Internal Parts of Notebook Computer or Laptop

Notebook computer is one of the common gadgets surround as in this generation.Nowadays laptop computer called as notebook computer.Some of us we don’t see the hardware inside of the casing.We only see and manipulate only the software installed in our notebook computer.

Now, I will share to you the internal parts of the notebook computer.So that you will learn also and familiarize the internal hardware's if so ever your notebook got trouble in the future.Example no display problem of your note computer.Such as the problem of this notebook computer SAMSUNG RV420.When I open it the dust buildup through the exhaust fan and corrosion of the chipsets penetrated the motherboard.But I clean it and solve the problem and it was back to normal condition.

But do not attempt to open your notebook computer.This is only for the experience technician of the Personal computer and the Laptop.It will damage to the notches of the casing and damage to the connection specially the flex wires.If you don’t know or familiarize the disassemble of the notebook computer.

This model has a eight major parts:(look the picture above).

How to use the Fn keys for the number lock and its special features.

  • press the F11 key
  • Then hold the Fn key beside of the control key
  • Then press the key that have a same color of the Fn key. example: using the numlock to function the enye letter(ñ and  Ñ).Hold Fn + Alt then press 164 for small letter and hold Fn + Alt then press 165 for big letter

    1. Qwerty Keyboard= this keyboard has a major functions of the key, they are alphabets,special keys,numeric numbers, the functions(Fn) numbers and special key function to the special features such as WIFI key.
    2. SATA HDD(Serial Advance Technology Attachment)=the large storage media of your computer notebook.That the operating system(windows 7)reside in it and the other program of the computer.The capacity written in the label and counted by bytes, example 500 GB.
    3. SATA CD/DVD ROM(Serial Advance Technology Attachment- Compact Disk/Digital Versatile Disk Read Only Memory)=one of the disk drive of your computer notebook task to read the data stored in optical disk.
    4. MOTHERBOARD=the main assembly of the notebook computer.It is a main connection of different ports,processor sockets,and ram or memory.
    5. PROCESSOR(CPU chip)=part of the notebook computer task to interpret a certain command of computer.As of this generation have a two type of processor the Intel and AMD.It is written at the top of the processor counted in Hertz, written like this:Intel Pentium 4 2.6 ghz/1gb/400.It is understood that the clock rate is 2.6ghz/s, the maximum capacity of the main memory is 1 gigabyte/s,and the compatible or synchronization of the three main hardware the MOBO,RAM,and the CPU CHIP is 400ghz or the bandwidth abbreviated as PC 400.  
    6. EXHAUST FAN=this the cooling system of the notebook computer that has a thermal heatsink connected on it.The main function is to normalized the heating property of the two main chip.The Processor Chip and the Video Chip or VGA(Video Graphic Adapter).Once the thermal heatsink sense a higher temperature it will rotate in a maximum velocity speed(RPM).
    7. MAIN MEMORY OR SDRAM-DDR 3(Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory-Double or Dual Data Rate)=It is a hardware of computer task to read and written by the computer processor and other hardware device of computer.The stored data can be read written in any order.So, once this hardware became failure when dust buildup penetrate through it the display of the notebook computer became unstable.
    8. WIFI MINI BOARD(Wireless Fidelity)=this hardware task to adapt and decode the signal via wireless communication media in new topology of the the internet Open System Interconnection(OSI).A new feature of the laptop or notebook computer use in a hotspot area of a certain establishment.For the adaptation of a signal or communication without using a wire.
    • Do not attempt to dismantle your notebook or laptop if you're no how to do this, because you will cause or add damage to this devices.
    • Be careful in handling the hardware inside like the RAM and HDD. 
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    Notebook computer is one of the common gadgets surround as in this generation.Nowadays laptop computer called as notebook computer.Some o...
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