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About Philippine e-Passport

About Philippine e-Passport
This is a followup information about the ABS-CBN news updates that was Posted at 12/26/2013 6:10 PM | Updated as of 12/26/2013 6:10 PM regarding the new regulations of the Philippine Passport, ABS-CBN said,

 "MANILA - Filipinos are urged to apply for the e-Passport before their green or maroon passports expire, the Department of Foreign Affairs said.

"All Filipino nationals holding Machine Readable-Ready Passports (MRRP; green passports) and Machine Readable Passports (MRP; maroon passports) will no longer be allowed to apply for an extension of the validity of these passports after October 31, 2014," the DFA said in a statement.

Tips in how to Apply NBI Clearance Easily

NBI Clearance Application Form
The NBI(National Bureau of Investigation) clearance is the very important pertinent document papers need for our any requirements in applying jobs and or travel abroad here in the Philippines. Normally, we need to wakeup earlier to avoid the long line of applicant before to get the NBI Clearance Application Form. And be sure to bring your Valid ID, such as: company ID, Govt. ID, or else bring your all valid ID's to assure that you have an ID to present or endorse when you are now inside the NBI office and bring your black ballpen and the payment exactly, not a big bills to avoid the cashier to find change that cause a time delay during the processing.

To complete this tips kindly follow the instruction below:
  1. Kindly read the above statement I said
  2. Go to any Internet Cafe or else use your Laptop
  3. Open your Internet browser and type the website address of NBI, URL: NBI Clearance Application Online
  4. Find the below button called NBI Clearance Application Form just situated left side bar of the screen or just click this link: NBI CLEARANCE ONLINE FORM 
  5. Then when it is displayed in your screen, just WRITE LEGIBLY IN BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS or follow and type your personal information using a big capital letter using the CAPSLOCK of you keyboard.
  6. Then print it, just tell the internet attendant to check the page setup before to print
  7. Once you have now the Form, go to the NBI office, the address is along Bajada St., Davao City, just infront the Victoria Plaza before Abreeza Mall.
  8. Goto the verification table personnel and have to check your form, just ask help of the intern personnel. Be sure that you have valid ID to present during the verification.
  9. Once finish to verify, go to the cashier or just follow the intern personnel instruction.Prepare your exact payment just what I said above of this post.
  10. After the cashier payment, goto to the encoding door, seek the help of the intern personnel.
  11. Then after encoding is the BIOMetric System Processing (Photograph and Left and Right Hand Thumb Mark)
  12. After this if your name is not compromise or no case filed, your finish now not more than in 1 hour with your NBI Clearance.

TESDA Assessment and Certification

Technical Education and Skills Development Aut...
Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Philippines) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Planning for the National Certification exam of TESDA (Technical Education Skills Development Authority) you need a thorough preparation for your exam. Not only the reviews of the both basics, common, and core competencies given by your school training in both areas of skills you acquired. If you feel that your capable now for the exam, you need to learn what is the exam you are going to applied and how to apply this particular government exam of the TESDA. For example, in the field of the Computer Hardware Servicing NCII or Computer Technician title in other schools.

Here are the common guidelines if you wanted to apply for this exam. And if you wanted also to reapply or renew your National Certificates kindly read the below guidelines:

1. What is the PTQCS?

The Philippine TVET Qualification and Certification System (PTQCS) is a quality-assured structure used for giving recognition to the attainment of competencies (knowledge, skills, attitudes and values) along the middle-level skilled occupations. It is the process of determining the qualification level of a person and giving recognition to the attainment of competencies in that particular level.

2. What is competency assessment?

It is the process of collecting evidence and making judgments on whether competency has been achieved. It focuses in assessing an individual's skills, knowledge, attitude and work values relative to a unit or cluster of units of competency.

3. What is the basis for assessment and certification?

TESDA implements assessment and certification for all qualifications with promulgated Training Regulations.

The Training Regulation defines the knowledge, skills and attitudes/values required for competent performance in the workplace.

The competency requirements, as defined in the relevant Training Regulations shall be the take-off point of all corresponding qualifications, assessment and certification in all industry sectors.

The list of promulgated Training Regulations may be accessed at the TESDA Website.

4. How is assessment conducted?

Assessment is conducted through any of the following evidence gathering methods: demonstration/observation with oral questioning, written test, interview, third party report, portfolio and submission of work projects.

5. Who may apply for assessment?

Students, workers or any individuals who wants to determine his/her qualification level.

6. Where can one apply for assessment?

 An individual may apply for assessment in any of the following:

a. Private TESDA-accredited assessment centers. The list of accredited assessment centers is uploaded in the TESDA website: www.tesda.gov.ph

b. TESDA Regional and Provincial Offices

c. TESDA TVET Institutions-Assessment Centers

7. What are the requirements for assessment?

 a. Duly-accomplished Application Form

 b. Three (3) Passport size picture with name written at the back of each picture

 c. Duly-Accomplished Self Assessment Guide

8. Who shall conduct the assessment?

Assessment shall be conducted by TESDA Accredited Competency Assessors

9. How much is the assessment fee?

The assessment fee is based on the list of fees promulgated by the TESDA Board and endorsed by the National Economic Development Authority.

10. Can the private TESDA-accredited assessment centers collect assessment fees?

Yes, the private TESDA-accredited assessment centers may collect assessment fee based on the TESDA Board promulgated assessment fee.

11. What is mandatory assessment?

Mandatory assessment is given to graduating students of WTR-registered programs. Assessment may be conducted in the facilities of the private TVIs designated as assessment venues. However, assessment must be facilitated by the TESDA Regional/Provincial Office or the TTI-TACs immediately after training.

12. What is a National Certificate (NC)? A Certificate of Competency (COC)?

National Certificate is issued when a candidate has demonstrated competence in all units of competency that comprised a Qualification.

