, such as the CD/DVD disk carrier will not open. That’s also a budget cost because one unit of CD/DVD ROM drive will cost of 1800 in Philippine peso. That’s a headache instead because you cannot play your favorite movies in DVD or read the files. You will force unfortunately to buy a new CD/DVD drive and call a technician to install it in your system.

But talking about calling a technician, before to do it I will give you a chance to try to repair if the problem possible as I shown in the image above of this post. But you need a basic troubleshooting or have an experience in removing the part of the computer system unit or CPU. If you are hesitate and no knowledge about basic troubleshooting just calls the technician instead. But if you wanted too, just follow these steps: (see the image shown above)

 Turn off the System Unit
  1. Be sure to unplug the power cord at the back panel of the CPU
  2. Once turn off lay down the CPU in a rubber mat to avoid scratch of the casing
  3. Open the side cover, unscrew the it
  4. Then unscrew the CD/DVD ROM drive in the bay of drives
  5. Then remove the CD/DVD ROM drive in the bay of the system unit
  6. Once it remove, remove the four screws of the cover
  7. Find a paper clip use it to emergency open the disk carrier of the DVD ROM
  8. Insert it in a tiny hole and push it until the disk carrier retract and open it
  9. Use a twister or a hard wire to remove the notch jack of the front cover that have a logo of DVD R/W shown of the image 4, 5, 6 above
  10. Once it open remove the cover, shown in the image 7
  11. Once the cover remove, now remove the main assembly. Just gradually push it.
  12. Once it remove the main assembly, just find the rubber bond
  13. Just remove it in the tractor motor or (pulley motor), shown in the image 9 and 10
  14. And bring it to the electronic sales and buy a new one. Be sure that it has a same size of circumference
  15. Then install it where you get the tractor built or the pulley rubber bond
  16. And assemble the CD/DVD ROM and install it again in your system unit
  17. And power your system unit and enter the bios settings to assure that your DVD ROM is detected after replacing that part.
  18. Then press the open/ close button at the front of the CD/DVD ROM drive
  19. Once it open the disk carrier your successful in repairing the drive
  20. And once your in the desktop try to run the movie
  21. And if good your repair is completely successful
  22. But when not read, just open again the drive and try to clean the optical eye with clean thin paper.


Replace the timing built of the CD/DVD ROM drive. Always just try to repair the parts and devices of the computer before to buy a new one to save a budget cost of the parts.

Microsoft Office Picture Manager Parts and Functions


Another program introduce of the Microsoft office 2007 Enterprise is the office picture manager. Some of the newly versions of the MS- office 2010. This is under the start menus of the MS-OFFICE 2007 Enterprise which is called “Microsoft Office Tools”. This program is highly used for managing the all pictures reside of our computer drives in different formats. Especially the application of what we called editing the pictures, such as crop, brightness and contrast adjustment, color adjustment, rotate and flip, and the red eye removal. These are the main course of the menu because there is much other application catered by this program one of that to resize and compress the picture whenever you wanted to send or attach it in email and websites picture gallery.


In advance application of the graphics, such as the use of the Adobe Photoshop as the picture editor and Corel draw as the drawing tool application. Same as the Paint application and the office picture manager of the Microsoft Office in different versions. Now I will introduce to you the user interface of the program shown in the image picture above of this post. So that you will learn and familiarize the routine of the program. This is very useful particularly if you are a picture lovers, have a business of a picture editing, and or a photographer.

  1. Click start button
  2. Point to programs
  3. Point to Microsoft Office 2007
  4. Microsoft Office Tools
  5. Then click Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  1. Click start button
  2. Click all programs
  3. Locate the folder of the Microsoft office 2007
  4. Click it
  5. And click the Microsoft Office 2007
  1. MENU TOOLSBARS- These are the tools under of the menu that could be use for our picture managing and editing task of the application, such as the PICTURE MENU.
  2. STANDARD TOOLBARS- These part located under the menu toolbars that could be use for common task such as saving, printing, mail recipient, cut, copy, and paste buttons.
  3. TASK PANE-  These part located at the right portion of the program that could be use to easily click the command application button, such as finding the pictures reside in the destination drive, ex: DRIVE D:
  4. PICTURES DESTINATION FOLDERS- all the storage folders will buffer or display in this part of the program after finding or search results using the locate folder pictures button in the task pane. Same of the picture shown above of this post.
  5. ZOOM/ZOOM OUT SLIDING BAR- This is use to increase and decrease the visual size of the picture, when you slide to the left it will decrease and if you slide to the right it will increase using the drag of the mouse. It is equivalent of the buttons of the standard tool bar above of the program that have a default size of 100%.
  6. LOCATE PICTURE FOLDER COMMAND BUTTON- This is particularly located at the task pane, this is use to find or search the pictures resides of the folder of the drive where the pictures or images is being stored.
  7. HOME BUTTON- This is particularly located at the task pane, this is use to back from the previous task you performed.
  8. PICTURE DISPLAY MANAGER BUTTONS or VIEW BUTTONS- This is located below of the standard toolbar and top right side of the pictures destination folders. These are the thumbnail views, film trip views, and the single picture view.

