About the Desktop Basic Parts and Functions

About The Desktop
One of the most and important part of the computer Operating System is the Windows Desktop.Windows Desktop act as the most top of the hierarchy of the Operating System(OS).Meaning, this is the part of the windows where the user start to work or use any one of the program,ex: opening one of the program of the MS-office.

So, therefore this is the area of the screen where the user work .And Windows Desktop composed of small icons or pictures represents as shortcut of the  program.Therefore,using the computer as part of the most basic of the computer windows operation.Let’s talk about the part of the desktop.

1. Desktop Icons- these are the group of small pictures commonly located at the left portion of the desktop.The function of the windows desktop icons, act as a shortcut of the programs of the computer.Including the desktop folders,you can create a folder or store a files inside the folder or what we called Folder icons.

2. Desktop Background- this is the view of the desktop or commonly called as wallpaper once you installed your own favorite pictures.You can install a wallpaper by double clicking your own picture and right click on it then click set as desktop background.Or right click on the blank of the desktop, then click properties,select either desktop background or themes.
3. Mouse Cursor- act as the pointer of the desktop to select a program or selecting a computer command.
4. Start Button or Start Menu- this is the part of the desktop that commonly located at the bottom left of the windows desktop.And one of the part of the taskbar.Act as the opening button that you can customize a program to open.This will function to the windows key (the center of the CTRL and ALT key)of your keyboard once you press.
5. Quick Lunch- this is also an icons or small pictures same as desktop icons if installed in your taskbar.The difference between this two parts,you can open the quick lunch icons by single click of your mouse.But meanwhile, the desktop icons is double click.
6. Taskbar- this is located at the bottom of the windows desktop.That are composed of three parts,the start button,quick lunch,and the notification area.One of the function of the taskbar is to hide a running current programs of the computer.
7. Notification Area- located at the bottom right of the windows desktop taskbar.These are also a group of icons as shortcut of the program.The common icons in this part are, the virus scanner icon that if you right click on it you can update and run your virus scanner.And the date and time of your computer and the speaker icon.You can use this icon using the right click of your mouse.Example in updating your date and time.

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One of the most and important part of the computer Operating System is the Windows Desktop . Windows Desktop act as the most top of the h...
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