Certificate of Competency is issued to individuals who have satisfactorily demonstrated competence on a particular or cluster of units of competency.

13. What is the validity of the NC or COC?

The NC or COC is valid for five (5) years.

14. How can a holder renew his/her expired NC or COC?

In areas where new Training Regulations have been promulgated, holders of NC/COC shall upon expiration undergo competency assessment based on the new competency standards and assessment tools in the absence of a new promulgated Training Regulations, holders of NC or COC shall upon expiration be renewed upon request of holder and after verification in the RWAC.

16. Where do the applicant apply for renewal and/or replacement of NC or COC?

An individual may apply for renewal and/or replacement of NC or COC in the TESDA District or Provincial Office where the original NC or COC was issued.

17. How can one verify the validity of the NC or COC?

TESDA maintains the Online Registry of Certified Workers containing vital information on the pool of certified workers nationwide. Access can be made by name, certificate number or by qualification. The registry is easily accessible thru the TESDA website: TESDA website

How to Manage Microsoft Windows 7 Desktop


Microsoft Windows 7 will fully use the coming years 2014 and we will leave behind the friendly user windows experience, the most friendly user environment operating system. Because of the compatibility need of the program such as the virus scanner that mostly of us using the free anti virus software such as the Anti vir. If you’re using window xp until now you have no virus definitions that compatible to your operating system. So all we can do is to upgrade our computer so that it will compatible to the windows 7 or windows 8 compatible system either 32 bit and 64 bit compatible. Piracy or pirated windows installer is still go on, but as of now we have already installed operating system once you buy a new branded computer and notebook computer. So, all need is to run the recovery disk if ever it will cause damage in your operating system.
win7 desktop Gadgets

Now, if you’re new user of the Microsoft windows 7 and windows 8, the purpose of this post will let you guide the most basic operation of the windows 7. Then the basic operation of the windows 8 will follow in my next posting. Windows 7 and windows 8 have a different use most especially in the part of the graphical user interface such as the Desktop.

win7 desktop properties

The first thing that I will introduce is how to manage the windows desktop of the windows 7. Remember that the Desktop is the most highest hierarchy of the Operating System because it is the upper part of the program that the user will work or begin to work in the computer system application. This desktop also is the group of icons and small pictures represents as shortcuts of the program. Commonly in our previous post there are 8 parts of the windows desktop of windows 7. They are desktop icons, taskbar, start button, quick lunch, notification area, wallpaper, and mouse cursors and now we have the marvelous gadgets position at the right side of your windows 7 desktop.

win7 desktop resolution setup

Follow this procedure how to manage your windows 7 desktop: (see the image shown above)

  • How to adjust screen resolution
  1. Right click in the blank of desktop.
  2. Click screen resolution.
  3. A dialogue box will display, click that drop/down bar of resolution.
  4. Then use the sliding bar to meet your screen resolution.
  5. Then click one of it, ex: 1024 x 800.
  6. Then click ok button. (Now if you are not satisfied of the screen resolution after you set it just repeat only the procedure)

  • How to setup your desktop Gadgets
  1. Right click in the blank of desktop.
  2. Then click Gadgets.
  3. Once the dialogue box will appear double your gadgets you like, ex: calendar and wall clock
  4. It will automatically position in the right side of your windows 7 desktop.
  5. Point and use the handle of the gadgets to drop/drag the gadgets of the desktop.

  • How to setup you desktop background or wallpaper
  1. Right click in the blank of desktop.
  2. Click personalize.
  3. Once the dialogue box will appear, select either classics or themes.
  4. Just click or double click the wallpaper as your background themes or click desktop backfground below.
  5. Then select your desktop background.

If you want to setup a screen saver jus click the screen saver button, it is the fourth button at the right side. Then follow the screen instructions. “See you next post”

Learn the Most Basic Application of the Corel Draw

CorelDraw Logo Design Application
Corel Draw Logo Design:
One of the most demand application of the computer software is the Corel Draw. Not only the Microsoft Office is well known but also this Corel Draw and another is the Adobe Photoshop. This two software are most common installed in our computer, mostly those users that have a gift of Drawing. Corel Draw is use to draw objects in most specific way, all the measurements are base in correlative way and we can say that it most or very perfect and accurate in terms of measurements and design. It is good of creating logos and other designs using our hands using the property tools of this graphical application.

This post is an instructions how to create objects or how to draw a very simple way or a basics of the graphics application. In such a way you are going to learn how to draw a simple logo. You will learn in this post in how to draw shapes, add color to objects, duplicate objects, rotate objects, mirror objects, import images from another file, fit text to a path , use the Smart drawing tool, use the Ellipse tool, use the Rectangle tool, use the Interactive drop shadow tool, use the 3 point curve tool, and use the Text tool.

But all you need is to install the Corel Draw 12 or a CS3 compatible if your windows is XP Service Pack 3 and Windows 7. But if your operating system is windows 7, you need to make it compatible to the windows 7 operating system.

The procedures: See the drawing above.

Recover Files in USB Flash Drive using Windows 7

Recover Files In USB Flash Drive Using Windows 7

This problem of the USB Flash Drive error is commonly we encountered now a days most particularly you change your operating system from window XP to windows 7. The primary cause why you change your operating system because you cannot update your virus scanner or no virus definition. Another why our USB Flash drive damage because your USB Flash penetrated with virus. And you run or scan it using your un-updated virus scanner and it cause a failure after you open it in My Computer Icons.

Now another is your USB Flash Drive is full and now your inserted it from WinXP then Win7 and or Win 8. Now after you check it or open it instead of a folder icons of file icons you will see that all your data replace with a system driver list of files or a shortcut link that you cannot open your original data or files. Now the error of your USB Flash Drive is the directory boot mode was damage by the different cause that I mention. I encountered also this problem, this is very headache to us most especially if our data inside of the USB Flash drive is very important or a backup data from our computer local drives.

