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What is Software Counterfeit Error of Windows Desktop

Windows BugWhat Is Software Counterfeit Error In DesktopWindows Bug Notification error

This error of a computer is one of the very headache, but most profitable work of the technician.

The very cause of this failure of the computer is using a pirated windows operating system most likely windows 7 and windows 8 of Microsoft.The security and settings under the user accounts of the control panel is open or what we called “auto update of Microsoft is on, “ not off”.That’s it, truly the technician after they installed the pirated windows software.They need to turn off the windows update after successfully installed the new operating system.Why?because the user know how this error will happen.They click ok the balloon tips when the Microsoft say “Update your windows” once the computer is connected to the internet.

No wrong in the haft of the Microsoft regarding with this failure.We called this bug of the windows,because instead of the add- on for the Operating system, like the full security of the user once on the internet become a “bomb of bug”.I define windows computer bug as “Inconvenience to the user once it is infected with this failure of windows desktop.This is a truly notifications that we are a “victims of software counterfeit” or our use operating system is not genuine copy of operating system.As I said, no wrong with the Microsoft in other side.They made the auto update for our own goodness in using their product.Most particularly the safety of the user once they enter in the International Network of the computer.Sir Bill Gates own this windows operating system and it’s intellectual rights property.
  • Why this is happen?
This is a key role with regards to the computer technologies and the user itself.The trend of the new technologies that we have.Because user or our generations became knowledgeable.When they know the high price of one windows 7 or 8 CD/DVD installer, they said “high price”,most particularly in Asia that windows piracy is rampant.They bought the computer assembled with no operating system.Now, they will find a pirated windows installer outside or to the outside sources.Now they installed the windows as package until it ready for use for our files and internet ready.
  • What are the scope of work of the technicians and why is it very high price of the professional service fee?
The scope of work by the technician is also high or more hours of work. If the computer can't boot to desktop because of this error, the service men will trouble first the boot start or the start up of the computer windows operating system. Once the startup files are operable, then the computer will boot to desktop. The technician will start also for a checkup and backup the important files of the user or the client. This is the very risky and very responsible of the technician, the important files of the client or user. Now when the backup is successfully performed.They will start to check the programs of the computer, what are installed and use program of the user. That’s why “package” because the installation of windows operating system to programs, such as driver software and Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, etc.

Now during the installation of windows the technician will probably encountered the trouble or error of the hard disk drive.Such as what you see of the picture here.Now the technician will find an answer to this problem.They will find a source such as a program how to remove this failure.Because this is an error of the software the “OS”.

The technician cannot change the hardware, the storage media as the stationary drive of the operating system.If the hardware change by the technician, surely the user will angry, because they will loose money for budget of the HDD and most particularly also the important files will vanished.And also the HDD itself have no physical damage to the part of the circuit and controlling IC’s.

If the technician will find a something a program to debug this error,its better because the windows will recover using the program.All the program settings and files are accessible and the black screen of the desktop became stable.And the notification of software counterfeit above the notification area of the desktop taskbar will vanished.And you can set now your windows desktop background and your desktop tools and all the programs are accessible.Now the technicians will install the new virus scanner for this.Because,surely the virus scanner is also verified.After they installed the virus scanner,it will perform the updates for virus definitions.It’s an idea of the technician or a decision of the owner to buy a new license virus scanner. And now last the virus scanning of the computer storage media, the drive of the computer, the drive C: as the operating system and the drive D: as backup drive.Now you will pay as much as 1,500 pesos in Philippine money to the computer technician, “Package Price”.
  • Advantages using a license Microsoft Windows Operating system
hassle free and no headache when Microsoft conduct inspection of the user in every country.Most particularly to the business establishments and supplier of the computers which installed the Windows OS.
In terms of the use of the windows, particularly in using the internet through the browsers are more reliable and feel free the service of the Microsoft in internet.Such as full security of the your computer and us or you whenever hackers and crackers will attack.Also updates for the support of the programs.Most especially the updates of the drivers of the hardware or devices of our computer.Both input and external hardwares or devices.And service for the emails and such away the service of the sky drive using the MS-Office online or of the internet.
  • Disadvantages using a non- license or not genuine Microsoft Windows Operating System
Very hassle and foot to headache when Microsoft conduct inspection to the user in every country.Most particularly to the business establishments and supplier of the computers which installed the Windows OS.And may the subject for seizure and all of our computer that installed not genuine windows.