These are all about the Microsoft Office Picture Manager, just follow this post for the next update of this application that could very useful for your daily use of this program.
“ END”

Use MS- PowerPoint 2007 for Movie and Video Presentation

Video Presentation Full Screen Mode I was posted before the Simple Power Point presentation using Microsoft-PowerPoint 2007. Now another great application of the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation using 2007 version is the video presentation. We know that the video format or video presentation is a great motivator of the audience. With the enhance features of the add effects feature of the custom animation. And you can apply customize template background and background effects.
Video Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 can be used also as your movie player as long as you perform your video presentation of your audience. Its design as a friendly user environment that enhances in movie and video presentation with great effects you can apply. This version can support any video and movie format of the codec, such as .AVI, .mpeg, .flv, .3gp, and .dvd both preview mode once you apply custom animation. And full screen modes during slide show presentation. If you want to try this as a sort of study and explore like the one I shown above. You need only a formatted movie and video and installed MS-Office 2007 or 2010. If you have now just follow this steps: 
  1. Download your movie you like or your video coverage of your product or wedding event video coverage
  2. Format your video according to its codec
  3. Know the drive location where it saved  
  • Layout the slide template
  1. Click design menu
  2. Then page setup button
  3. On the page setup box, select slide size
  4. adjust your with and height
  5. And if you are sure with your number of slide for video present, type it inside the box of Number slides from
  6. Then select your orientation of your slides
  7. Then click ok button
  • Slide layout
  1. Select your slide layout, normally if movie and video it must be blank layout
  2. Click home menu
  3. Click layout button under the slides
  4. Click and select blank
  • Apply slide background and themes
  1. Click design button
  2. Then select and click flow under themes bar
  3. Then click background styles button
  4. Then click and select styles 12
  5. Then click color button
  6. Then select flow
  • Insert your movie or video
  1. Click insert menu
  2. Then click movie button, situated right of the menu bars under the media clips
  3. Then click movie from file
  4. A destination windows will appear, click the drop down bar of the look in
  5. Then select the drive where you save your movie file or video
  6. Then select and click your movie
  7. Then click ok button
  8. Now an Information box will appear telling that “How do you want the movie to start in the slide show?”
  9. You have to command button, a “automatically” and “when clicked”
  10. If you choose automatically, click it
  11. Now adjust the size of the video using the node boxes, a small boxes position in the outline of the video or movie. Just point your mouse in it and hold your left mouse button and drag it outside. Hold and drag it until it will fixed an exact size.
  • Apply picture styles
  1. Click format menu
  2. Then click reflected rounded rectangle under the picture styles
  3. Then click picture effects button
  4. Point your mouse in the bevel
  5. Then select and click soft round
  • Apply custom animation 
  1. Click animation
  2. Click custom animation
  3. Now the right side bar or “CUSTOM ANIMATION TASK PANE”
  4. Click Add effect button
  5. Point to motion paths
  6. Then click more motion paths
  7. Then select and click spiral left
  8. Click ok button
  9. Now under the custom animation task pane on the right click the movie title
  10. Then click drop down bar
  11. Then click effect options
  12. Then click movie settings
  13. Then chick box the two display options
  14. Click ok button
  • Test the movie or video presentation
  1. Click play button under the custom animation task pane
  2. If you satisfied the effects and the mode of your video or movie go on for presentation
  3. Now click the slide show button


If you finish with formatting your video or movie then save your movie or video slides.Just follow this blog for next post of power point presentation.