So, what is the very important is to recover the files and the question is How?So I made a study a testing “Trial and Error” using the Windows XP and Windows 7. Now I got the answer how to recover the files and after recover the files you can format now your USB Flash Drive. But remember this, if you encountered the error of your USB Flash Drive, do not attempt to format it or use another 2nd party software like the card recovery utility. It will damage the boot files of your USB Flash Drive. And if this happen no tendency that you can repair or recover your original files.

To begin follow the instruction below: See the image shown above
  1. Open your windows 7 operating system of your computer.
  2. Now once your inside of the windows desktop, insert your usb flash drive in the USB 2.0 or 3.0 usb port. (Note: Be assured that your computer have a virus scanner and updated)
  3. If the virus scanning is prompted do not attempt to run scanning using the pop up window. It will cause damage to the files if cannot be hailed or may remove your original files because of un-hailed scanning of the virus scanner.
  4. Now find your My Computer Icons in Desktop, then double click it.
  5. Once it open, right click the Removable Drive or the USB Flash Drive, then click open.
  6. Once it open, right click in the blank, do not right click the files or ICON links found in that drive.
  7. Then click properties under the auto command provided.
  8. Now a drive properties window will appear, click the tools tab menu button at the top of that pop up window.
  9. Now click the check now button.
  10. A pop-up window will appear that have a check box and it have a two instructions that it said, “Automatically fix system errors” and “Scan for and attempt recover of bad sectors”.
  11. Wait until the computer will instruct a successful recovery or repair of the USB flash Drive. Read carefully the instructions given of that pop up window.
  12. Now, logoff your computer using the start button then click the logoff.
  13. Once you go back in the desktop, open again the My Computer Icons.
  14. Then open the USB flash drive.
  15. Now open the folder name called found000 or any folders that your original files is stored.
  16. Then copy it in the drive D:, be sure to copy all because your are going to clean your USB Flash Drive using format if accepted or delete the damage files.]
  17. Now after copying all important and original files format your USB Flash Drive.
  1. It is very safe to format the USB Flash Drive that have a damage files using the DOS Command.
  2. Click the start button.
  3. Click run or the search bar, then type CMD(MS-DOS command mode)
  4. Now in command line where it has blinking cursor, type this command: Format g: then press the enter key.
  5. Follow and read the instruction provided and understand it.
  6. Now after format is successful go on for the next step.
  1. Copy your original or the backup files to your USB Flash Drive
  2. And run the virus scanning of your computer.
  3. And your done.

  • You can repair your USB Flash Drive after recovering your important and original files.
  • Be sure that your win 7 computer have a new and updated virus scanner. If your not sure do not run the virus scanning in newly repaired USB Flash Drive. It may cause damage to the USB Flash Drive again. 
  • Be sure to remove the USB Flash Drive or eject it using the notification area.   

Microsoft Excel Common Tab Menu Command Buttons

In Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010 versions are also most complex in application and more also the location of the menus and command buttons under the menu were changed. This will most affect to the newly user of the computer Microsoft Excel Application, and mostly to the beginner of the computer. But for me this version is very friendly and easy to use, compare to the old versions that the menus will drop/ down to the worksheets area. But compare to the new versions that uses a tab menus same of the dialogue box that we’re commonly used.

The purpose of this post is letting you guide where the command buttons you will use according to your application, in such away you will not loiter in the different parts of the MS-Excel 2007 environment. I will guide you only the most common tab menus and its command buttons that always use in our logical calculation of the excel. Such as the Home Menu, Insert, Page layout, and formulas then other three menus the Data, Review, and view are seldom use in applications. concentrate in four menus that I stated here and study interestingly so that you will learn how to use this new versions of the Microsoft Excel. If you have learning before of the old versions the MS-Excel 97 and 2003 is very cool all you have to do is to familiarize the environment of this new versions. Now lets talk about these tab menus and command buttons:

  1. CLIPBOARD- same of the other application of the Microsoft Office this is use to cut, copy, paste, and format painter.
  2. FONT- use this to change font style, font size, increase and decrease font, bold, italic, underline, apply borders and fill color, fill color, and font color.
  3. ALIGNMENT- use this to apply alignment: top, bottom, bottom align, left, center, and right, text orientation, decrease and increase indent, wrap text, and merge and center buttons.
  4. NUMBER- these buttons are use to apply currency symbol such as dollar, percentage style, comma style, and increase decrease decimal. You can click also the drop down bar to select other number formats application.
  5. STYLES- use this buttons to apply conditional formatting, format table style, and cells style.
  6. CELLS- use this to insert cells, rows and columns, delete use cells, and format cells, example height and width.
  7. EDITING- use these buttons to apply auto sum functions, fill and clear buttons, sort and filter, find and select buttons.
  1. TABLES- use these buttons to insert pivotal table and tables in your worksheet table.
  2. ILLUSTRATIONS- same of the other MS-Office application use this buttons to insert pictures, clip art, autoshapes, and smart art graphics.
  3. CHARTS- use this to insert 3d column bar, line, pie, bar, area, scatter, and select other 3d charts in your worksheets.
  4. LINKS- you can insert URL or hyperlink using the hyperlink button.
  5. TEXT- use these buttons to insert text box, header and footer, word art gallery, signature line, object, and symbols.
  1. THEMES- apply this button to change the overall design of the worksheet area, colors, fonts, and effects.
  2. PAGESETUP- use this buttons to setup margins, paper orientations, paper size, print area, page break, apply background of the worksheet, and print titles.
  3. SCALE TO FIT- use this buttons to adjust width and height to shrink of the printed output.
  4. SHEET OPTIONS- use this checkboxes to apply gridlines and headings of the worksheets. You can use also the dialogue box of the page setup current window.
  5. ARRANGE- use this buttons to arrange objects and align it in your worksheets.
  1. FUNCTION LIBRARY- This group of buttons are the compilation of the logical function or formulas that could be use for your Excel Application, such as insert function, ex countif, auto sum, date and time, and other buttons found here.
  2. Other group of formulas with the buttons used are define names, formula auditing, calculation, and solutions for currency conversion, such as euro conversion and formatting.

