The Best of Pilipino’s “Electronic Charcoal Kalan”

Electronic Charcoal Kalan Actual View Electronic Charcoal Kalan Power Supply
Now a days the word budget is always on the mind of every Filipinos, particularly among us in middle class families.We always think income wise and low budget for our daily needs.That’s include our rice,dishes,clothing,shelter,lights,and for cooking use.Using a gas stove or gas burner like Gasul etc. is not budget wise because of its high price.And also using an electrical cooking device is not advisable because it will add a high kilowatt of electric bills that can kick to add our high payment bills in every month.That’s so very headache and can empty our poor pockets.

Times came Pilipino use a wise skills that to invent a cooking device that uses a Charcoal(“Uling in Pilipino Dialect”).Actually,the coconut charcoal is an old use from our ancestor for cooking rather than using a piece of cut body tree or branches.But the problem is, “we always use our mouth to blow the fire so that it will constantly producing fire to the cooking ware”.That’s so tired able work and responsibilities in our house to serve our food daily.

So, we got the answer for our problem.Because of computer we find ideas using the exhaust fan of our broken computer power supply.Me,I’m benefitted for my design,as a computer technician I have plenty of broken computer power supply.I use to recycle it by using it in other purpose.Now another problem is the electronic power supply to drive out the 12 volts direct current to maintain the rpm(revolution per minute).For blowing the charcoal to produce a constant fire inside the Charcoal kalan.And using the unused PVC pipe from our neighbor carpenter.I used it for the air tube to maintain the air velocity came from the two exhaust fan.

Now, I got the solution for power supply of the charcoal kalan.I remembered during the TESDA assessment of Electronic NC2.The Consumer Electronic Servicing NC II.They are assembling a 5 volts and 12 volts power supply using the output IC LM 7812 and LM 7805. So, as I’m also a electronic technician I tried to assemble the 12 volts output power supply.And I got a perfect output voltage,I just tried it to connect the two binding red wire and two binding black wire as Positive and negative 12 volts.Now its just a perfect,its blown a perfect velocity of air through the PVC pipe as my air tube to the kalan.

Imagine!of 1 ballot of coconut charcoal worth of 5 pesos we can boiled 1 liter of water,and we can cooked rice and dishes.So this is it the answer of our budget for cooking purposed.Not only coconut charcoal that we can use of this electronic cooking device but we use any piece of wood scattered around or as a garbage wood.Its also way of recycling the garbage found in our surroundings that could be use in other purpose.And can help and relieve our budget for our daily needs.

So,that’s it I inform and relate to you the best of Filipino’s Electronic Charcoal Kalan.This could help to elevate the budget of using any gas burner or electrical cooking device.But this unit cannot be use inside our house kitchen this is only for outdoor dirty kitchen.

That’s all and follow this blog always, next post of my electronic I will publish how to build this project, Electronic Charcoal Kalan”. And good luck and God Bless to all…               
The Best of Pilipino’s “Electronic Charcoal Kalan” combinebasic 5 of 5
Now a days the word budget is always on the mind of every Filipinos, particularly among us in middle class families.We always think inc...
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