Create your Gmail Electronic Signature and Vacation Response

I posted before the Yahoomail Electronic signature. Now I will introduce and impart to you how to set up electronic signature and a vacation responder of the Google Electronic Mail Messaging or Gmail.com.

What is the importance of these settings of your Gmail account? These settings of your email are equipped with high priority respect with regards to your clients, friends, or your member of your family using the Email messaging. We do apply always about the word professionalism in our daily lives. With regards to our messages in our email, we think always that our clients and friends will recognize us that we're professionals and that the message is truly coming to you. By putting your complete profile like your complete name, position, the name of your company, and even your contact numbers. And he/she recognize easily when they read your messages. 

And the below portion of your messages, they can read easily your complete profile information. Aside from that they can assure that your intentions are good and legal. And toward relationship as clients and the businessman. This could be more applicable once you sent or you want to contact via email the other businessman of the other countries. Or asking any legal inquiries regarding products, information and description. 

So let's proceed and set up this important setting of our GMAIL account. This is very simple and this only requires a basic application of the computer and basic English. Follow these steps. For your other email account, if you need to setup follow this link here: Outlook Electronic Signature
  1. Open up your browsers, if you have Google Chrome much better, if you have not, use the Mozilla Firefox or IE or another browser that you have on your computer desktop.
  2. Type Gmail in the browser address bar at the top of your browser program interface
  3. If you have no Gmail account, create first your Gmail account or click this link:Create Your Gmail account
  4. Type your username and password in the bar provided. Your username is your email address.
  5. Once you enter in your Gmail account, click the settings gear icon on the right side top portion of your Gmail account.
  6. Then click settings
  7. Find in the below portion once it's open, the electronic signature and the vacation responder.
  8. When you find the text box, type inside your complete name, your company, and other information.
  9. Below of the signature area, you will find the vacation responder or called auto reply, set your date where you became busy, or the day you will out of town for vacation.
  10. Follow the instruction that I written in the post picture above of this post.
  11. And do not forget to save your settings. See the post picture above.
  12. And your Done

If you have any questions and comments regarding with this post, kindly comments us using the comments form. Thanks…

Pie Application using Microsoft Office Word 2007

pie application Pie application is commonly uses in our word processing to express interrelated data in both expressions. But because MS-word is only word processing template cannot create a calculation, analysis, and expression through the data. But can perform formats or processes the data as document. But using the Microsoft Office Word 2007 is enhancing in this application. Once you click the pie button under the insert menu it will provide a two user interface of both word and excel to perform a specific set of calculations and analysis. Using the pie and applied as word processing data formats.

Microsoft Word 2007 Enterprise is built in of 3d formats, shadow, border styles, border color, fill color, and series options in enhancing the graphics application format. This could be use to motivate and understand better the document presented as well as the reader of the document.

MS- word 2007 is very friendly user environment you need only basic application of word and excel to perform this.This is very useful if your a secretary, student of information technology,computer encoder, a teacher, or a marketing officer to present the sales improvement of a year or by month.
Create this and follow this steps:
  1. Open up your MS- word 2007
  2. Setup your margin and paper size
  3. Click insert menu
  4. Click chart under the illustrations bar
  5. A dialogue box will appear then click PIE
  6. Select and click the exploded pie in 3d
  7. Click ok button
  8. Then a two user interface will appear in screen, the word and excel
  9. Now change the data of the worksheet on the right of your screen.This is default or example how to create a pie using word and excel application.
  10. Change the worksheet title Sales of the worksheet title of your own. You will notice that it will change the name of the pie displayed in MS- word on the left of your screen.
  11. Then change the data 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, and 4th quarter of the data you want to create. You will notice that it will change the data called legend of the pie displayed in MS- word on the left of your screen.
  12. Then if finish format the pie image in 3d application
How to format the pie image in 3d effects
  1. Click one part of the 3d image
  2. Then right click on it
  3. Then click the format data point
  4. Then format data point window will appear
  5. Click the 3d format on the left then click the drop down bar called top
  6. Then select and click your bevel application of the chart. Then repeat the procedure of the bottom and materials and the rest of the application, shadow, border styles, border color, fill color, and series options.

Now your done and check the beauty of your works in MS-Word chart application using the pie. And don't forget to rename the worksheet tab of the excel on the bottom. And save your Microsoft word application.