For the execution of the formulas for the logical calculation you can use actually the worksheet area. Just type it in the cell of columns and rows rather than using the buttons of the menu command. For me its the very easy way to type it in straightly beside of your data where you need to find or apply summation function and other type of the formula in your worksheets. “That’s all see you next post.” 

Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon Group and Command Tools

Like other application of the MS-Office 2007 and 2010, we need to familiarize the environment of the application. Such as the command menus that we need in our application like this Microsoft Power Point 2007. In this application all the tab menus found on the top are much needed when we are doing or create our slides in different slides layout that we need in our presentation package. Such as to insert a pictures in our slides and apply a 3d and color effects in the slides and another is the slides background that we need to apply. Because this two applications are very most motivated because it is the beauty of the application’s slides.

The five tab menus position above the user interface are most common use, the home, insert, design, and animations because they are to complete your presentation package design application. And the other two tab menus are seldom to use rather than if you want to use the thesaurus dictionary and spelling and grammar checking. But one of the most also important tab menus that could not be found because it is called hidden menu of the Microsoft Power Point 2007 and 2010 called as format menu. This menu will align only to the last of menus if even you inserted a pictures that needs to apply changes called as format such as to control the picture or adjust the high and width of the picture or image.

The Most Common Microsoft Word 2007 Tab Menus

Common OfficeTabMenu2007
For our application in new versions of the Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 versions it is difficult to find the application buttons using the menu bar or called as tab menu bar. It is located at the top of your Microsoft Office User Interface, if read my previous post of the part of the Microsoft Office 2003 versions you will differentiate the highest versions that we’re commonly use now. They are very different of the positions of the menu tool bar or called as tab menu toolbar.

The difference between the versions of the 2003 versus 2007 and 2010, the 2003 is using the drop/down menus of the command application. Compared to the 2007 and 2010 that called as simple environment using the tabulated menu toolbar. The command buttons of the menus will displayed in horizontal style with the very clear icons that embedded in the bar.

Now this post will let you guide in the very simplest way so that you will know where you find your command application using the tab menu button. There are three most common or always use tab menu button under this versions. That basically always applied to our documents. They are Home, Insert, and pagelayout tab menus. Kindly read below and read the image shown in the left side of this post.

  1. CLIPBOARD- this is usually use for the cut, copy, paste application including the paste special for the metafile and html document format.

Use Pixlr Express Photo Editor Using Google Docs

Use Pixlr Express Photo Editor Using Google Docs
Graphical Application Using Pixlr Express in Google Drive 
One of the features involves in Google Drive is the Photo Editor, using the CREATE button in your Google Drive you can click now the Pixlr Express. Using this feature of the Google Drive you can enhance now your photo collections by uploading it in the user interface of this online base program of the graphical application in a very easy way. There are many graphical effects that you can add to your pictures and images to make it awesome look to the people or your Facebook account. Including color effects and picture backgrounds already made or can be directly use to your pictures in a click or drag of your mouse.

All need only is to create your Gmail account if you don't have one. And if you have now your Gmail account through Google.com all you need is to click the drive menu at the top below of the address bar of your browser or just click this link: https://drive.google.com just login or create your account using the SIGN-UP button.

Follow the instructions below to create more:
  1. Just login in your email or click the DRIVE menu button at Google.com

Upgrade Microsoft Office 2007 to 2010 Versions

Upgrade Microsoft Office 2007 To 2010 Versions

Upgrading Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 to the new versions of the Microsoft Office is usually in needs if we thought of the most advance application we need in our documents. One of the most advance application that demand to the user of the Microsoft Office is the PowerPoint 2010, which the movies or videos can be made as background to the slides or templates during presentation package. Compare to the old versions that only the pictures, patterns, and colors that can be made as background to the presentation slides.

Customize Installation Office 2010

But the bad news is that, if you are using the old versions of the Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1 or 2.That has a filling system of FAT 32 you need to install the higher rather than these old versions. You need to install the Microsoft Windows XP service pack 3 that have a filling system of NTFS or higher than this versions. Such as the Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, or the newly complete language, the Windows 8. You can install successfully the Microsoft Office 2010 or the 2013.

Finish Upgrading

So if you need this in your own or in your office to meet your need in your office automation. You need to buy the Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 versions installer that it is available in the nearest computer store in your place. But you need an exact budget to buy the license Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013. If you have now the DVD installer of this program, just follow the instructions below to upgrade your Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007. (See the Post Picture shown above of this post.)

  1. Power up your computer, and if you’re now in the desktop open the DVD ROM and put the DVD installer in DVD ROM tray.
  2. Wait until the system will read the installer or the window will pop up in your screen or else double click the My Computer Icon to open and double click the DVD ROM drive or the Drive E:
  3. Once the installer open find the execution setup called Setup then double click it.
  4. Click Yes in the pop up window to agree the user account control.
  5. When installation agreement displayed in the screen, check box the “I accept the terms of this agreement”.
  6. Then click continue button
  7. Now select for the Upgrade or customize, just click in it.
  • If you select upgrade installation
  1. Just click the upgrade button
  2. Now just follow the instruction of the screen until it will finish and replace the old version of your Microsoft Office.
  • If you select customize installation
  1. Click the customize button
  2. There are options you need to select so that you can upgrade the lower versions of MS Office, just click one of the options below.
    • Remove all previous versions
    • Keep all previous versions
    • Remove the following applications: ex: MS-Office Access, MS-Office Outlook, etc., just check box the programs that you don’t need in your installation.
  3. Then click the upgrade button just below in the window
  4. Just wait until the progressive indicator become 100% full, if then your upgrading of Microsoft Office 2010 is successfully finish.