In terms of using the program or running in internet is very hassle.It’s easily hack or crack and easy to bomb any type of viruses(Vital Information Resource Under Seize).The virtual memory will easily full and very time consuming and may the budget for the repair of the windows is always rising.Lack of the support of programs and hardware’s driver software.And no security of our files, it’s prone to damage or corrupted files.May cause of dumping of memory and Blue Screen of Death of Computer(BSOD).And subject for software counterfeit error during windows update.You cannot use the Internet Explorer of the Microsoft and sky drive application of the internet.You cannot update the Windows Media Player for the different codec's for multimedia application or our movie files.

Create a Beautiful Calendar using Microsoft Word 2007 Version

Using Microsoft Word 2007 we can create a simple and colorful calendar using the different menu application of MS word 2007.This is also a practice for the beginner of the MS-Word 2007 or to the user that have a knowledge in using this new version.But not experience this kind of application that it is available for this version.Because we do concentrating our application in formatting a report rather than designing a document with base effects using autoshapes, formatting color patterns,watermark,inserting tables, and using page layout menu.

This is useful whenever you need a scheduler calendar design you can use this application or whenever your boss ask you to create a calendar for his/her schedule for monthly meeting  or weekly meeting.Rather than to buy a scheduler book with high value of money in our pocket.Remember the primary needs is the important,so if we can do it within our equipment base of our skills its better.So, lets start to do this:
  • The first thing to start once the MS-Word 2007 open:
  1. Setup your margin,paper size,paper orientation,and header size
  2. Click Page Layout Menu
  3. Click margin button
  4. Click custom margin 
  5. Set Margin top: 0.2,bottom: 0.2,left: 0.2,right:0.2
  6. Leave gutter as 0
  7. Click paper orientation as landscape
  8. Click paper size button at the top
  9. And click drop/down bar and select letter size
  10. Click layout button and set header and footer as 0.2 both
  11. Then click ok button
  • Apply Page border and background color of the template
  1. Click page layout
  2. Then click page border
  3. Click art drop/down bar
  4. Select your best design for your page border
  5. Click options button
  6. Set margin top: 0.5,bottom: 0.5,left: 0.5, right 0.5
  7. Then uncheck options below
  8. Click ok button
  9. Now click page layout again
  10. Click page color button
  11. Click white background 1, darker 5%
  12. Click watermark button
  13. Click custom watermark below
  14. Select option text watermark
  15. Then type in the text bar, “Calendar 2013”
  16. Uncheck semitransparent
  17. Select option horizontal under layout
  18. Then click apply button then ok
  • Create document title and apply pattern
  1. Type the title above your template
  2. Highlight it
  3. Click home menu
  4. Click font style
  5. Select your desired font style
  6. Select font size and set your desired font size
  7. Click shading button under paragraph bar
  8. Click borders and shading
  9. Select your line style
  10. Under preview in sidebar,leave only the line situated bottom of the text.So click the node boxes at the left
  11. Be sure to apply to paragraph
  12. Click shading button at the top
  13. Apply fill color
  14. Select your desired color
  15. Click patterns style
  16. Then select 5%
  17. Be sure to apply to paragraph
  18. Click ok button
  • Insert Autoshapes to the month and Year
  1. Click insert menu
  2. Click shapes button under the illustrations bar
  3. The click/select rounded rectangle
  4. Drag it to the top of the table left side of the month of February
  5. Repeat the procedure same to month of February and year 2013
