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How to Block your Friends in Facebook

One of the privacy setting that very useful in Facebook is how to block your friend.Blocking your friend is not easy too.Maybe it can damage your relationship.Facebook is not a matter of disallowing parental image, such as pornographic images inside the post area.That could be harm to the children and unlikely valuable to our purpose  in using the Facebook.

Using Facebook is not just a walking free time, or just our relaxation.Other they make it as part of their marketing purposes.But our other friend that we add or he/she add have no privacy or relevant attitude to avoid posting any parental image or posting any Bulgar messages that can ruin our  mode in using Facebook.

So just follow this steps to setup your Facebook privacy settings:

  1.  Log in in your Facebook account
  2. Just beside Home in your profile account, just click the drop down arrow to open the link page.
  3. One the privacy page open, just find the option,Blocked People and Apps
  4. Then click, manage blocking
  5. Then under on the block users, type the name and email address of your friend or person inside the bar provided.
  6. Then click block button beside on it.


You can unblock the person if you want to forgive him or allow him again in your friend list.Just click the unblock button beside on the name of the person you block.And that's it... 

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