During the upgrade process of the newly installed versions, nothing will happen of your files, all files and data came from your old MS-Office is intact and remain in the storage folder or in its original location of your drives. “End”

Parts of the Open Office Writer Calculation

Parts Of The Open Office Calculation
Basic Parts Of Open Office
 Calculation Worksheets
Open Office Calculation is the Microsoft Excel in Microsoft Office that we have always use or common to our calculation using the spreadsheets. We could not denied that almost of us could not afford to buy the Microsoft Office package particularly the new versions that we need this day. Because of the high cost of every installer DVD, like us here in the Philippines. So, mostly of the small businesses and Internet Cafes using this Open Office application for there office documents automation.

The purpose of this post, I will let you learn or familiarize the basic parts of this Open Office User Interface. So that you will get easy to navigate your Open Office Calculations  from title bar down to status bar. Here they are: (SEE THE POST PICTURE ABOVE)

  1.  TITLE BAR- Its located above the User Interface of this program, it tells what is the save name or filename of you data.

16 Basic Control Keys of Computer Keyboards

16 Basic Control Keys Of The Keyboard
The keyboard of the computer is use to enter commands of the computer using its operating and other application program, such as the Microsoft Office and programming language coding. There are different type of the keyboard, as of now we have touch screen keyboard for the windows 8 operating system. But commonly we are using the QWERTY designed keyboard that came from the design of the type writer.

Commonly, there are five major functions of the keyboard; they are function keys, alphanumeric character, special keys, cursor keys, and the numeric keypad. The Alphanumeric Character compose of the following keys; letters from A-Z, numbers from 1-9 and reset 0, symbols, punctuation keys, and the special keys situated left side, bottom, and right side of the alphanumeric character of your QWERTY keyboard.

Now, this post will introduce to you the one of the special keys of the alphanumeric character called CTRL key or the control keys of your keyboards. They are two CTRL keys found of your keyboard located in the bottom left and right. This is use to function another keys for a certain command of the computer, called common shortcuts of the Windows Operating Systems and the Microsoft Office application. They are listed below, if you want to perform an actual procedure, just open the Microsoft Word. Just click start button, point to all programs, find the Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, then click Microsoft Word.

For your practice, just type any paragraph or type “The quick brown fox down over the lazy dog”. Then remember that you cannot perform the procedure if could not highlight the paragraph or a line of paragraph. In how to highlight the paragraph, just hold the CTRL key then press letter A (all), then proceed and follow the list of controls describe below:
  1. CTRL + Z= UNDO
  2. CTRL + X= CUT
  3. CTRL + C= COPY
  4. CTRL + V= PASTE
  5. CTRL + B= BOLD
  6. CTRL + N= NEW
  8. CTRL + S= SAVE
  9. CTRL + F= FIND
  10. CTRL + G= GOTO
  12. CTRL + Y= REDO
  14. CTRL + I= ITALIC
  15. CTRL + O= OPEN
  16. CTRL + P= PRINT

To perform or use this all controls of the keyboard just hold the CTRL key and press the letters describe above. And observe what happen to your document template. “ End”  

Parts and Functions of Multitester or Voltage Ohm Meter


The VOM or Voltage Ohm meter or commonly called as Multitester is used by the technicians or enthusiasts both Electronic or computer technician. This equipment is used to measure both the voltage AC and DC voltages, Resistance, and current. Remember that you will deal with the high voltage in using this equipment. So therefore you need to learn more about how to use this and learn first the parts and functions including the safety precautions.

Parts of voltage ohmmeter

  1. Know what to be measure- remember that before you perform measurement of a voltage or a device you should acquaint yourself what type of current your dealing with. Is this high voltage or not, example: the wall outlet electricity or the convenience outlet or CO that has a standard wall outlet electricity of 220 VAC minimum.
  2. Know the polarity- if we should measure a line of voltages or current we must understand that a Direct Current (DC) have a two channel, the positive and negative. To avoid an incident, we must always avoid the technician error in considering the trial and errors.
  3. Do not hold the test rod- the test rod is the metal tip of the test probe, consider always the voltage and electronic component as high voltage. So that you will avoid the accident of electrical shock and damage of the units you repair.

What is AutoFill Tab and how to use it in Microsoft Office Excel Versions

Autofill tab is a tool of all versions of the MS-Excel that located or built-in right side down of the worksheet cell of the entire worksheet area of the Microsoft Excel. This is use to auto execute or auto filling a calculation after a logical formula created in the intersection of columns and the rows. Using the white cross cursor of the mouse and pointing it to the autofill tab, it will change right away into a black cross hair or a thin cross cursor of the mouse. And by holding the left mouse button and drag it down until to the last rows of the column, it will sum all the logical functions of your calculated data. See the image shown above of this post.

Let’s say, if we will calculate a series of numbers using the worksheet, we should type the 1 on the first row of data in a columns and type 2 in the next row of data in a column. And highlight the two numbers using the shift combination hold shift key and press right arrow key then down arrow key or use the white cross hair of your mouse to highlight the two numbers.

Then point your mouse cursor to the autofill tab then drag down your mouse until to the last rows of columns of your data calculation. See the image shown above of this post.

In addition of this application using the autofill, you can directly execute or calculate an ID number of employee’s number in your worksheet. By typing the first ID number in the first rows of data and the second ID number of the preceding rows of data, example ID number is 56-00A-10 and 56-00A-20. It should understood that the computer will perform the logical function of the two numbers that have a distance of 10 or what we called by ten numbers count.

Use this autofill also if you wanted to fill of the month and day, including the exact year assign in its columns of data. And proceed to execute the autofill of your worksheet. And if you wanted to put a remark of your worksheet just do it by typing the logical function if that I was given in my previous post of the Microsoft Excel. And even if you perform logical function using the sum, average, count, minimum, maximum, grand total using the sum, vertical look and horizontal lookup and even slope and intercept. And even using the four mathematical operators that we use every day. Example, a standard notation that could be applied in logical function in our worksheet.