  6. Now Add text to the autoshapes for 2,February, and 2013
  7. Point your mouse inside the autoshapes
  8. Then right click
  9. Click add text command
  10. Now type the number 2 on the left and repeat the procedure to the text February and number 2013
  11. Apply shading for the autoshapes and apply white color to the font
  12. Highlight the number or text
  13. Click home menu]
  14. Click shading button under paragraph bar
  15. Select/Click white,background 1,darker 25%
  16. Repeat the procedure to the February and 2013
  • Apply Pattern to the color
  1. Click page layout menu
  2. Click page border button under the page background bar
  3. Click shading menu button
  4. Click drop/down bar of fill
  5. Select/click white,background 1, darker 25%
  6. Click patterns drop/down bar
  7. Select and click 15% gray color
  8. Then click ok button
  • Insert table to the template
  1. Click insert menu
  2. Click click table button
  3. Click insert table
  4. Dialogue box will appear
  5. Set number of columns,as normal there are seven columns under the calendar
  6. Click up arrow bar until you meet the 7 number of the bar
  7. Set number of row,as normal there are 6 rows under the calendar
  8. Click up arrow bar until you meet the 6 number of the bar
  9. Then type the days from Sunday to Saturday
  10. Then type the number according to the month of the calendar you design
  11. Then highlight the number and apply font size you desire
  12. Then apply fill or background color to the days from Sunday as red color and Saturday as blue color
  13. Then insert autoshapes, use the procedure above “Insert Autoshapes to the month and Year
  14. But select smiley shapes under basic shapes
  15. Drag it below Sunday columns, until it will form inside columns 1 row1 as box
  16. Then click again the insert menu
  17. Click shapes
  18. Then select/click moon under the basic shapes
  19. Then drag it below Monday column until it will form
  20. Then use the green knob to rotate the moon shape using drag of your mouse
  21. Repeat the procedure to the other smiley and moon shapes as red color
  • How to apply outline color and fill or background color to the moon and smiley autoshapes
  1. Click the autoshapes
  2. Click format menu as your drawing tools
  3. Click shape outline button under the shapes styles
  4. Select the color red as your outline
  5. Then for fill or background color
  6. Click autoshapes moon or smiley
  7. Click format menu as your drawing tool
  8. Click shape fill button under the shapes styles
  9. Click red color


  • If you want to accent the color under moon shape,click colored fill,white outline-accent 2 button under shapes styles bar

Internal Parts of Notebook Computer or Laptop

Notebook computer is one of the common gadgets surround as in this generation.Nowadays laptop computer called as notebook computer.Some of us we don’t see the hardware inside of the casing.We only see and manipulate only the software installed in our notebook computer.

Now, I will share to you the internal parts of the notebook computer.So that you will learn also and familiarize the internal hardware's if so ever your notebook got trouble in the future.Example no display problem of your note computer.Such as the problem of this notebook computer SAMSUNG RV420.When I open it the dust buildup through the exhaust fan and corrosion of the chipsets penetrated the motherboard.But I clean it and solve the problem and it was back to normal condition.

But do not attempt to open your notebook computer.This is only for the experience technician of the Personal computer and the Laptop.It will damage to the notches of the casing and damage to the connection specially the flex wires.If you don’t know or familiarize the disassemble of the notebook computer.

This model has a eight major parts:(look the picture above).

How to use the Fn keys for the number lock and its special features.

