How To Recover Windows Files Damage By A Viruses

 Recover Windows Files Damage By Viruses
The number one and most headache problem of computer files are penetrated with the word VIRUS.The word VIRUS in computer terms is what we called the Vital Information Resource Under Seize.Is a type of a computer files created by the experts of the computer with the tricks to ruin or destroy the systems of computer.From single computer to network of computer.

Our computer windows equipped with a virus scanner.The technicians and other experts after installing the windows Operating System.They installed also the virus scanner to detect and protect the system of our computer,or what we called prevention system.But because the virus scanner also have a price, what I mean is, “we will pay the price according to the subscription”.Therefore our technicians they installed the free editions of the virus scanner.This type of edition of virus scanner need our attentions,in other terms if we are the technicians assign to a certain company you need to perform the maintenance of the computer system.So,one of that responsibility is to update and check the virus scanner if they update the virus definitions in every falling and rising of the system clock.So that the system of computer is safe and protected.We will need to update the virus scanner manually or using the internet in the server of the manufacturer.

The main reason why our computer is penetrated with the infectious virus.Because we don't maintain our computer softwares by running the virus scan and updating it to the servers of the internet.

So. therefore the main purpose of this post is to teach you how to recover the windows if our computer files are penetrated with the virus.Remember if the virus is penetrate to the system of the computer.You cannot reinstalled again the virus scanner and update or running a virus scan.You will cause a complex problem of your computer systems in any applications.But don’t worry you can recover your windows files using the other way or procedure using the Virus scanner recovery system.One of the most effective and most workable virus scanner is the AVIRA.
So,just follow this steps:
  1. If your computer can access of the internet just open your browser and go to the AVIRA website.(You can click the Bold AVIRA)
  2. And download the AVIRA Recovery System,or just click this link:Avira AntiVir Recovery System
  3. Once you downloaded the file,you need to burn the file in a CD or compact disk.By double clicking the AVIRA downloaded file or the icon of it.
  4. After you double click,the computer will response by displaying a small window or a window wizard.
  5. Now click the run button
  6. A another popup windows again with the drive destination of your CD/DVD burner
  7. Now insert your CD/DVD ROM
  8. And click the burn cd button
  9. And you will see the progressive windows inside the popup window,just wait in a moment to finish the burning
  10. Once it finished,the file now are inside the CD/DVD and it is now bootable
  11. Now just restart your computer,the problem is how to first boot the bootable AVIRA recovery system.Because this file will work and scan during the boot process not on the windows desktop or the windowing environment.
  12. Now once your computer restarted,in POST just press either “del” or “F2” key of your keyboard to enter the BIOS configuration.Just read your POST information how to enter bios setup.
  13. Now in BIOS program,just find the BOOT menu
  14. Inside the BOOT menu features,just select boot sequence or first boot.
  15. Now check whether the CD/DVD drive is position as 1.If not use either +- or page up page down of your keyboard to assign the CD/DVD drive as first boot.
  16. Now insert your AVIRA Recovery system bootable cd
  17. Use escape key if necessary
  18. Press F10 of your keyboard to save the BIOS settings
  19. They Enter key as Yes or Ok
  20. Your computer will display again the POST]
  21. Now press any key to boot strap your CD/DVD drive
  22. Now you will see in the screen the process of using the DOS Mode(Disk Operating System)
  23. If as to select press 1 of your keyboard
  24. And follow the screen instructions very carefully.


  • If your computer penetrated with virus scanner and if this procedure will not solve. Your computer is subject for formatting. Its better to format rather than to repeat again the troubleshooting of OS.
  • Be sure to backup first your computer before to format your HDD.
  • Be sure to backup device drivers if your have no other source of the drivers.
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The number one and most headache problem of computer files are penetrated with the word VIRUS.The word VIRUS in computer terms is what ...
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  1. Thanks bare for visiting with us...what do you mean sir?helps me understand in what part sir?

  2. If the free anti-virus will be installed this way, does that mean it will not expire in a month? Is the Avira Anti-Virus Recovery System different from anti-virus usually downloaded online?

  3. Hi Joan nice meeting you here in my site.Actually this free anti virus of avira is very good in scanning virus and protect the system of computer.Once it is updated always, there are bunch of virus definition stored in avira site.But however once the virus penetrated in the system of our computer you cannot installed a new virus scanner by opening it in your windows desktop.SO, that's why this avira recovery bootable media will works on the backbone of your computer OS.And this is the MSDOS by using the bootable cd which is the avira bootable media you burn in CD.And this is the MSDOS mode.The free avira anti virus has long term in free anti virus that we can freely downloaded in the avira site.After you running this bootable media.You can installed now the avira free edition virus scanner.That's what I experience before in my computer.


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