How to Apply Page Setup of Microsoft Office Word

PAGE SETUP One of the most basic in application of Microsoft Word is how to page setup our document template.The part of the Microsoft Word User Interface I was posted in my last post of this blog.In applying page setup, we have different application of different menus.What I just mean the location of the menu bar.It just because of the different versions of the Microsoft Office, namely the Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, and 2010.Probably, as beginner this is application is mere difficult for us to manipulate the different directions of the menu.But if we are studios and curious in applications, it will became more simple in the future.So, this is the purpose of this blog post. I let you guide how to use the file menu then page setup of the Microsoft Word application.

So, just follow this simple steps:

  1. Open your MS-Word application
  2. Be sure that you already familiarized or memorized the different part of the MS-Word
  3. Click file menu
  4. Click page setup
  5. A window will appear on your screen, it just like the image above.I put a callouts and I put a instruction pointed on the two important tab menu on the top.
  6. So, just click either of one of the two tab menu.But actually it must be completely setup the two tab.
  7. Once you click the tab menu, example the page. All you have to do is to select the paper size of the coupon ban that you are going to use in your computer printer.Just click the drop down bar of the window or page setup dialogue box. We have four common paper we use in our printer, the 8.5” x 11” this is letter size or short coupon ban, the 8.5” x 13” this is long coupon ban, 8.5” x 14” this is legal size could be use for any legal document, just like the government docs, and the A4 size that has a measure of 8.27” x 11.69”.In this measuring prefix this understood that the 8.5” and 8.27” is just a width of the paper and the 11”, 13”, 14”, and 11.69” is the high of the paper.
  8. Then select you paper orientation, you have to options using the radio button.You can select only either Portrait or landscape of you document template. It is only understood that once you select Landscape.The height of the paper during printing it will change only to the size of the width of portrait in your document template.
  9. Then click Margin Tab menu or button
  10. Setup the margins, use the up/down arrow bar to adjust.We know that we have four corners of our paper.The top, bottom, left, and right
  11. Then setup the gutter, the gutter could be 0.5”. This gutter could be use for the air binding, soft binding, or hard binding of the document once you compile it.
  12. And setup you header and footer.This header and footer could be use for the letter head of a certain company or else a tag line or a quote sentence.And the footer commonly found below in your docs could be use for the telephone number, email add, or website and the name of the owner.Commonly 0.5” measurement of the footer.
  13. Then click Ok button
  14. And your finish.
Just follow this blog for another application of the MS Word.More importantly the application of the MS Office 2007
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One of the most basic in application of Microsoft Word is how to page setup our document template.The part of the Microsoft Word User In...
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