  • press the F11 key
  • Then hold the Fn key beside of the control key
  • Then press the key that have a same color of the Fn key. example: using the numlock to function the enye letter(ñ and  Ñ).Hold Fn + Alt then press 164 for small letter and hold Fn + Alt then press 165 for big letter

    1. Qwerty Keyboard= this keyboard has a major functions of the key, they are alphabets,special keys,numeric numbers, the functions(Fn) numbers and special key function to the special features such as WIFI key.
    2. SATA HDD(Serial Advance Technology Attachment)=the large storage media of your computer notebook.That the operating system(windows 7)reside in it and the other program of the computer.The capacity written in the label and counted by bytes, example 500 GB.
    3. SATA CD/DVD ROM(Serial Advance Technology Attachment- Compact Disk/Digital Versatile Disk Read Only Memory)=one of the disk drive of your computer notebook task to read the data stored in optical disk.
    4. MOTHERBOARD=the main assembly of the notebook computer.It is a main connection of different ports,processor sockets,and ram or memory.
    5. PROCESSOR(CPU chip)=part of the notebook computer task to interpret a certain command of computer.As of this generation have a two type of processor the Intel and AMD.It is written at the top of the processor counted in Hertz, written like this:Intel Pentium 4 2.6 ghz/1gb/400.It is understood that the clock rate is 2.6ghz/s, the maximum capacity of the main memory is 1 gigabyte/s,and the compatible or synchronization of the three main hardware the MOBO,RAM,and the CPU CHIP is 400ghz or the bandwidth abbreviated as PC 400.  
    6. EXHAUST FAN=this the cooling system of the notebook computer that has a thermal heatsink connected on it.The main function is to normalized the heating property of the two main chip.The Processor Chip and the Video Chip or VGA(Video Graphic Adapter).Once the thermal heatsink sense a higher temperature it will rotate in a maximum velocity speed(RPM).
    7. MAIN MEMORY OR SDRAM-DDR 3(Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory-Double or Dual Data Rate)=It is a hardware of computer task to read and written by the computer processor and other hardware device of computer.The stored data can be read written in any order.So, once this hardware became failure when dust buildup penetrate through it the display of the notebook computer became unstable.
    8. WIFI MINI BOARD(Wireless Fidelity)=this hardware task to adapt and decode the signal via wireless communication media in new topology of the the internet Open System Interconnection(OSI).A new feature of the laptop or notebook computer use in a hotspot area of a certain establishment.For the adaptation of a signal or communication without using a wire.
    • Do not attempt to dismantle your notebook or laptop if you're no how to do this, because you will cause or add damage to this devices.
    • Be careful in handling the hardware inside like the RAM and HDD. 

    How to Locate Computer Motherboard Model for Drivers Download

    Motherboard or MOBO is the main assembly of the computer.It is mounted of a variety of main controller chips for the different features application of the computer.To meet the standard need of the computer consumer in this generation.Such as the processing of data by fetching,decoding,executing and such away producing information via different resources such as display and via internet connection to the main highway of data.

    Of the two classification of computer, the Personal computer and the portable computer ranges its sales and became a high value gadgets of the computer user.From business to school and families,computers makes the world of works became perfect this day.

    Now technicians and computer experts, hobbies and users they needs to maintain this PC and notebook computer.One of the most problematic parts of computer troubleshooting and installation is the driver software of the computer hardware most particularly the MOBO driver.Because the most functional and working parts is the MOBO.Because mostly of the Input/Output parts are built-in in the computer motherboard.That its needed of the computer operating system to perform such function,such as producing or generating video signal to the monitor screen.

