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Create a Beautiful Calendar using Microsoft Word 2007 Version

Using Microsoft Word 2007 we can create a simple and colorful calendar using the different menu application of MS word 2007.This is also a practice for the beginner of the MS-Word 2007 or to the user that have a knowledge in using this new version.But not experience this kind of application that it is available for this version.Because we do concentrating our application in formatting a report rather than designing a document with base effects using autoshapes, formatting color patterns,watermark,inserting tables, and using page layout menu.

This is useful whenever you need a scheduler calendar design you can use this application or whenever your boss ask you to create a calendar for his/her schedule for monthly meeting  or weekly meeting.Rather than to buy a scheduler book with high value of money in our pocket.Remember the primary needs is the important,so if we can do it within our equipment base of our skills its better.So, lets start to do this:
  • The first thing to start once the MS-Word 2007 open:
  1. Setup your margin,paper size,paper orientation,and header size
  2. Click Page Layout Menu
  3. Click margin button
  4. Click custom margin 
  5. Set Margin top: 0.2,bottom: 0.2,left: 0.2,right:0.2
  6. Leave gutter as 0
  7. Click paper orientation as landscape
  8. Click paper size button at the top
  9. And click drop/down bar and select letter size
  10. Click layout button and set header and footer as 0.2 both
  11. Then click ok button
  • Apply Page border and background color of the template
  1. Click page layout
  2. Then click page border
  3. Click art drop/down bar
  4. Select your best design for your page border
  5. Click options button
  6. Set margin top: 0.5,bottom: 0.5,left: 0.5, right 0.5
  7. Then uncheck options below
  8. Click ok button
  9. Now click page layout again
  10. Click page color button
  11. Click white background 1, darker 5%
  12. Click watermark button
  13. Click custom watermark below
  14. Select option text watermark
  15. Then type in the text bar, “Calendar 2013”
  16. Uncheck semitransparent
  17. Select option horizontal under layout
  18. Then click apply button then ok
  • Create document title and apply pattern
  1. Type the title above your template
  2. Highlight it
  3. Click home menu
  4. Click font style
  5. Select your desired font style
  6. Select font size and set your desired font size
  7. Click shading button under paragraph bar
  8. Click borders and shading
  9. Select your line style
  10. Under preview in sidebar,leave only the line situated bottom of the text.So click the node boxes at the left
  11. Be sure to apply to paragraph
  12. Click shading button at the top
  13. Apply fill color
  14. Select your desired color
  15. Click patterns style
  16. Then select 5%
  17. Be sure to apply to paragraph
  18. Click ok button
  • Insert Autoshapes to the month and Year
  1. Click insert menu
  2. Click shapes button under the illustrations bar
  3. The click/select rounded rectangle
  4. Drag it to the top of the table left side of the month of February
  5. Repeat the procedure same to month of February and year 2013
  6. Now Add text to the autoshapes for 2,February, and 2013
  7. Point your mouse inside the autoshapes
  8. Then right click
  9. Click add text command
  10. Now type the number 2 on the left and repeat the procedure to the text February and number 2013
  11. Apply shading for the autoshapes and apply white color to the font
  12. Highlight the number or text
  13. Click home menu]
  14. Click shading button under paragraph bar
  15. Select/Click white,background 1,darker 25%
  16. Repeat the procedure to the February and 2013
  • Apply Pattern to the color
  1. Click page layout menu
  2. Click page border button under the page background bar
  3. Click shading menu button
  4. Click drop/down bar of fill
  5. Select/click white,background 1, darker 25%
  6. Click patterns drop/down bar
  7. Select and click 15% gray color
  8. Then click ok button
  • Insert table to the template
  1. Click insert menu
  2. Click click table button
  3. Click insert table
  4. Dialogue box will appear
  5. Set number of columns,as normal there are seven columns under the calendar
  6. Click up arrow bar until you meet the 7 number of the bar
  7. Set number of row,as normal there are 6 rows under the calendar
  8. Click up arrow bar until you meet the 6 number of the bar
  9. Then type the days from Sunday to Saturday
  10. Then type the number according to the month of the calendar you design
  11. Then highlight the number and apply font size you desire
  12. Then apply fill or background color to the days from Sunday as red color and Saturday as blue color
  13. Then insert autoshapes, use the procedure above “Insert Autoshapes to the month and Year
  14. But select smiley shapes under basic shapes
  15. Drag it below Sunday columns, until it will form inside columns 1 row1 as box
  16. Then click again the insert menu
  17. Click shapes
  18. Then select/click moon under the basic shapes
  19. Then drag it below Monday column until it will form
  20. Then use the green knob to rotate the moon shape using drag of your mouse
  21. Repeat the procedure to the other smiley and moon shapes as red color
  • How to apply outline color and fill or background color to the moon and smiley autoshapes
  1. Click the autoshapes
  2. Click format menu as your drawing tools
  3. Click shape outline button under the shapes styles
  4. Select the color red as your outline
  5. Then for fill or background color
  6. Click autoshapes moon or smiley
  7. Click format menu as your drawing tool
  8. Click shape fill button under the shapes styles
  9. Click red color


  • If you want to accent the color under moon shape,click colored fill,white outline-accent 2 button under shapes styles bar

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