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Perform Disk Utility of Microsoft Windows in your Computer

Disk Defragmenter One of the capabilities of the operating system(OS), windows experience (XP), windows vista, and windows 7 is to perform “Disk Utility” or what we called “Disk Defragmenter and Check Disk”. Disk defragmentation came from the root word fragmentation or fragmented. Its just a grenade when thrown, the shrapnel will scatter in different directions. So, therefore data have also been just like once stored in highest storage media of a computer, example the drive c:. So, the function of the disk defragmentation is to rearrange the data or what we called instructions once stored in different sectors of the hard drive (Platters). So that the microprocessor which has a function to fetch, decode, and execute instructions, is now easy to read/written the data through and end in different resources of the computer.

The check disk or scandisk in lower version on the other hand has a function also to check the disk integrity to perform numerous check of the disk drive data, including errors that can be repaired and performed transfer of the data to the good sector from a bad sector. And block the bad sector cannot be used in the future. But this utility can be executed through the Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) by typing in the command line as chkdsk or put a command parameter /f will trigger the operating system to perform the utility disk once the computer restarted by the user.

How to run this utilities, just follow the simple steps below. You can check also this forum, MS-DOS Forum

How To Run Disk Defragmenter:

1. Click start button
2. Point to programs,accessories, system tools, then click disk defragmenter.
3. A window will displayed on the screen
4. Select the drive you want to defrag.
5. Then click defragment button
6. Then wait until 100 percent finish.
How to Run Check Disk or Scandisk
1. Click start button
2. Click run, then type in the bar CMD
3. A MS-DOS command window will appear on the screen
4. Just type in the command line chkdsk or put a command parameter /f, just the same of the image in this post above.
5. Then press enter key, if you put a command parameter just press “Y” as yes to perform the check disk once you restarted your computer.
6. And your done…see you next.

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