    Now,how to recognize or find the model of the motherboard according to its form factor?So that you can download it to the technical support site of the computer motherboard manufacturer.Just follow this steps:(DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL)
    1. Open your system unit(CPU),in this part this is applicable to the user that have a training of CHS or computer technician or an experience user.
    2. Locate for the name of the manufacturer,same as above I posted in this post,example the GIGABYTE.This is very important so that you can open the internet site of the manufacturer.Like GIGABYTE DOWNLOAD DRIVER software.
    3. Next locate for the model or versions of the motherboard.like what I posted picture above,example GA-81915ME this combination of letters and numbers is very important.Because the model number of this MOBO it is the version number of the software found in the download page of the manufacturer.
    4. Once you find it,write it in a piece of paper and locate a computer that have an internet connection
    5. Open your browser and open the website address of the manufacturer using the address bar of the internet browser
    6. Or use the search engine bar of the Google or yahoo,type the name of the manufacturer and the model number of the MOBO
    7. Then click search button
    8. Now a list of link site will appear below of the search engine bar
    9. Select/click the manufacturer technical support download driver software
    10. Once the site is open just follow the screen instruction
    11. One of the critical instruction is to assure your windows version.Select correctly the operating system such as winxp or windows 7,or other operating system Linux.
    12. Once it’s selected correctly, click the download link or button
    13. Once the destination window will appear,select your drive where you save your download software.
    14. Then click save.  


    Now, to install the driver software if ask or needed in the system of the computer to run or decompress the file.You need to download the utility software.Example the win rar or winzip to run the installation procedure of the operating system.One of the best site that I always use to download is the DOWNLOAD UTILITY FILES

    The Best of Pilipino’s “Electronic Charcoal Kalan”

    Electronic Charcoal Kalan Actual View Electronic Charcoal Kalan Power Supply
    Now a days the word budget is always on the mind of every Filipinos, particularly among us in middle class families.We always think income wise and low budget for our daily needs.That’s include our rice,dishes,clothing,shelter,lights,and for cooking use.Using a gas stove or gas burner like Gasul etc. is not budget wise because of its high price.And also using an electrical cooking device is not advisable because it will add a high kilowatt of electric bills that can kick to add our high payment bills in every month.That’s so very headache and can empty our poor pockets.

    Times came Pilipino use a wise skills that to invent a cooking device that uses a Charcoal(“Uling in Pilipino Dialect”).Actually,the coconut charcoal is an old use from our ancestor for cooking rather than using a piece of cut body tree or branches.But the problem is, “we always use our mouth to blow the fire so that it will constantly producing fire to the cooking ware”.That’s so tired able work and responsibilities in our house to serve our food daily.

    So, we got the answer for our problem.Because of computer we find ideas using the exhaust fan of our broken computer power supply.Me,I’m benefitted for my design,as a computer technician I have plenty of broken computer power supply.I use to recycle it by using it in other purpose.Now another problem is the electronic power supply to drive out the 12 volts direct current to maintain the rpm(revolution per minute).For blowing the charcoal to produce a constant fire inside the Charcoal kalan.And using the unused PVC pipe from our neighbor carpenter.I used it for the air tube to maintain the air velocity came from the two exhaust fan.

    Now, I got the solution for power supply of the charcoal kalan.I remembered during the TESDA assessment of Electronic NC2.The Consumer Electronic Servicing NC II.They are assembling a 5 volts and 12 volts power supply using the output IC LM 7812 and LM 7805. So, as I’m also a electronic technician I tried to assemble the 12 volts output power supply.And I got a perfect output voltage,I just tried it to connect the two binding red wire and two binding black wire as Positive and negative 12 volts.Now its just a perfect,its blown a perfect velocity of air through the PVC pipe as my air tube to the kalan.

    Imagine!of 1 ballot of coconut charcoal worth of 5 pesos we can boiled 1 liter of water,and we can cooked rice and dishes.So this is it the answer of our budget for cooking purposed.Not only coconut charcoal that we can use of this electronic cooking device but we use any piece of wood scattered around or as a garbage wood.Its also way of recycling the garbage found in our surroundings that could be use in other purpose.And can help and relieve our budget for our daily needs.

    So,that’s it I inform and relate to you the best of Filipino’s Electronic Charcoal Kalan.This could help to elevate the budget of using any gas burner or electrical cooking device.But this unit cannot be use inside our house kitchen this is only for outdoor dirty kitchen.