Spelling and Grammar with Thesaurus Application using Microsoft Word 2007

Spelling & Grammar Check Talking about word processing in Microsoft Word application in different versions is not just simple. Other say is very simple but for me it is not. It will become simple if you only copy and paste the document, article, or the constructions of the word in a paragraph. But constructing our own article as our document is very hardly so, its need a constant practice and patient to construct all base in our title or themes.

As a newbie's blogger or a new blogger in the world of blogging industry is my primary springboard to review my composition of words. By constructing any article base in our post title and it’s my primary problem is the correct spelling, grammar, correct use of words, and correct use of any punctuations. Sending ourselves in English grammar tutorial school is also a problem because of the high cost of payment. But we do believe that “constant practice will make us perfect” in our writing. So, thanks with the Microsoft for the use of the MS-Word 2007 Enterprise. These versions have a unique application in checking grammar and spelling. And the most new and unique is the thesaurus application for researching the word of application processing.See the post picture above.

But first let’s review and understand what the words we are told about:
  1. THESAURUS= a group of words or a book in which the words are group together with other words that have similar meaning. Same as glossary, vocabulary, word list, and phrase book.
  2. Grammar= it’s a rule in composing a sentence in correct order that which easily understand in our language. And or a word change in its forms and combine in into the sentences. Same as syntax, sentence structure, and language rules
  3. Spelling= the correct writing or use of the word in sentences according to its rule in grammar in its own language
  4. Dictionary= its a book or group of words that give meaning to its word or a common term define its meaning according to its rule or meaning. Same as glossary of words.
 Now, lets know how to use this in our word processing in Microsoft word 2007 application
  1. Open up you MS-Word 2007
  2. Type your own composition or article, write as much as four paragraph that equal to 500 words. And create your own title and thought of composition. Precautions do not copy any article from other author.It will killed your ability and confidence in writing composition
  3. After you type all your composition, you will notice a red and green wire line under the words of the sentences in a paragraph. Its understood that you have wrong spelling and wrong grammar.
  4. Highlight the entire document, hold ctrl then press A
  5. click the review menu
  6. Then click the spelling and grammar button of the proofing bar or ribbon under of the review menu
  7. Now you will see the spelling and grammar suggestion box
  8. Now check the correct spelling as suggestions below of the suggestion box. See the post picture
  9. Click the change button in the right

Other way in  applying suggestions in Spelling and grammar
  1. In red wire line or green wire line point your mouse cursor
  2. The right click your mouse
  3. An auto command suggestions will appear
  4. Check the suggestions both spelling and grammar (Note: consider the spelling of the name of person, place, animal, and things, example: Comval Province)
  5. Then click the suggestion
  6. Repeat the procedure to the next wrong words and grammar
How to use the Thesaurus
  1. Highlight the word you need to identify or other meaning
  2. Click review menu
  3. Click Thesaurus buttons under the proofing ribbon or bar
  4. The research task pane will appear in right side of the User Interface
  5. Check the other meaning or the other words of your word
  6. If you want to insert the word, point your mouse in suggested words or meaning in research task pane
  7. Then click the drop/ down bar
  8. Then click insert or  if you want to copy click copy then paste it where you want to put the suggested words or meaning

Just try to compose your own composition and you will experience what is the true word processing. As what describes of the Microsoft of the office automation using the Microsoft Office enterprise or 2010.Until to the rest of the versions of the Microsoft Office.
“ End”

How to Backup or Burn Files using Computer CD/DVD ROM Drive

backup DVD HOW TO BACKUP OR BURN FILES IN CD/DVD ROM The word backup is very common to us especially of the technicians and user of the computer. The system of the computer design to retrieve or copy files. And another is the backup system as one of the program accessories as tools found in the start menu of the windows desktop. This is use to copy a bulk of files and programs that you need to copy in the backup drive. That can be restored once the computer operating system was formatted.

Now, I want to impart other ways in how to backup our files in CD or DVD ROM. We know that ROM is read only memory that cannot be copied or stored any files as the target drive. But thanks of the enhancement of the programs of the computer. We have now the word BURNER in our computer, but actually this is now R/W or Recordable and Writeable disk for the CD/DVD ROM. Now the word temporary backup specifies only to store the files or data in Hard Disk Drive. The files in this drive such as the Drive D: or the external USB using HDD is not secured. Anytime the HDD can be damaged in different cause. The backup or burning files to the CD/DVD is the best recommendation for storing permanent important files and data.