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How to Apply Alignment of MS-Office Excel Worksheet Table

how to apply alignment of worksheet table
This post is dedicated to the very beginner of the Microsoft Excel using the two versions, the office 2003 and 2007. As a beginner it is not easy to recognize how to align the worksheet title and the worksheet label of MS-Excel worksheet table. Using the application menu or by using the right click of the mouse through the highlighted portion. And use the auto command format cells and then use the dialogue box using the alignment tab menu button.

Just look the image shown below of this post, if you observe the worksheet title position on the column A1 as we do always begin in typing in the beginning of the column header. And the worksheet label is not arrange well and the other words of it is hidden inside the columns, example the employee number.
Formatting CellsThen observe this second image, you will observe that the worksheet title and the label is align on the center of the worksheet table and the worksheet label is arrange very well inside the intersection of the columns and the rows.

In regards with this application of this worksheet, just do this procedure to enhance your ability in using the Microsoft Excel and form the worksheet table neatly.
  • Create your worksheet table
  1. Type the worksheet title in column A and row 1 or A1
  2. Highlight the worksheet accordingly base of the need of your Data, example 21 rows and 9 columns(21R X 9C), use the shift combination, hold the shift key and press the right arrow key until to the last column you need and press the down arrow until to the last rows you need of your data. Just look the name box of the MS-Excel and observe that it will displayed the exact number of rows and columns, example: 21R x 9C. Be sure that once you highlighting a worksheets of your data table begin on the column A and after of your worksheet title just below on it.
  3. Just right click on the highlighted portion
  4. Then click format cells
  5. Then dialogue box will appear, click the border tab menu button
  6. Just click the outline imaginary box
  7. Then click inside imaginary box
  8. Observe the preview of the border, it must have just like a cross inside and the outline form in both sides.
  9. Then click ok button below of the dialogue box.
  10. Now you have a worksheet table in your worksheet area, just below the worksheet title.
  11. Now you’re ready for the alignment or formatting the position of the title and the worksheet label. But just type or insert first the worksheet label in every first columns of your worksheet table.
  • Apply alignment of the worksheet title
  1. Notice always that in centering the worksheet title, all you need is to highlight only a single row of the title within the row. If ever if you have a multiple titles same of the post image above. Highlight accordingly from the beginning of the column A with the row until to the last columns you use of your data table.
  2. Once highlighted, use the home menu and click the merge and center button under of the alignment bar or ribbon. Now you will observe that the worksheet title will move to the center of your worksheet table. Just repeat the procedure to the other worksheet title.
  • Apply alignment of the worksheet label
  1. Notice always that in centering the worksheet label with the columns respectively, all you need is to highlight all the worksheet labels from the beginning of the column until to the last column of your worksheet table.
  2. Then right click on the highlighted portion
  3. And click the format cells
  4. A dialogue box will appear on your screen, just click the alignment tab menu button
  5. Now you will see the application of the text alignment, text control, and orientation. But all need is to focus only of the text alignment and text control. And remember that you,re dealing with multiple data with the columns and the row.
  6. Click the drop down bar of the horizontal and click the center.
  7. Click the drop down bar of the vertical and click the center.
  8. Now, in the text control, just check box on the wrap text. Do not check box the merge cells because there are multiple data or text with the columns and rows. It will erase the other labels or the preceding labels after you click the ok button of the dialogue box.
  9. Now you will notice that the labels will arrange accordingly to the intersection of the columns and the rows.

Now, that’s all just leave your question if you have clarification regarding with our MS-Excel worksheet table. Just type your message in the comment bar below. “End”  

Microsoft Office Publisher 2007- ‘Create Business Card’

Create Calling Card using MS-Publisher 2007
I posted the other day about the Microsoft Publisher 2007 parts and function. So that, you will know the familiarized the environment of the User interface. Now, let’s go on how to create a project using this application of the Microsoft office automation. Let’s create the most common use for our works and easy to create. Unlike using the Corel draw is needed the most skills how to manipulate the program. And this only need is the basic of MS-word application and the MS-paint.

One of the most common uses is a calling card or business card. We need this always even if we have no business because everyone of us have a cellular phone, most likely if we have position on the company that could easily given to our associates and to our clients. So, before you go on you must sure that the Microsoft Office Publisher installed in your computer as one of the customized program installed in your Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 package. If completely installed follow this steps:

  • Open up the Microsoft Publisher 2007 or 2010
  • Common Parts of Microsoft Office Publisher 2007

    One of the Microsoft Office program stored in compact disk is the Microsoft Office Publisher. This program is enhancing precisely to fit our need in design and template design application using the toolbars we are commonly used in Microsoft Word application. It’s easy to use compare to the old version 97 and 2003, it’s a drag/ drop because of the ready to fit and use buttons inside the command application bar, such as the task panel. This task panel serves as the docking bar of the most frequently use command application such as the format publication.

    For me this Microsoft Publisher 2007 and most particularly to the 2010 and 2013 design have a more built-in ready to use design pack in the Design Gallery Object. And all can be formatted into 3d effects format with enhance color palette such as the Pantone ® colors that can be access in the color palette normally we use of the MS-Word. And enhance and more font styles already in the formatting bar.

    This application is designed to meet our need, particularly if we don’t have Corel draw or we don’t know how to use this graphics application program. But thanks to the Microsoft we can make now our business card without paying to others. Because it is now in your computer that it is very easy to use program. All you need is a basic computer operation or an experience of how to use the MS-Word, Excel, and PowerPoint or just study this program and you will notice that your now expert to use this.