    That’s all and follow this blog always, next post of my electronic I will publish how to build this project, Electronic Charcoal Kalan”. And good luck and God Bless to all…               

    Simple PowerPoint Presentation Using MS-Office 2007

    Microsoft PowerPoint presentation,one of the best office application of the Microsoft company.There are lot of versions of the MS- office, one of that the office 2003.Power point presentation is very important in our office automation, especially if we are task to present a certain document or spreadsheets data using the MS-word and excel.Or you want to make a presentation of wedding event or debut.

    You need to create a most interesting and motivated presentation of different slides base of your presentation purpose.PowerPoint 2007 0r 2010 is the best because of its best background and themes and enhance features of animation effects using the design menu.
    Compare the two high end or latest versions of MS-PowerPoint from 2003 to 2007 and 2010.There are many changes, one of that the user interface,the location of application buttons and menus.Example the design menu using the themes and background buttons with enhance 3d application.Now this presentation slide is only simple but just explore the user after you learn this simple and basic application slides using the MS-PowerPoint 2007.

    Just follow this procedures:

    1. Open your PowerPoint presentation program
    2. Once it is open,setup your presentation slides by clicking the design menu, then click page setup button
    3. Now select your slide size by clicking the drop/down bar, then select, ex: letter size 8.5”x 11”
    4. Now adjust the width and height according to your application needs
    5. Then select your orientation, select either portrait or landscape
    6. Then click ok button
    1. Now, select layout for your slides by clicking the home menu, then click layout button
    2. Select your layout, example blank for your first slide
    3. Now once your slide layout is setup,your are ready for the slide background
    4. Just click design menu, then select your slide themes,just hover your mouse so that it will automatically perform in your current slide.
    5. Then click if you select your best themes,so that it will apply to the slides
    6. Then click colors if you wanted to change the slide color according to your themes
    7. Then click font button if you wanted to change the font style of your slides
    8. Then click effects button if you wanted to change the effects according to your slides
    9. Now click the background styles button, then hover your mouse to have an action in your slides
    10. If you wanted to format your slide background just click the format background button
    11. Then click presets button then click the color of your best
    12. Then click apply to all button then click close
    1. Now you’re ready for inputting the data in your slides
    2. Click insert menu
    3. There are a lot of features button for your application,ex. if you wanted to insert only a text for the title as first slides.Just click word art button then click you selection.
    4. Then a broken line box will appear in your slides just type inside the text or a line of paragraph
    5. Now how to insert another slide or next slide
    6. Just click home menu then click new slide button then click the slide layout of your best, ex: title and content
    7. Now click inside the broken line box and type the title of your slide
    8. Then click to add text for your slide description and just enter if you wanted to type the text using the bulleted list
    9. Just highlight the text if you wanted to format the font,just click home menu then click the button if you wanted to change the font size,bold,italics,underline or even apply shadow of the text.
    10. Then click the alignment button,ex: center
    1. Now if you wanted to insert a picture of your slide,just click the insert picture from file button
    2. Then click the look in drop/down bar then click the storage drive of you picture, ex: USB flash drive(removable disk)
    3. Then select your picture
    4. Then click insert button
    5. Now the picture inside your slides,you will notice the nodes in a form of a small box inline with broken lines
    6. Just point of your mouse and drag it so that you will adjust the size according of your slide design
    7. Now if you wanted to insert another pictures just click the insert menu, then click picture button
    1. Now click the first slide using your sorter panel
    2. Then click the object inside your slide, ex: picture or word art text
    3. Then click animation menu
    4. Click custom animation button
    5. Then you will notice the task pane will appear on your right panel beside your slide
    6. Now you are ready to add effects,just click add effects button
    7. Now hover your mouse of different styles of effects
    8. Just click your best selected effects, then it will perform automatically in your slide
    9. Just click the remove button if you wanted to remove your effects
    10. Just repeat the procedure to the other picture and text as your slide object.And to the rest of the slides of your presentation
    11. Next select your transition slide design,just hover your mouse so that you can select your best.
    12. Then click the drop/down bar of transition sound
    13. Then click the sound type in the list as your best, ex: hammer
    14. Then click transition speed
    15. Normally select medium
    16. Then click apply to all
    17. Now below of the task pane click play button
    18. Now you will see your beautiful presentation as your slide preview
    1. Click slide show menu
    2. Then setup slide show button
    3. Then select show type, ex: presented by a speaker(full screen)
    4. Select show options,ex:loop continuously until ‘ESC’,show slides option if all or from all options
    5. And show timings,ex: using timings if present
    6. Then click ok button
    7. Now click from beginning button of slide show menu or click the slide show button below the task pane
    8. Now you will see your beautiful presentation as full screen mode
    9. Just click your mouse to end every slides then new slides
    10. Now save your presentation document


