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NC2 Technician Safety Precautions

NC2 Technician Safety Precautions
Security Guards, law inforcers, and or military have a general orders,or what I’ve known is the 11 General orders(11 GO).Technicians or computer technicians have also of this orders.We do our best to performed our duties and obligations.But on the technicians will dealing on the most valuable and very expensive gadgets and appliances of the evolution of electronics.In other part, the technicians will dealing with the most dangerous object that may cause harm or cause other to die instantly.Or we the cause of the permanent damage of our computer or gadgets.Because of no protections and negligence or underestimating the situation.

So this is my fellow men and women of this most demanded skills.Equip and inculcate this in our mind.So that when we are in bottle field,you will protected and you will know your tour of duties or our obligations through the units we perform.

1. Unplug and power off machine or else the computer or loptop
2. Use rubber mat during repair or installation and or assembling the unit.
3. Use or prepare proper tools
4. Work in well lighted and spacious area
5. Avoid liquid spills
6. Discharge static electricity in our body(ground yourself)
7. Remove all loose metal form of our body,such as. jewelries, etc.
8. Use/Read instructional manual
9. Use anti static wristband
10. Work in well ventilated working areas
11. Handle diligently the hardwares of computer or machines and do not hold directly the microchips.

These are all what I know and base of what I learned and experience through teaching and troubleshooting machines and PC or a gadgets.Remember technicians," we do our leaving here in this professions,be honest and straight to our duties and obligations”.

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