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Buy and owning one of the most common gadgets around us is very simple. If we have a budget and affordable in our pockets. Just like to own Personal Computer (PC) and to own one of the most common gadgets around us, the Notebook or Netbook Computers. These are most likely noticeable around in our environments. They said that PC would be replaced by portable computers in the near future. Because it is very easy to handle and could be used inside our house and also can be mobile outside our area. And most particular can be used in business meetings and surfing the internet inside a hotspot area or what we called WIFI or (Wireless Fidelity).

But to own a gadget or notebook, one of the very problems that would arise is how to use it. Not only in how to use the software operations.Both the Windows Operating Systems and the entire programs, including the internet applications of the computer. And the most very needed to learn and understand the parts and functions of the keyboardBecause this keyboard is used to input the different commands of the computer.

So, these are the purpose of this post. I will try to impart to you what I know of the keyboard of the computer. Most like on the keyboard part of the notebook computer or the netbook computer.

It was divided into four parts as you see in the picture of this post. So, here are the four major parts of the notebook computer.

1. Function Keys or the ALL F keys- these keys of the keyboard act as the primary shortcut keys of the computer to perform a certain function.Such as performing printing, buffering a command, saving files or settings, help menu or tutorial. Or could be combined with the other keys to function a certain command. Such as ALT + F4, will toggle the computer to auto closed the program and shut down the computer. These keys are labeled from F1-F12 and commonly found at the top of the computer keyboard.

2. Special Keys- they are Print Screen System Request or PrtScSysRq key, Pause BreakInsert, and Delete. Mostly found at the top right side of the function keys. Mostly act to perform special or logistical operations of the application program. Such as, how to print the current screen image of the computer or the Graphical User Interface(GUI) and to erase the right character of the documents using the del key. So, here are the steps how to print screen:
1. Open the program you want to print or simply your facebook account
2. Once the program open, press the prtScSysRq key twice to assure
3. Open your MS-Word
4. Once the MS-Word open, right click in the template
5. Click paste or hold CTRL then press V
3. Cursor Keys or Arrow keys- these keys act as the navigation or destination of the computer program. Usually found at the bottom right side of the keyboard of the notebook computer. The up, down, left, right arrow keys, and the special keys. The page up and page down and the function key(Fn)labeled with the color blue. They are:

Note: Labeled in blue keys, these are the Fn keys. This will function once you hold the Fn key located at the bottom right side of the notebook computer. 
1. Home- act as to move the cursor of the keyboard automatically to the beginning of the line of the paragraph of the document once it press.
2. End-  act as to move the cursor of the keyboard automatically to the end of the line of the paragraph of the document,once it press.
3. Increase and Decrease audio- labeled in blue with a logo of the speaker.This is use to increase/ decrease the audio of the notebook computer.This will function once you hold the Fn key and press the up/down arrow keys.
4. High Contrast and Low Contrast- labeled in blue with a logo of the sun.This use to increase and decrease brightness of the LCD or LED monitor of the notebook computer.This will function once you hold the Fn key and press the right/ left arrow keys.
The white-labeled page up and page down keys will toggle the computer program up/down of the page once you press.

4. Alphanumeric Character- the wide or the biggest part of the laptop or notebook and PC computer keyboard. Through the part name, these are the composition both upper case and lower case:
1. ALPHA- means alphabets, design or arranged through the name of the type writer inventor QWERTY.It is compose of 26 letters in national alphabets, from A-Z letters both upper case and lower case or big letter and small letter.
2. Numbers- these are the decimal numbers, from 1-0.Situated as lower case of the Alphanumeric Character.
3. Characters- these are the symbols and punctuations of the keyboard.Both uppercase and lower case functions.They are from left to right in series arrangements of the numbers found at the top and through the right side of the alphabets. 
1.) Tilde and Accent grave
2.) Exclamatory Point
3.) At sign
4.) Number Sign
5.) Dollar sign or currency
6.) Percentage symbol or the divide 100
7.) Caret
8.) And sign or the Amper Sand
9.) Asterisk or the Multiplication Operator
10.) Open Parent thesis
11.) Close Parent thesis
12.) Under score and dash
13.) Addition operator or plus sign and equal sign
14.) Backspace- that will erase the left character of the document
Right side of the Alphabets:
1.) Open Curly brackets and square brackets
2.) Close Curly brackets and square brackets
3.) Pipe bar or Vertical Bar and backslash
4.) Colon and semi colon
5.) Double quotation and single quotation
6.) Enter key or Ok
7.) Less than and comma
8.) Greater than and period or dot
9.) Question Mark and Forward Slash   
5. Special Keys of Alphanumeric Character- usually found at the left side- right side and through the bottom of the alphanumeric character keys.It has major functions and logistical operations of the program of computer. They are from top left to right down the bottom of the alphanumeric character:
1.) Tab key or indent key- act as the tabulator key of the computer program.Mostly act as the 1st indention of the paragraph of the document.And it is use to move the cursor of the keyboard through the Graphical User Interface(GUI),without using the mouse pointer.
2.) Caps lock- use for uppercase of the letters or Alphabets, ex: printed case of the document 
3.) Shift Keys- the two keys found from the left and right are use to perform the single uppercase of the document, ex: title case, name of person, place and animal.And use to partner another keys to perform certain functions.Such as to highlight selected line of the paragraph by holding shift key and press the end key, or cursor keys.
4.) CTRL or Control Keys- the two control keys found at the left/right bottom are use to function other keys to perform certain functions of the keyboard and mouse combination, particular in MS-Excel application in selecting the column of the worksheets.But there are 16 most common shortcuts of the keyboard using the control keys by holding it and press the letter.
2. CTRL + X= CUT
6. CTRL + N= NEW
10. CTRL + G= GOTO
12. CTRL + Y= REDO
15. CTRL + O= OPEN
16. CTRL + P= PRINT 
5.) Fn or Function key- these are the keys that will function in all labeled blue color logo,numbers,or symbols through- out the part of the keyboard.Preparedly, act as the third functions in both lower case and upper case of the keyboard.Such as the lower symbols of the ALL F keys and the numbers found at the alphabets.Position at the top/right side of the keys found in the right of the ALPHA keys. 
6.) Flying Windows Key or Windows Key- these one key found at the left bottom of the keyboard.That have a labeled logo of the Microsoft.Act as the start menu or start button of the Desktop,once it press without using the mouse pointer.This will customize the start button so that the user can select a program or move the cursor of the keyboard using the arrow keys via customize programs. 
7.) Alt or AltGr keys- these two alternate keys will partner to other keys to give certain command of the computer.Such as to command for the different symbols of the document using the ASCI(American Standard Code Industry).Preparedly combine to the numeric numbers of the numeric keypad.Such as to command the computer for the enye “ Ñ” both upper case and lower case. 
8.) Desktop Key- this single key usually found at the right side bottom of the keyboard.Act as the right click of the mouse cursor once it press.Or an auto command of the document template by displaying a pop up command window.Such as the cut,copy,paste command,select all,hyperlink,align,numbering, and bullets. 
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Buy and owning one of the most common gadgets around us is very simple. If we have a budget and affordable in our pockets. Just like t...
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