But you need to setup first a burner program to perform this task of the computer. These programs have a free edition and can be downloadable in the internet. Or you bought CD/DVD Burner Drive before it has a package program. So you need to install or setup the NERO, shampoo, or ALCOHOL. If you done installing the program or have now a program in your computer. Be sure that your CD/DVD ROM is burner or Recordable/Writeable same of the post picture above. Just follow these steps:

Two things to know before backup or burning the files.
  • Source data means data came from the HDD, ex. drive d:
  • Data came from the CD/DVD ROM, remember if the data stored in CD ROM. You need also a blank CD ROM as your target during burning of files. And if the data stored in DVD ROM you need also a blank DVD ROM as the target during burning of files.
STEPS A: Data to CD/DVD disk burning
  1. Double the Icon of the burner to open up the program or just click start button, all programs or program then click Nero.
  2. Once its open hover your mouse and click your menu, example, Data then click Data Disk
  3. Once the disk content is open, click the ADD button on the right side of the program
  4. Now a source window will open, select the location drive, just click the dropdown bar
  5. Then click the drive, ex. drive d:
  6. Then select your files
  7. Then click add button
  8. Repeat the procedure if there are many files to burn.Just look also the size indicator below to monitor the capacity of your DVD ROM
  9. If finish adding the files, click now finish button
  10. Then click the next button right side below button
  11. Then type the disk name of the bar
  12. Put your disk in CD/DVD RW drive
  13. Then select your writing speed, click the drop/down bar
  14. Select/Click the writing speed, the best is 18.1 x
  15. Then click burn button right side below of the program
  16. Then once the burning started wait until it’s finished
STEPS B: CD/DVD to CD/DVD disk burning
  1. Open up your Nero burner
  2. Once it open click copy entire disk under the menu
  3. Put the Source CD/DVD drive(the disk that have a data to copy in the blank target CD/DVD disk)
  4. Click drop/down bar under the destination drive
  5. Then click the F: ATAPI DVD (CD-R/RW)
  6. Then click the drop down bar under the writing speed
  7. Then click 16 x
  8. If you want to copy the disk with 3 copies from the source disk, just type inside the bar under the number of copies
  9. Then click burn button below the right portion of the program
  10. Then just wait until the buffering of the files finish
  11. Then when the buffering of files finish the computer will ask a blank cd, “Pls. insert an empty medium to write to…”
  12. Then put a blank CD or DVD in the drive
  13. Then close the CD/DVD drive
  14. Then the burning or copying of files will starts
  15. Just wait until it will finish
  16. Then follow the screen instruction of the program.


When burning of files will encountered error, the empty medium of your disk will not use again for storing a data or files.You need to replace another disk to continue the burning of files.Be sure all of your files inside the source drive is clean.No malware, virus, or a corrupted files included during burning.To avoid this just run first the virus scanning and delete the damage files.

Create Inventory Worksheet with Text Degrees Alignment using Microsoft Excel 2007

Inventory Worksheets I posted already the parts and function of the Microsoft Excel User Interface 2007.Using this version I created an inventory worksheets with simple system that could very easy to all viewer. And I used the formatting of the worksheets to add a color, alignment of both columns and the row. With text alignment of the label with 0 and 45 degrees position of the text inside the 1 column label. And the other of the four columns label. And the borders on the right side that have a fill color of orange that have a text inside with 90 degrees text.

These inventory worksheets could be use for monthly inventory of your business. But if you question me, if there are other program of the Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 that most advance of the Excel. The answer is “Yes”, the best program for inventory is the Microsoft Data Access. This database program of the Microsoft precisely can design your own customized program using the different tools menu and features. With enhance 3d effects of the buttons and bar and most particularly the application of the logical system. With building application of the Macro, logical expression, and code building of the Visual Basic syntax.That’s also my plan to publish here the application of the Microsoft Data Access.Because two program of the Microsoft Office both Excel and Data Access is being combine to work precisely our data for calculation,analysis, and logical operations.