    What is IC Creep of Computer and What are Possible Solutions

    IC CREEP OF COMPUTER PCIC creep or what we called chip creep of computer was a  problem refers to integrated circuit(IC or Chip) of early computer before. As I encountered before with the early processor of the Intel, like Pentium I 166 MHz.That was loose up its way on the socket and it was cause a failure of the computer system memory. Chip creep also occurs when the chip is poorly supplied with a cooling system and a dust buildup much inside the system unit.That will cause failure of the display of the computer during its processing.An a chip corrosion may build its way in the pin of the IC.And possibly your operating system cause a problem of Blue screen of death(BSOD).

    This problem is an issue of the early computer. But the other problem that I was encountered is also a problem of the computer that we have now in this generation.From Pentium III down to core2duo, but when we said due to its retainer clip and cooling system. It just 50/50 percent due its tightly retainer clip and improve cooling system.

    This problem of the computer may occur also in your new computer.If dust build up held up in your computer air block type cooling system.And that will cause down the revolution per minute(RPM)of your cooling system. May heats up the IC of your computer motherboard and most especially to the main chips.The Southbridge,Northbridge and the main chips(Processor Chip).

    Now what's the main purpose of this post.This is not only a pointers for the exam of NC2.But of course to equip you with the information that I was encountered in my PC repair.And my experience of my 21 units PC,they are Pentium 1,2,3,4.Now we have words lubrication and isolation.This is a part of maintain,diagnose and troubleshoot computer systems.The word lubrication is a word refer to the maintenance of the cooling fan and exhaust fan(air block).But if your computer have a thermal and water block cooling system much better.But you need also to gather info how to maintain this cooling system.And the word isolation refer to the disassemble of PC and testing the memory,MOBO,and VGA using the other one good CPU(system unit).