    Five Basic Block Diagram of Digital Computer

    Five Basic Block Diagram Of Digital Computers
    Computers that we have now today are perfectly designed as digital or called digital computers. Because of the digital computer our environment changes through digital computing. The most common purpose is data processing. Government, Industries, and business use computers to preserve records, perform accounting tasks, keep and track the records of inventory, and provide a widely diversity of other data processing functions.

    Talking with the invention of digital computers, these are consisting of five basic block diagram or sectors. They are control, arithmetic logic unit abbreviated as ALU, memory, input and output unit. This input and output blocks are a single block, we called as I/O or input and output unit. Or referring to the devices of computers connected externally to the CPU. Precisely, the control unit and the arithmetic logic unit are intimately associated and cannot be separated. Therefore, they are collectively called as the Central Processing Unit, the chip or the microchip that we called as the process or the Micro Processor Unit (MPU). (see the image shown above of this post)

    1. Control Unit- this is the device or a part of computer responsibly or performs such regulating functions. A memory controller chip, for example, is the controller to access the computer’s memory. Therefore, it is the controlling unit of that memory.
    2. Arithmetic Logic Unit- this is the part or a circuitry of the Microprocessor chip for arithmetic operations, proportional and related functions, and logical functions. The common term that the processor's ability of the system of the computer is to fetch, decode, and execute the data.
    3. Memory- this is a part of a computer or a card or modules that inserted into the motherboard’s slot. This is a circuit that allows the information to be stored and retrieved. In other functions, it also refers to the disk drives that stored permanently, the information or the data.
    4. Input Devices- this refers to the devices of computers that externally connected to the System Unit that the system of computer feeds or decode first the data before to display using the output devices of a computer.
    5. Output Devices- this refers to the devices of computer that have an ability to display the information or can produce a hardcopy of a document. The main output device of the computer, example is the monitor or the display screen, that commonly called as Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), Liquid Crystal Display (CRT), and the new LED or the light emitting diode that the fluorescent lamp inside the LCD panel was replaced by an LED light.
    That’s it!

    Create Certificate of Recognition using MS-Word 2007

    One of the most we need is the Certificate, whenever we will graduate in any training or short term courses. We think about how to create if we will assign to do this. There are different programs that we can use to create these certificates. Such as using the Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop but we need the best skills before we can use the different tools of this graphics application program. But thanks to the Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010, we can create a Certificate using the great and perfect tools that fitted to the application such as the autoshapes with effects application to enhance its look in the paper or in the template and the page color background that you can customize through the color palette and select your page border.

    So just follow this instruction to create a simple certificate.Be sure that you installed a Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 in your computer before you can go on in your application. And all the tools and command buttons is enabled using the show quick access toolbar above the ribbon. Just look the example certificate shown of this post.

    Basic Parts Of Google Drive Spreadsheets

    Basic Parts Of Google Drive Spreadsheets
    Parts Of Google Drive Spreadsheets
    Google Drive spreadsheets is just like the Microsoft Excel. This application is an online application using our Google account or create your Gmail. Then you can access or use now the Google Drive Spreadsheets freely. Same of the MS-Excel you can do your worksheets application base on what you need in your worksheets.Such as create a payroll, inventory report, grading system using logical operations. And even you can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This application is fitted in any only application of office automation particularly if you have no installed Microsoft Office locally in your computer. And save it automatically in your Google Drive storage and sent it via email to your friends or business constituents.

    So, if you have now any Gmail account,just login using your Gmail username and password and click the menu link DRIVE above just below the address bar of your browsers.

    The Basic Parts: See the image shown above

    1. Worksheet Menu bar- located above the standard toolbar and below the worksheet title untitled spreadsheets. Use this for any command application in your worksheet or spreadsheet data.
    2. Standard Toolbar- located below the Menu bar, this is use for standard application or commonly use command application using the buttons. One of the most common button use is the borders where you can create a worksheet table of your spreadsheet page.
    3. Formula bar- this is use to compose logical formula base of your spreadsheet data. This is use also to  edit a certain data inside your worksheet. Just click the data you want to edit and click the formula bar. You can now erase and type the data you want to replace. It is situated below the standard toolbar.
    4. Worksheet Cell- use as the reference part of the data, if want to insert data inside your worksheets just move the cell using the arrow keys or click your mouse where you want to insert your data within your worksheet table.
    5. Worksheet Autofill Tab- this part is built-in of the worksheet cell, this is to auto execute the calculation within the worksheet data table. So, if you add a data base of the column and row of the worksheet table, the preceding data is no need to add again. All you have to do is to point your mouse on the worksheet autofill tab and drag down your mouse using the left button.
    6. Column Headers- column header is use to indicate the data within the worksheet or worksheet table. This is the vertical gridlines found inside the worksheet The standard worksheet have a 256 columns. You need to combine the column and rows intersection so that you can calculate the data inside of it., ex: A1 + B1.
    7. Row Headers- use to indicate the data inside the row section of the worksheet. This is the horizontal gridlines found inside the worksheet or worksheet table. The standard numbers of the row are more than 64 thousand. You need to combine the column and rows intersection so that you can calculate the data inside of it., ex: A1 + B1.
    8. Worksheet Area or Worksheet- this is the biggest part of the Google Drive spreadsheet. This is where you can insert and type your data and perform calculation. The worksheet is the simulation of the paper spreadsheet where the column and rows are combine together using the gridlines of vertical and horizontal lines base of intersection to perform certain function or logical calculation.
    That's all the part of this online spreadsheet of the Google Drive. Just study first the parts and function before you proceed any application. Or just follow this blog for the next update of application. " End" 

    Corel Draw 12 Parts And Function

    Corel Draw Parts and Functions
    Corel Draw Parts And Function
    One of the most commonly used programs in this generation of computers is the Corel Draw. Corel Draw is an advanced use of the graphics application with the state-of-the-art command application inside the application window. With the 3d affects both the color application and the object itself through the features of the tools command button position on the left side of the window. This version has a precise target measurement of the drawing you design using the millimeter of the built-in ruler installed in the window and can be converted to into other measurements. You can design here a logo, enhance support for the scalable vector graphics (SVG), Drawing using shape recognition, snapping enhancements, Text Alignment, enhance symbols, and other more enhance using this version 12 of Corel Draw.

