Simple Microsoft Office Word Application

A Simplified MS-Word Application

This application of MS-Word use by a student to perform inserting graphics into the document template.And the purpose also to practice the use of print screen system request key of the keyboard.When after pasted in MS-paint clipboard so that it can be save as jpeg(Junior photographer expert group) or what we called picture or image.Now one of the task is to name the part of the user interface of MS-word.

So, lets start how to do  this by following this steps:

1. Open MS- Word
2. Press Print Screen SysRq key( make twice so that it is sure to function)
3. Open MS-paint
4. Hold CTRL key then press V
5. Now you will see on the clipboard the user interface of MS-word
6. Save it by holding ctrl key then press S
7. A save as window will pop up or appear on screen
8. Just click the dropdown bar and click save as type then select jpeg.Just located below of the current window
9. Then type your filename in filename bar.
10. Then click save button.Now the MS-word user interface will save to the destination folder or drive.
11. Now how to insert the jpeg MS-word user interface in MS word document template?
12. Open MS- word
13. Click insert menu.just located above your MS word application.Its one of the application bar.
14. Point your mouse in picture then click from file (if higher version of MS word such as MS word 2007, just find the picture button underneath the menu bar)
15. A target window will appear, just click the dropdown bar to select where you save your image.
16. When find just click and click the open button of the current window
17. Now the image of MS- Word user interface will display in document template
18. Now format the picture by right clicking the picture and proceed by clicking the format picture.So that you can resize and move the picture in the template.
19. Now use the drawing toolbar or the shapes button of MS-Word 2007 to insert a callouts for labeling the part of MS- word.
20. Now the button shapes and click the callout you select
21. Then click it to the template where you want to put it and drag the pointer to the part of MS word
22. When pointed now to the part, just type inside the callout the name of the part of MS word.
23. And your done and save your work or print it.    
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This application of MS-Word use by a student to perform inserting graphics into the document template.And the purpose also to practice ...
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