Simple PowerPoint Presentation Using MS-Office 2007

Microsoft PowerPoint presentation,one of the best office application of the Microsoft company.There are lot of versions of the MS- office, one of that the office 2003.Power point presentation is very important in our office automation, especially if we are task to present a certain document or spreadsheets data using the MS-word and excel.Or you want to make a presentation of wedding event or debut.

You need to create a most interesting and motivated presentation of different slides base of your presentation purpose.PowerPoint 2007 0r 2010 is the best because of its best background and themes and enhance features of animation effects using the design menu.
Compare the two high end or latest versions of MS-PowerPoint from 2003 to 2007 and 2010.There are many changes, one of that the user interface,the location of application buttons and menus.Example the design menu using the themes and background buttons with enhance 3d application.Now this presentation slide is only simple but just explore the user after you learn this simple and basic application slides using the MS-PowerPoint 2007.

Just follow this procedures:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation program
  2. Once it is open,setup your presentation slides by clicking the design menu, then click page setup button
  3. Now select your slide size by clicking the drop/down bar, then select, ex: letter size 8.5”x 11”
  4. Now adjust the width and height according to your application needs
  5. Then select your orientation, select either portrait or landscape
  6. Then click ok button
  1. Now, select layout for your slides by clicking the home menu, then click layout button
  2. Select your layout, example blank for your first slide
  3. Now once your slide layout is setup,your are ready for the slide background
  4. Just click design menu, then select your slide themes,just hover your mouse so that it will automatically perform in your current slide.
  5. Then click if you select your best themes,so that it will apply to the slides
  6. Then click colors if you wanted to change the slide color according to your themes
  7. Then click font button if you wanted to change the font style of your slides
  8. Then click effects button if you wanted to change the effects according to your slides
  9. Now click the background styles button, then hover your mouse to have an action in your slides
  10. If you wanted to format your slide background just click the format background button
  11. Then click presets button then click the color of your best
  12. Then click apply to all button then click close
  1. Now you’re ready for inputting the data in your slides
  2. Click insert menu
  3. There are a lot of features button for your application,ex. if you wanted to insert only a text for the title as first slides.Just click word art button then click you selection.
  4. Then a broken line box will appear in your slides just type inside the text or a line of paragraph
  5. Now how to insert another slide or next slide
  6. Just click home menu then click new slide button then click the slide layout of your best, ex: title and content
  7. Now click inside the broken line box and type the title of your slide
  8. Then click to add text for your slide description and just enter if you wanted to type the text using the bulleted list
  9. Just highlight the text if you wanted to format the font,just click home menu then click the button if you wanted to change the font size,bold,italics,underline or even apply shadow of the text.
  10. Then click the alignment button,ex: center
  1. Now if you wanted to insert a picture of your slide,just click the insert picture from file button
  2. Then click the look in drop/down bar then click the storage drive of you picture, ex: USB flash drive(removable disk)
  3. Then select your picture
  4. Then click insert button
  5. Now the picture inside your slides,you will notice the nodes in a form of a small box inline with broken lines
  6. Just point of your mouse and drag it so that you will adjust the size according of your slide design
  7. Now if you wanted to insert another pictures just click the insert menu, then click picture button
  1. Now click the first slide using your sorter panel
  2. Then click the object inside your slide, ex: picture or word art text
  3. Then click animation menu
  4. Click custom animation button
  5. Then you will notice the task pane will appear on your right panel beside your slide
  6. Now you are ready to add effects,just click add effects button
  7. Now hover your mouse of different styles of effects
  8. Just click your best selected effects, then it will perform automatically in your slide
  9. Just click the remove button if you wanted to remove your effects
  10. Just repeat the procedure to the other picture and text as your slide object.And to the rest of the slides of your presentation
  11. Next select your transition slide design,just hover your mouse so that you can select your best.
  12. Then click the drop/down bar of transition sound
  13. Then click the sound type in the list as your best, ex: hammer
  14. Then click transition speed
  15. Normally select medium
  16. Then click apply to all
  17. Now below of the task pane click play button
  18. Now you will see your beautiful presentation as your slide preview
  1. Click slide show menu
  2. Then setup slide show button
  3. Then select show type, ex: presented by a speaker(full screen)
  4. Select show options,ex:loop continuously until ‘ESC’,show slides option if all or from all options
  5. And show timings,ex: using timings if present
  6. Then click ok button
  7. Now click from beginning button of slide show menu or click the slide show button below the task pane
  8. Now you will see your beautiful presentation as full screen mode
  9. Just click your mouse to end every slides then new slides
  10. Now save your presentation document


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Microsoft PowerPoint presentation,one of the best office application of the Microsoft company.There are lot of versions of the MS- offic...
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