The very thing is only to study and understand the language and the syntax.Microsoft for the new versions of office automation are getting enough way in building a friendly environment program.
Now, lets start to create this inventory worksheets,just follow this.
  • Preparation for the worksheets
  1. Open up your MS- Office
  2. Prepare the worksheets by applying margins,paper size and paper orientation
  3. Now rename the worksheet tab as inventory or use your own name       
  • Apply Borders both in columns and the rows and insert the Data
  1. Now count the number of columns and the row of your worksheet Data.In my work there are 5 columns and 17 rows.
  2. Then position your worksheet cell in column A1.
  3. Now hold shift key and press right arrow key to highlight the worksheet for the actual size of your worksheet data.Look at the name bar to calculate exactly the number of columns and the rows.
  4. Once highlighted click home menu or just right click inside your highlighted data then click format cells.
  5. A dialogue box will appear,click border menu and click outline and inside box
  6. Then click ok button
  7. Then type the worksheet title and must be in column A1
  8. Type the worksheet label
  9. And insert the entire data of your inventory
  • Apply merging, fill with colors, and text alignment and text degrees position
The worksheet title
  1. Highlight the worksheet title from 1st columns until to the last column
  2. Click home menu and click merge and center button of alignment toolbar
  3. Apply the desired font size,font style, and fill with color.Use the buttons of the font toolbar
The worksheet labels
  1. Highlight the worksheets label
  2. Right click on it
  3. Click format cells
  4. Dialogue Box will display
  5. Click alignment menu bar
  6. Then apply text alignment both horizontal and vertical position
  7. Use the drop/down arrow key and select center
  8. Now apply the text control
  9. Check box the WRAP TEXT
  10. Now apply the text orientation by degrees
  11. Drag the pointer up or type inside the bar 45 degrees
  12. Then click fill menu button
  13. And select and click your desire color
  14. Now click ok button
  15. Now if your text is visible, change the color of your font
  16. Now apply again the procedures of the right colored border that have a text INVENTORY 2013 and apply the 90 degrees text alignment
  17. Now if you wanted to change the line style go back to the formatting cells and click borders now change the line style.Don’t forget to highlight first the Data.

  • Apply the formula as what I write inside the post picture of this post.You must study first the parts of the Microsoft Excel when dealing this application.

What is Microsoft Paint and how to use it


Talking about basic application of the windows environment. One of the programs installed or package of the windows installation is the “Microsoft Paint”. You can open Microsoft Paint under the programs then accessories. This program is seldom use by the computer users, but this is very useful if ever you have file to make it jpeg. Jpeg means is the term use as junior photographer expert group, is an extension file for any image file of the computer.


Microsoft Paint is also a basic application of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. These two programs are very popular of any computer graphics artist. The difference between paint and Adobe and Corel Draw is the enhance or the effects application of the font and images, example the 3d and 2d application. The color enhance editor, the color color gradient and color pattern.


The supported files of the Microsoft Paint are Monochrome Bitmap, 16 colors Bitmap, 256 color bitmap, 24-bit Bitmap, Jpeg, Gif, Tiff, and Png. These are the entire image or picture format that we could use when we draw using the clipboard and then saving our work. These image formats is also compatible with both the Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. And talking also the internet site serving this kind of application such as the www.pixlr.com is also very compatible with this application.

In order to familiarized the user interface see the image of this post. Once you open the MS-Paint using start button, go to programs, accessories, and then click Paint. These are all the parts found in the MS- Paint: Menu bar, tools, color box, and one of the menus is the color editor. Then once you hover the tools that commonly found in the left of the User Interface are free form select, select, eraser or color eraser, fill with color, pick color, magnifier, pencil, brush, airbrush, text, line, curve, rectangle, polygon, ellipse, and rounded rectangle.
So, this is one of the very simple application of the MS-Paint.
  • Page Setup and Margin the drawing template or clipboard
  1. Open up you MS-Paint,follow what I said above
  2. Once it is open, you can adjust the clipboard by clicking the file menu
  3. Then click Page setup
  4. Under the dialogue box, you can click the drop/down bar to select the paper size such as the letter size.We know that letter size is 8.5” x 11” or short bond paper
  5. Then adjust the margin both top, bottom, left and right
  6. Then click ok button
  • Adjust the size or the zoom area of the clipboard or drawing template
  1. Click view menu
  2. Then point to zoom
  3. Then click customize
  4. Under the box, select 100% or select your desired size
  5. Then click ok
  • Then how to edit the royal green color
  1. Click colors menu
  2. Then click the edit colors
  3. Now under the box click the define custom colors
  4. Now in the top left portion of that color editor box you can select the color green
  5. Now see on the right portion of that color editor box, you can use the picker handle then drag it to get the desired exact color
  6. Then click add to custom colors button
  7. Now it will add to the custom colors box
  8. Then click ok button
  9. Now see the color box in the bottom of your MS-Paint User Interface the color added as current color.Now you are ready for your drawing for chessboard
  • How to draw the chessboard
  1. Click the Fill with color button in the tools bar situated left of the program interface
  2. Then click it inside the clipboard or drawing template
  3. Now the template will become color green
  4. Now in order to form white and green color boxes click the select button of the tools bar
  5. Now move your mouse top left end of the template.Notice the mode of your mouse cursor it will change to crosshair
  6. Once your mouse cursor position on the top left end,Drag your mouse going right and going down until it will form a box.Notice the broken line as it will form to a box .And estimate an equal sizes of its connected boxes.
  7. Now release your mouse button.
  8. Now press delete key of your keyboard
  9. Now you will see the white box
  10. In order to form another white color box to form as chessboard.Repeat only the procedure but alternate the white box as what you see in the post picture above.