    1. Mechanical grease(use to smooth the thick part of thin ball baring inside the shafting.So that it can rotate freely and smoothly)  
    2. WD40 or mechanical oil(use to remove a thick dust and stain or corrosion)
    3. CUTTER blade(use to remove a thin rubber ball cap of the cooling fan or exhaust fan)
    4. Paint Brush(use to remove dust)
    5. Pencil eraser(Use to clean contact pin)
    6. Thermal paste(use to tighten the processor and heatsink)
    7. Screw driver
    8. Multi tester(VOM)(Voltage and resistance testing)
    9. Paper clip(Use for jumper or grounding pin of PS_On)
    These are the procedures:
    (Apply the safety precautions before to handle any parts of the computer hardware)
    1. Open the system unit
    2. Remove the hardwares(be careful and observe the correct orientation of the connectors)
    3. Remove and isolate the PSU
    4. Unscrews the four screws of the cover
    5. Unscrews the four screws of the exhaust fan
    6. Once you isolated the Fan,use the cutter blade to remove the thin rubber ballcap(remove first the sticker)
    7. Once the ballcap has been remove,use the mechanical oil or wd40 to remove the corrosion that will block the rotation of the fan
    8. Put the mechanical grease inside the shafting hole
    9. Then cover the shafting hole(return the rubber ballcap)
    10. Now,assemble the fan in the power supply case
    11. If dust buildup held up inside the PSU board remove it first using the paint brush
    12. Now use your visual inspection of the electronic parts(check if there are no leakage,locally called by the technicians “pregnant caps” of the capacitors locally position in the output part of the PSU board.If happen there are pregnant caps replace it.
    13. Now,proceed for PSU testing.Insert the power cord in main socket of the PSU
    14. Now find the green and black wire(PS_on wire)
    15. Use a paper clip to jumper the two wires
    16. Now once the fan rotate smoothly,use your VOM tester to measure the correct voltage of the PSU output
    17. Now proceed for MOBO isolation and testing,get a foam or any rubber mat.Put the motherboard above.(be sure that you clean first the MOBO,RAM,and VGA).Use the pencil eraser to clean the contact pin of RAM and VGA
    18. Connect the power supply,RAM,Processor(use the thermal paste to tighten the processor and heatsink of airblock),and install the VGA(tightly clip the retainer clip)
    19. Connect the Keyboard
    20. Now, power up for testing,find the PS_On switch of the F-panel header pins
    21. Use your flat screw and ground the two pins
    22. Once the processor cooling fan rotate freely,press the number lock(NumLock) key of your keyboard
    23. Once the number lock(NumLock)key light indicator is on and off mode your testing is successful and the CPU surely will display in monitor screen.
    24. Now assemble your clean system Unit(CPU)   
    If happen there are no display:

    Indication and symptom cause by overheating parts may a problem of IC creep. “Power light is on nothing on the screen,no beef codes,unstable rotation of CPU chip cooling fan even the PSU output voltage is normal,and numlock key light indicator of the keyboard flashes once power on.
    Possible cause overheated parts of MOBO main chips may a problem of IC creep.Technicians not to throw or say “unused MOBO”,use the techniques of trial and error and last/final resorts.
    1. Assuming you perform the above procedure, but nothing happens
    2. Remove all the removable parts of the MOBO,such as RAM,Heat sinks,BIOS battery,CMOS chip,Processor
    3. Use a running water,and use paint brush to wash the entire MOBO parts.If available use powder soft to remove the stain and possible pin moisture of the MOBO chips(Note:if your MOBO is a pin less processor,be sure not to brush the socket pin of the MOBO.Its a very tangible pin may cause to dislocated and cannot be return in normal position) 
    4. Lay down the MOBO in a wall,take time to drain the water absorb in MOBO
    5. If you see that its dried,now use a hair blower(hot air)and heat the MOBO by rounding the blower(Hot air).Be sure to blow the hole of the ports(I/O) and the sockets.(Note:estimate the heating property of the MOBO by touching the MOBO parts,if you sense that you cannot hold the temp. stop the hair blower)
    6. Now proceed for trial and error technique.Assemble the MOBO parts including the processor.Be sure the correct orientation of the connection including the MOBO sockets, bus wires and cables.And connect the PSU in MOBO atx power connector.
    7. Connect the keyboard
    8. Now use your screw driver,find the PS_ON pin of the Front panel connector of MOBO and ground the two pin.
    9. If the cooling fan is rotate normally the power is okay
    10. Now press the number lock(NumLock key)of your keyboard
    11. If the NumLock light indicator in present,press again the NumLock.Once its off and on mode your MOBO now is going back normal and have display once you connect your monitor screen.
    12. Now assemble your PC and back to service.


    • Repeat the procedure again if nothing happens,use the procedure of resetting the CMOS/BIOS IC using the RTC jumper that I was posted in MOBO parts and function under the CMOS.
    • If the MOBO is not recover normally replace now the MOBO.Do not throw the damage MOBO you can use the electrolytic caps to replace the pregnant caps as I said above of this post.  
    • Performing this procedure only for qualified and train computer technician and have a knowledge of voltage testing and resistance.