What is Software Counterfeit Error of Windows Desktop

Windows BugWhat Is Software Counterfeit Error In DesktopWindows Bug Notification error

This error of a computer is one of the very headache, but most profitable work of the technician.

The very cause of this failure of the computer is using a pirated windows operating system most likely windows 7 and windows 8 of Microsoft.The security and settings under the user accounts of the control panel is open or what we called “auto update of Microsoft is on, “ not off”.That’s it, truly the technician after they installed the pirated windows software.They need to turn off the windows update after successfully installed the new operating system.Why?because the user know how this error will happen.They click ok the balloon tips when the Microsoft say “Update your windows” once the computer is connected to the internet.

No wrong in the haft of the Microsoft regarding with this failure.We called this bug of the windows,because instead of the add- on for the Operating system, like the full security of the user once on the internet become a “bomb of bug”.I define windows computer bug as “Inconvenience to the user once it is infected with this failure of windows desktop.This is a truly notifications that we are a “victims of software counterfeit” or our use operating system is not genuine copy of operating system.As I said, no wrong with the Microsoft in other side.They made the auto update for our own goodness in using their product.Most particularly the safety of the user once they enter in the International Network of the computer.Sir Bill Gates own this windows operating system and it’s intellectual rights property.
  • Why this is happen?
This is a key role with regards to the computer technologies and the user itself.The trend of the new technologies that we have.Because user or our generations became knowledgeable.When they know the high price of one windows 7 or 8 CD/DVD installer, they said “high price”,most particularly in Asia that windows piracy is rampant.They bought the computer assembled with no operating system.Now, they will find a pirated windows installer outside or to the outside sources.Now they installed the windows as package until it ready for use for our files and internet ready.
  • What are the scope of work of the technicians and why is it very high price of the professional service fee?
The scope of work by the technician is also high or more hours of work. If the computer can't boot to desktop because of this error, the service men will trouble first the boot start or the start up of the computer windows operating system. Once the startup files are operable, then the computer will boot to desktop. The technician will start also for a checkup and backup the important files of the user or the client. This is the very risky and very responsible of the technician, the important files of the client or user. Now when the backup is successfully performed.They will start to check the programs of the computer, what are installed and use program of the user. That’s why “package” because the installation of windows operating system to programs, such as driver software and Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, etc.

Now during the installation of windows the technician will probably encountered the trouble or error of the hard disk drive.Such as what you see of the picture here.Now the technician will find an answer to this problem.They will find a source such as a program how to remove this failure.Because this is an error of the software the “OS”.

The technician cannot change the hardware, the storage media as the stationary drive of the operating system.If the hardware change by the technician, surely the user will angry, because they will loose money for budget of the HDD and most particularly also the important files will vanished.And also the HDD itself have no physical damage to the part of the circuit and controlling IC’s.

If the technician will find a something a program to debug this error,its better because the windows will recover using the program.All the program settings and files are accessible and the black screen of the desktop became stable.And the notification of software counterfeit above the notification area of the desktop taskbar will vanished.And you can set now your windows desktop background and your desktop tools and all the programs are accessible.Now the technicians will install the new virus scanner for this.Because,surely the virus scanner is also verified.After they installed the virus scanner,it will perform the updates for virus definitions.It’s an idea of the technician or a decision of the owner to buy a new license virus scanner. And now last the virus scanning of the computer storage media, the drive of the computer, the drive C: as the operating system and the drive D: as backup drive.Now you will pay as much as 1,500 pesos in Philippine money to the computer technician, “Package Price”.
  • Advantages using a license Microsoft Windows Operating system
hassle free and no headache when Microsoft conduct inspection of the user in every country.Most particularly to the business establishments and supplier of the computers which installed the Windows OS.
In terms of the use of the windows, particularly in using the internet through the browsers are more reliable and feel free the service of the Microsoft in internet.Such as full security of the your computer and us or you whenever hackers and crackers will attack.Also updates for the support of the programs.Most especially the updates of the drivers of the hardware or devices of our computer.Both input and external hardwares or devices.And service for the emails and such away the service of the sky drive using the MS-Office online or of the internet.
  • Disadvantages using a non- license or not genuine Microsoft Windows Operating System
Very hassle and foot to headache when Microsoft conduct inspection to the user in every country.Most particularly to the business establishments and supplier of the computers which installed the Windows OS.And may the subject for seizure and all of our computer that installed not genuine windows.

In terms of using the program or running in internet is very hassle.It’s easily hack or crack and easy to bomb any type of viruses(Vital Information Resource Under Seize).The virtual memory will easily full and very time consuming and may the budget for the repair of the windows is always rising.Lack of the support of programs and hardware’s driver software.And no security of our files, it’s prone to damage or corrupted files.May cause of dumping of memory and Blue Screen of Death of Computer(BSOD).And subject for software counterfeit error during windows update.You cannot use the Internet Explorer of the Microsoft and sky drive application of the internet.You cannot update the Windows Media Player for the different codec's for multimedia application or our movie files.
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This error of a computer is one of the very headache, but most profitable work of the technician. The very cause of this fa...
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