How to Attach Files using your Gmail Account

This is the old Gmail email compose message window.
The attach file(the paper clip) icon found at the bottom
of the compose message in new gmail windows.
One of the most important and usable email application is Attach file.Usually found underneath in subject bar of our composed email.

Using your different EMAIL account, Yahoomail, Gmail, and These are the three giant network serving us the most reliable and fastest way in delivering our email messages. However, we can attach file in our email just only the maximum size of 25 MB by uploading it in your gmail account.

So, here are the basic instructions how to attach your files in your gmail account.

Note: You need to have an ISP, ex: MyDSL or any ISP available in your area. And your internet browser      installed in your computer, ex: Google Chrome. And your personal email account.

  1. Double click your internet browser in your desktop, ex: Google Chrome
  2. Once your browsers open, type in your address bar,, or your other email account other than gmail.
  3. Once gmail open in your browser, just login using your password and username.If you have no email account just click this, gmail signup
  4. Once your email account is open, just click compose button, just left side in your email window
  5. Once your compose message window is open, just type where to sent your file together with your email message( the receiver). Using the To address bar
  6. Then, type also what is the title or the subject of your email message or your attach file.You are going to sent, using the bar.This is very needed so that it is easily or directly understood by the receiver, once he/she open his inbox.
  7. Just underneath of the subject bar, just click the attach a file link
  8. After you click it, a destination window will pop up in your screen
  9. Then select where you save the file you want to upload in your email using the look in bar or destination bar.Just beside of the look in, and its just a drop down bar, ex: in My Documents of drive c:
  10. Once you select your file, click the open button.Just right side in your file name bar.
  11. Then a progressive bar will work in your email, just wait until fully complete.
  12. Once it is complete, the uploading of your file is finished.
  13. If you have no message inside your compose email text area, just type your message.And do not forget to type or put an electronic signature, just below your message.Your electronic signature is the one to identify that you are professional by the receiver.
  14. Then click the send button, just above left situated in your compose email window.
  15. Now, wait until your email will tell you that your email was sent successfully.
  16. Then if your email was send successfully, just add in your contact the receiver.So that, you easily find once you check his/her account.


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This is the old Gmail email compose message window. The attach file(the paper clip) icon found at the bottom of the compose message in n...
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