How to Locate Computer Motherboard Model for Drivers Download

Motherboard or MOBO is the main assembly of the computer.It is mounted of a variety of main controller chips for the different features application of the computer.To meet the standard need of the computer consumer in this generation.Such as the processing of data by fetching,decoding,executing and such away producing information via different resources such as display and via internet connection to the main highway of data.

Of the two classification of computer, the Personal computer and the portable computer ranges its sales and became a high value gadgets of the computer user.From business to school and families,computers makes the world of works became perfect this day.

Now technicians and computer experts, hobbies and users they needs to maintain this PC and notebook computer.One of the most problematic parts of computer troubleshooting and installation is the driver software of the computer hardware most particularly the MOBO driver.Because the most functional and working parts is the MOBO.Because mostly of the Input/Output parts are built-in in the computer motherboard.That its needed of the computer operating system to perform such function,such as producing or generating video signal to the monitor screen.

Now,how to recognize or find the model of the motherboard according to its form factor?So that you can download it to the technical support site of the computer motherboard manufacturer.Just follow this steps:(DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL)
  1. Open your system unit(CPU),in this part this is applicable to the user that have a training of CHS or computer technician or an experience user.
  2. Locate for the name of the manufacturer,same as above I posted in this post,example the GIGABYTE.This is very important so that you can open the internet site of the manufacturer.Like GIGABYTE DOWNLOAD DRIVER software.
  3. Next locate for the model or versions of the what I posted picture above,example GA-81915ME this combination of letters and numbers is very important.Because the model number of this MOBO it is the version number of the software found in the download page of the manufacturer.
  4. Once you find it,write it in a piece of paper and locate a computer that have an internet connection
  5. Open your browser and open the website address of the manufacturer using the address bar of the internet browser
  6. Or use the search engine bar of the Google or yahoo,type the name of the manufacturer and the model number of the MOBO
  7. Then click search button
  8. Now a list of link site will appear below of the search engine bar
  9. Select/click the manufacturer technical support download driver software
  10. Once the site is open just follow the screen instruction
  11. One of the critical instruction is to assure your windows version.Select correctly the operating system such as winxp or windows 7,or other operating system Linux.
  12. Once it’s selected correctly, click the download link or button
  13. Once the destination window will appear,select your drive where you save your download software.
  14. Then click save.  


Now, to install the driver software if ask or needed in the system of the computer to run or decompress the file.You need to download the utility software.Example the win rar or winzip to run the installation procedure of the operating system.One of the best site that I always use to download is the DOWNLOAD UTILITY FILES
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Motherboard or MOBO is the main assembly of the computer.It is mounted of a variety of main controller chips for the different features...
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