  • If you want to jpeg a files just print screen it and paste it inside the MS-paint template and save it as jpeg.

How to crop picture with effects using MS-Office Word 2007

How to crop picture with effects using MS-Office Word 2007
Another best feature application of the MS-Word 2007 and its enhancing picture effects show its best. Once you click your mouse in the picture inserted in your document template. Compare to the latest version that I was used is not so amazingly acted. But you can do crop to the picture but the effects is not so interesting. But that’s reality of the technology of this generation, computer change the image of our environment and thinking more creative and generative. That’s why applications more aggressive and persuasive from text document to graphical document. From basic to advance application of the program. Such as Microsoft Office to its new versions, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw.

Now, I will share to you how to use the format picture of the MS-Word 2007 Enterprise. This is very useful once you create a biodata or resume for your application of a certain job. Remember that this day of computer age, resume and biodata must be inserted through the application of MS-Word document. Particularly, if you passed it via email using attach file or uploaded through your compose email message.In Another idea this is also useful for document magazine and creating your most enhance album using the MS-Word application.Let’s do this and very simple as I said in my last post.Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise is made up of very friendly user interface compare to the latest versions.

Please follow this procedures:
  • Document template preparation
  1. Open up your MS-Word 2007
  2. Layout your document template as needed
  3. Click page layout menu
  4. And click Margin
  5. And point your mouse down and click custom margin
  6. Dialogue Box will appear
  7. Adjust your top,bottom,left,and right margin using the up/down arrow bar in its bar
  8. If your document is for resume adjust the margin according to its normal size.And if an album or magazine adjust its size according to your desired margin size to fit the paragraph text and pictures.
  9. And select your paper orientation according to the requirements of your document
  10. Click paper tab menu button for paper size
  11. And determine the paper size select it according to the requirements of your document.Preferably letter size or A4 size
  12. Then click Ok button
  •  Inserting the picture to the document template
  1. Now insert the document in your template.If ever your document is resume type first all the information you need.And insert the picture above the document and above your name with contact number.
  2. Click insert menu
  3. And click picture button under the illustrations bar
  4. And now a destination window will appear in your screen
  5. Click the look in destination down arrow bar to select your picture,Ex: in your USB flash drive
  6. Click it and select/click your picture
  7. And click insert button
  8. Now the picture will appear inside you document page
  9. And click it for sure
  10. Now you will see the format menu above your interface.Like the post picture I inserted in this post
  11. Now you are ready for formatting the picture.The circle and square you will see in the outline of the picture once you click could be use to resize your picture.Once you point your mouse and drag it inside or outside in your picture.
  • How to crop the picture
  1. Be sure to click your picture.And remember you will not see the format menu once you not click the picture you want to format
  2. Click format menu above
  3. Click crop button under the size bar.Right side end under your menu tool bar
  4. Once you click you will see the crop node bar in every corner of the picture with color black
  5. Just point your mouse cursor in that crop node bar
  6. And your mouse cursor will imitate the node bar
  7. And drag your mouse until you meet your desired picture size.If your common with the inches measurement,that’s it, either 4x4 ,2x2 or else.See the post picture above
  • How to apply picture effects
  1. Click the picture
  2. Then click format menu above
  3. Then under the picture styles tool bar, select your styles of the picture, example:reflected bevel black
  4. And click it
  5. You will see the beautiful changes of your picture
  6. Now apply effects
  7. Click picture effects button under the picture styles menu toolbar
  8. Then select and click, example: point to reflection and click full reflection 8 pt offset
  9. Now you will see the beautiful effects applied in your picture
“That’s it and stay tune for the next post.God Bless”

