Simple Grading System Using MS-Excel 2007


This simple grading system I’ve created its just a worksheet sample for this post.If I’m right,the Philippine teachers of elementary and high school have a new set of grading system.Because of the new education system, the K+12.But this only a guide or a content reference if ever they need a sample.Or to the student teachers needed of this as their sample for the ranking exam, or to the literacy students of computer.Both basic and common as they start of learning of the application of MS-OFFICE.

Now, how to create this?its just a simple.I already posted how to create worksheets and format it accordingly.Such as,how to format the label,pattern,merging and etc.Meaning,you need to create a worksheets with complete component.Or create your grading system worksheets with complete part of the worksheet table.Just like, how I created the picture I’ve posted in this blog post.You need to create the worksheet title above,worksheet table with complete multiple merging of label using the format menu,and just enter the worksheet data accordingly.(see the picture).

To make it simple and you will understand carefully the worksheet.I’ve just put an autoshapes for the instruction inside and name of the logical data subject for logical operation.
1. Equivalent or EQ= this is how to calculate the equivalent of the total quizzes of the student base of the given transmutation system.The logical formula is just like this:
=sum((30/30)*d11+65), where 30 and 65 are constant and the other divisor 30 is the total number of items to be multiplied to the score of the students       

2. Grades base by percentage level= these are the averages grades base of the prelim period,midterm period,and final.Base of the percentage given value.

=((F11*.30)+(L11*.30)+(R11*.30)), where f11,l11,and r11 are added as the reference data and multiplied approximately to the percentage given value.

3. Final Grade= these are the sum of the average exam,average quiz,average project,and oral and divided by itself.
=sum(T11:w11)/4, where t11 is the 1st reference data and w11 is the last reference data added and divide by itself.
4. Status of the Students= these are the standing of the students of the class base of there final grades.How to get this using the logical multiple if.
Note: “use the autofill bar to automatically calculate the logical data after you input the logical formula”

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This simple grading system I’ve created its just a worksheet sample for this post.If I’m right,the Philippine teachers of elementary a...
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