    In this post that I should introduce to you is the parts and function of the application window. We should understand first the environment of this Corel Draw application before you can proceed in the complex application of the design you want.

    As a designer, you should be equipped with the creativity that forecasts in your mind that will output in a meaningful subject of a design. Or draw whatever instructions we should draw from our clients that they cannot perform. The very effective is drawing first on the sheet of paper before the Corel Draw Window page. Just read the parts and function written below and this according to the Corel Draw Company. Just familiarize also the post picture shown above the left side of this post.

    The Parts and Functions:
    1. Menu Bar- this area is containing pull-down menu options.
    2. Property Bar- a detachable bar with commands that relate to the active tool or object. For example, when the text tool is active, the text property bar displays commands that create and edit text.

    Microsoft Windows 8 Fn key Functions

    Microsoft Windows 8 portable computers and desktop compatible commonly displayed in the market today. Now even the malls of the Davao City and computer stores displayed these portable computers, from notebook to netbook. Commonly end- users bought this type of computer that have an Operating System of Windows 8, the new versions that people, the end-users start to adapt this type of operating system. And leaving the availability of the friendly user Windows Experience (XP) and the elder of Windows 8, the Windows 7.

    The Microsoft Windows 7 is the mainframe of the windows 8. Some features is being updated and enhanced to meet the demand of the end users using the touch screen. Same of the demand of the cellphones, engulfed the application using the touch screen operating system, the Android and IOS. One of the most noticeable changes is the start button, which could not be seen in the windows 8 operating system. You can use either the windows key of your keyboard so that you can select your thumbnails icon for the shortcuts of the programs.
    Fn and ALT Keys of the PC keyboards

    As a new user of this operating system strive to learn the manipulation of this Windows Environment of the computer. One of that is the use of the Fn keys that commonly found at the left side bottom of the alphanumeric keys of the portable computer.

    Basic Operation of Computer and its General Functions

    Computer design with the composition of hardware and software, therefore we need to understand the basic operations how the computer works of the system. Through the logic of both the hardware and software. It’s understood that we need to apply care to our computer unit. We should understand and identify how to use it. And how it works after you press the power button on the computer monitor and the power button on the front panel of the system unit of the computer. Remember, if we don’t know how to use our computer, it’s understood that you will contribute error to the system. And through this, it will bring serious damage of both the hardware and software of the computer.

    This lesson is the most basic at all, we do this always once we use the computer. This would mostly apply to the beginner of the computer and those other users that didn't know how to operate the computer properly.

    1. POWER UP SYSTEM- This involved with turning on the computer properly, which of the devices turning on first. We know that there are plenty of hardware or peripherals connected to the system unit. They are monitor screen, system unit (CPU), printer, speaker, and scanner. And this computer may connect to the AVR (Auto Voltage Regulator) or a UPS (Interrupted Power Supply). Just turn on first the AVR or UPS and turn on the monitor screen and then turn the CPU (Central Processing Unit) on.
    2. SELF TEST- After turning on the computer properly, the computer will conduct a Power On Self Test(POST) at around 5 seconds depending on the amount of the memory. This POST through the BIOS(Basic Input Output System) will check the condition of the main hardware connected internally, such as the HDD(Hard Disk Drive, CD/DVD ROM, RAM capacity, Processor) and the keyboard. And responsible in mounted or loading up the operating system’s startup file through the first boot of the BIOS. And if there are failure of the main hardware or such the HDD it will halt on then it will display on the POST information (Display).
    3. LOAD PROGRAM DISK- Once the POST is successful, the computer will load the Operating System (OS) and initialize all the peripherals and device driver connected to the CPU. In this operation there are tendencies the computer will create a serious error such as BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). This error commonly causes by the processor overheat or the failure of the OS startup files during bootup. Or cause by a virus loaded in the OS startup files. When this occurs, your computer subject for repair.
    4. USE PROGRAM COMMANDS- When the POST is successful and the OS is normal you can press F8 during bootup of the OS. It will bring you to the Advance Menu of the computer OS. And you can select either Run in command mode, so that you can use the MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) and either you can run the recovery files or run the diagnostic and repair command of the computer. This you need a knowledge in using the DOS command line on the computer both internal and external command.
    5. KEYBOARD AND VIDEO MONITOR SCREEN- Running the computer both windows environment and MS-DOS you should have enough knowledge using the 5 major functions of the keyboard. Because the keyboard use to enter commands in the computer and the CPU will response on the monitor screen. The 5 major function of the keyboard are:
        • Function keys
        • Alphanumeric Character
        • Special Keys
        • Cursor Keys
        • Numeric keypad
      • Composition of the Alphanumeric Character
        • Letters
        • Numbers
        • Punctuations
        • Symbols
        • Special Keys
    6. GET/SAVE FILES- This operation of the computer used to retrieve and save files on the disk both the target and source procedure. This involve with the HDD, USB flash drive. That you can use it to retrieve large amount files or not. You can save or retrieve the files on a compact disk or DVD because the memory on this are read only. Either you can use a software, example NERO so that you can write it in the compact disk or DVD.
    7. PRINTOUTS-  This is to provide a hard copy of the document, using your printer either a DOT metrics or a colored printer.
    8. SHUTDOWN OR TURN OFF PC- When your computer is unattended or not use, just shut down or turn off the PC. Don’t forget to turn off the monitor screen and other peripherals and also turn off the AVR. If you are using UPS turn it off to prolong the lifespan of the battery backup inside of your UPS.


    • Just enumerate and learn the parts of the keyboard, such as the shortcuts of the command and using the special keys. The keyboard is one of the most important device. “End”