Basic Microsoft Word Application

One of the most very friendly user environments of the Microsoft Office Automation is the Microsoft Word 2007.With the new position of the menu toolbar buttons that very accessible to the user. And ready to use or apply features such as the table of contents and the cover page buttons. That enable to the user to click only the button and click to the document template. That’s the most needed and one of the most important applications of the office automation.

This post comprises with the most and needed features of our document.It are understood that you need to apply this because this is the very basic. Yes! that’s true because the application stated in the image attach in this post such as: header of the document with date picker and footer that have a page number automatically, paragraph Drop Capital letter or DropCap, indention of the paragraph, applied number list, and applied bulleted list. So, these are all the application that you need once you build your document or article.All we need here is our skills in building a paragraph and apply the paragraph alignment that I forgot to state in the image using the callouts.So lets start this and you must follow this procedure:
  1. You need to open up your MS- Word
  2. Build your paragraph of your Document not more 500 words that compose of four paragraphs
  3. But be sure to apply page setup or page layout for the margin,paper size, and orientation of your document
  4. Click ok if finish
  5. Now you ready for the application using the toolbar and button
  • How to apply document header with date picker
  1. Click insert menu
  2. Then click header button under of the header and footer bar
  3. A drop/down will perform in the screen click/select Austere event page
  4. Then you will see the header at the top of your document paragraph
  5. Click the pick the date then click the drop arrow bar
  6. The bar of the date will appear
  7. Click the left side and right side arrow bar to select the month
  8. Click below the day you desired
  9. Then you will see it will apply to the header line
  10. Then click the type your document title
  11. Then type your tag line or the header title of your document
  • How to apply document footer
  1. Click insert menu button
  2. Click footer button of the header and footer bar
  3. Then select/click austere event page
  4. Now you will see, it will apply to the document footer or the below portion of your document
  5. Then you will see the page automatically inserted in the right portion of your document footer
  6. Then click this part of the footer “Error! No text of specified style in document.”
  7. Once highlighted type your address or the address of your company together with the telephone and fax
  •  How to apply paragraph alignment
  1. Position your mouse cursor in the beginning of the line of the paragraph
  2. Then hold Shift key then press end key
  3. Now you will see the first line of the paragraph is highlighted
  4. Now hold shift key then down arrow key
  5. Now you will see the every line of the paragraph is highlighted
  6. Once you highlighted all click home menu
  7. Then click justify button under of the paragraph bar
  8. Repeat only the procedure of the rest of the paragraph 
  • How to apply paragraph indention
  1. Highlight the paragraph using the shift combination
  2. Click page layout  menu
  3. Adjust the left and right using the paragraph bar
  4. If you want to Italic and bold the font just hold ctrl + I and Ctrl +B
  • How to apply Drop Capital letter or Drop Cap
  1. Highlight the first paragraph or any paragraph you desired to apply drop capital letter
  2. Click insert menu
  3. Click drop cap button under the text bar
  4. Select/click drop cap option
  5. In dialogue box click  dropped as the position of the first letter of the paragraph
  6. Then click drop down bar to select font style
  7. Then use the up arrow bar to change the lines to drop
  8. Then use the up arrow bar to change the distance from text
  9. Click ok button
  • How to apply number list 
  1. Before you start to type the steps if you desired to create a procedure,just click first the Home menu.
  2. Click numbering button of paragraph bar
  3. Then start to type your procedure as you steps by numbering
  4. Once you entered for second line the number will automatically count as number 2, until to your last number use.
  • How to apply bulleted list
  1. Before you start to type the steps if you desired to create a procedure,just click first the Home menu.
  2. Click bullets under the paragraph bar
  3. Then start to type your procedure as you steps by bullets
  4. Once you entered for second line the bullets will automatically displayed in the left of your first letter of your sentence until to the last procedure
“That’s all stay tune for next post”